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10 Winter Wines to Enjoy from the Wine and Beverage Cooler

10 winter wines to enjoy from the wine and beverage cooler

Have you noticed that the months are just flying by? We have somehow made our way through spring and summer, only to dive headfirst into fall. As the temperatures begin to drop, you can turn up your internal heat by sipping on some delectable winter wines – straight from your personal wine and beverage cooler.

Light the Yule log and pour a glass – it’s time to get cozy. Of course, you can share a bottle with friends, too, if that’s your thing.

Still need to stock up on your wine and beverage cooler? No problem. Once you know the best winter wines to enjoy, the easier it will be to fill it up with the good stuff!

Red Winter Wines

Winter reds are a beautiful addition to any holiday table. And, since they are often higher in alcohol content, they will keep you warm on a cold night. Below are a couple of must-haves this season:

1. Shiraz

Shiraz, often referred to as Syrah, is a deeply flavorful wine that can have some very eclectic notes ranging from coffee and blueberry to smoke and meats. It may even contain flavors of fruits and spices. It is dark and smooth and pairs well with savory dishes.

This is a great red wine to add to your winter collection.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon

Another popular red wine, especially in the winter months, is Cabernet Sauvignon. It is bold, with notes of blackberries and plums as well as coffee and caramel. Oak barrels hold this wine as it ages which only enhances all of its flavors. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, dry, and smooth.

Wine drinkers of all levels can enjoy a glass of this wine.

3. Petite Sirah

Imagine a bold combination of fruits, dark chocolate, and coffee. Petite Sirah is a high-quality wine that is rich and delightful to the tastebuds. Though, some find it to be quite an intense experience.

If you find yourself indulging in spicy foods or savory stews this winter season, pair it with this delicious winter wine.

Winter Whites

Winter whites are perfect for pairing with comfort food. Their light feel complements the heavy food better than you may imagine. Below are a few white winter wines you need in your wine and beverage cooler:

6. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Gris, or Pinot Grigio, is a wildly popular white wine. It is light and refreshing – and maybe even a little crisp depending on where on the map it is from. Sweet earthy flavors with a twist of citrus make up this beverage. Nectarines, lemons, ginger, and more give it its much-loved flavor.

A glass of Pinot Grigio works beautifully on its own or with a savory or seafood dish.

7. Chenin Blanc

Looking for a white wine that is perfect for winter? Look no further than a Chenin Blanc. It’s the epitome of a relaxing and comforting wine. It, too, has bold flavors of oak mixed with passionfruit, apple, and pear. Throw in the sweetness of honey, the zest of ginger, and the fall favorite of nutmeg, and it is like having winter itself in a glass.

8. Oaked Chardonnay

Who doesn’t love rich, buttery flavors during the cold months? Rather than light, summery, fruity flavors in a regular chardonnay, oaked chardonnay gives off flavors that are reminiscent of caramel, butter, and butterscotch. Sometimes, you may even get a hint of vanilla.

If you are looking to cozy up by the fire, this is the wine you want in your glass.

Rose Winter Wines

You may not normally consider drinking rose during the cold months. But it can actually bring you much joy when you do. Winter wine rose options are both darker and fuller than the rose you’d drink on a hot day. 

9. Sangiovese Rose

Sangiovese Rose offers the perfect flavors for the fall and winter months. With hints of cloves, cinnamon, and allspice mixed with melons and berries, this wine is as refreshing as it is comforting. 

And did we mention it pairs beautifully with Chinese takeout? Yes, please!

10. Rosato

Rosato is a rich Rose made with Italian grapes – with flavors of spiced cherry, cranberry, jasmine, melon, and more. It is super flavorful and definitely something you want to keep around this winter.

Choosing the Right Wine Cooler

What good is a delicious bottle of wine if you have nothing to store it in? After all, wine coolers are one of the best ways to store a bottle of wine so that it has an optimal taste when it comes time to take a sip. There will be no vibrations, perfectly controlled temperatures, the perfect amount of humidity, and so forth. That is, of course, as long as you purchase the right wine cooler. 

