Our latest lineup of cooking and refrigeration appliances are powerful, bold, and complement any kitchen design.

TRE3601 | TRE3001

THOR Kitchen’s Professional Electric Ranges are stainless-steel
machines that are designed with powerful features and functionality.

• Frameless glass tops that are flush with the countertop giving a seamless look that is easy to clean
Touch to tilt or flatten the control panel for a customizable cooking experience that offers flexibility and control of cooktop and oven settings
Get meals to the table faster with the 3,000-watt LightningBoil™ Element that provides intense heat for boiling or a controlled simmer

TRG3601 | TRG3001

THOR Kitchen’s Professional Gas Ranges are some of the best kitchen mates around and guaranteed to bring the thunder. 

• High-powered burners and the steady simmer function gives you the power you need for large family meals and the consistent low heat desired for cooking delicate sauces or melting chocolate
Touch to tilt or flatten the control panel for a customizable cooking experience that offers flexibility and control of cooktop and oven settings
The true convection fan blows heat from the 800W heating element for more even heating and optimum cooking and baking results


THOR Kitchen’s 24-Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer in Stainless Steel is freestanding and rated for both indoor and outdoor use. So, add it to the man cave for game time brews or keep it out by the grill to quench that summertime thirst.

5.4 cubic feet of capacity easily stores all the beers, and then some.
• Unit available as built-in or freestanding for easy installation in any space.
Convection cooling system provides a quick cool down and consistent temperature.


THOR Kitchen’s 36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator with two separate Freezer Drawers provides ample storage and keeps everything as cool, crisp, cold and/or frozen as the recipe calls for.

Generous 22.5 cu. ft of combined refrigerator and freezer storage.
Two humidity controlled crisper drawers provide flexible storage space and keep produce fresh longer.
Six (6) one gallon door storage bins provide extra space for large containers, like milk and juice.

TIH36 | TIH30

Sleek, powerful and precise. Induction cooking technology combines the temperature responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the fast performance
of an electric cooktop.

• Multiple high-powered elements cover your cooking needs.
• 9 power levels so you can simmer a sauce or crank up the heat for a caramelized sear—now that’s control.
Digital LED displays are touch and slide controlled and easy-to-read for the whole family and spills and grease can easily wipe away.


With multiple functions and varying temperature ranges, THOR Kitchen’s 30 Inch warming drawer keeps dishes warm and ready to serve at a moments notice.

Temperature settings from 86 to 185 degrees address all your heating needs.
Keep plates, cups and dishes warm or operate at a consistently low temperature to activate yeast and prepare dough for baking with the proof function.
The sleek stainless steel design fits seamlessly in any kitchen.


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