At Thor Kitchen, wine coolers are not just another place to keep wine cold. They are built with a mixture of purpose and style. They make sure that every time you open a bottle of wine, it tastes just like the winery intended – and nothing less. 

There is a wine cooler for every size collection – from 21 bottles to 162 bottles. And those designed by Thor Kitchen come with some pretty spectacular features, such as:

-LED Digital temperature display

-Dual temperature zones so you can store your reds and whites at the same time

-Interior LED lights to show off your wine collection

-Security lock

-Door alarm to remind you that your wine is in jeopardy – and to close the door

Sabbath mode

-Charcoal filtration system

Light the Fire and Sip Some Wine

You don’t have to be a winter wine connoisseur to take advantage of a wine and beverage cooler. Once you have a favorite wine, buy it and store it. Maybe it is a winter red, or maybe it is a winter white. Maybe you enjoy a winter rose. One or all, a wine refrigerator will allow you to store your bottles so that it always tastes their very best.

Not a wine drinker? If you have somehow found yourself this far into this article and you don’t have a love of wine, don’t fret. That’s why Thor Kitchen calls it a wine and beverage cooler. You can put water, soda, juice, beer, and liquor bottles chilled in the fridge, too!

Ready to shop? Contact a THOR Dealer today to get started!

Why a Wine Cooler is the Best Way to Store Wine

Why a wine cooler is the best way to store wine

What did you do with the last bottle of wine you bought? Did you put it in the refrigerator? On top of the fridge? In the super cute wine rack you picked up that fits perfectly on your window sill? Or did you just leave it sitting right there on your counter until you decided to drink it? When it comes to storage, wine drinkers do some things with their wine that make connoisseurs cringe. So, what is the best way to store wine?

If you want the best-tasting wine, you need to store it properly. That means, hands down, that you need a wine cooler. And we’re going to tell you why.

Wine Coolers Provide Both Long and Short-Term Storage

Wine cellars are amazing, but they aren’t the type of thing that everyone has in their house. If you do, wonderful. It’s one of the best ways to store wine long-term. That is over six months. It is common for wine that is being stored and not served to remain stored in a cellar while having the wine intended to be frequently accessed to be housed in a wine cooler for convenience. In other words, just because you have a wine cellar doesn’t mean you don’t need a wine cooler, too.

If you are like most, though, you don’t have a wine cellar. Don’t fret. This is absolutely fine. You do not need a wine cellar to have fantastic tasting wine. Investing in a good wine cooler gives you access to storage for both the short and long term. And it stores your wine in optimal conditions for optimal flavor.

Choosing the Right Temperature

A good wine cooler will allow you to make adjustments to the temperature. After all, the temperature of your storage should coincide with the type of wine you are drinking. This plays a huge role in the aging process and, if not set properly, can interfere with the taste of the wine. You need a reliable place for storage that will not fluctuate in temperature. For instance, if you place your wine in the refrigerator, every time you open that refrigerator door throughout the day, it will cause that temperature to change – thus, potentially impacting the taste of the wine.

Red wines like Pinot Noir should be stored between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit whereas others, such as Malbec, are best stored between 63 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. White wines should be stored at slightly colder temperatures than reds. Tart wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, should be stored between 48 and 52 degrees Fahrenheit. But other whites, like a Chardonnay, do best stored between 58 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Rose and sparkling wines should be stored between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Having options is always a good thing. Investing in a wine cooler that allows you dual cooling zones will give you the capability to store both red and white wines at their optimal temperature – at the same time.

Perfect Conditions For Storage

There are other conditions for storage that are just as important as temperature. And that includes having a space that has consistent humidity, no vibrations, no access to UV lights, and the like.

If you have ever taken a close look at wine, you will notice there is often a good amount of sediment in the bottom of a bottle. When it is stored in a space that has vibrations, such as when your refrigerator kicks on, it can stir up this sediment and speed up the aging process of the wine. This is sure to impact the overall flavor.

Humidity is important for corks. Without it, the cork can crumble or dry out, allowing air to enter the bottle of wine. As it does, it can ruin the taste of your bottle of wine very quickly. But you don’t want to have too much humidity, or it can impact the labels and become too moist. Ideally, your humidity level should be between 60 and 68 percent.

Storing your wine in a dark place is the most ideal. Going back to those sediments, having too many UV rays can impact the aging process and cause the taste to be impacted greatly.

A wine cooler offers the perfect conditions for storage. It will not only house your wine at the proper temperature, but it does so without vibrations, at the right level of humidity, and in a space that is free from damaging UV lights.

Store Your Wine Horizontally

It is not uncommon to see bottles of wine in the liquor store standing up vertically. While that may be ok for a short period of time, you want to store your wine horizontally for the ultimate taste and flavor, as well as proper aging.

Storing it on its side keeps the cork a little moist, which, as we discussed above, is important for keeping the bottle sealed. Wine coolers offer horizontal storage that also provides all the other perfect conditions you need to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine whenever the mood strikes.

24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 162 Wine Bottle Capacity

24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 162 Wine Bottle Capacity

Wine Coolers You Need

So, where do you find a wine cooler that is dependable and effective at giving you the best tasting wine at just the right temperature every time? We’ve got just the thing you need. Whether you are looking for something small that has one temperature throughout, or you are looking for a larger dual unit with two temperatures, Thor Kitchen has just the right wine cooler for you. Below are a few stainless steel beauties you won’t want to miss.

24-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler (holds 162 bottles)

24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler (holds 46 bottles)

24-inch Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler (holds 42 bottles)

24-inch French Door Wine Cooler and Beverage Center (holds 21 bottles and 95 cans}

15-inch Single Zone Wine Cooler (holds 33 bottles)

18-inch Single Zone Wine cooler (holds 40 bottles)

Each of these units provides the most ideal conditions for wine storage or the best way to store wine. They are built with longevity in mind – and they look beautiful too.

The Best Way to Store Wine is with THOR Kitchen

Now that you know the best way to store wine, it’s time to invest in a wine cooler to do just that.

All you have to decide is just how serious you want your wine collection to be. Will you store 33 bottles? Or 162?

No matter which, you can start by finding a THOR dealer near you.

Inside Chef Brad Miller’s THOR Kitchen

We’ve teamed up with celebrity chef Brad Miller for an epic partnership! Miller will be firing things up as our newest brand ambassador, using his own suite of THOR Kitchen appliances to create exclusive recipes and offer giveaways to fans and foodies alike. Check out what he’s got with this exclusive kitchen sneak peek. Read more about our partnership with Chef Brad Miller here.

Shop the look:

Check out the products featured in Ched Brad Miller’s new THOR Kitchen!

30 Inch Professional Gas Range

The THOR Kitchen 30 Inch Professional Liquid Propane Range is a stainless-steel machine that is designed with professional features and functionality. This powerful range has 4 burners including an 18,000 BTU single burner, a 15,000 BTU dual burner and two 12,000 BTU single burners giving you the flexible cooktop you’ve been dreaming about. Learn more here.


36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator

Let’s keep everything as cool, crisp, cold and/or frozen as the recipe calls for, shall we? Answering the call is THOR Kitchen’s 36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator. Inside is where the magic happens, you’ll find two freezer drawers, a full-width chiller drawer and a Dual Cooling system that separates the refrigerator and freezer zones.  Moisture, odor transfer and freezer burn? Gone. Compliments on meals? Way, way up. Learn more here.


24 Inch Dual Zone Indoor/Outdoor Wine Cooler

This beautifully designed 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler can be used for entertaining indoors or outside in your outdoor kitchen. It features two temperature-controlled zones that help preserve the flavor and integrity of individual wines. There’s a special zone for whites and a separate zone for reds. The 46 wine bottle capacity can easily fit a full selection of wines. Learn more here.


Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven and Cabinet

The THOR Kitchen Wood Burning Pizza Oven adds smokey and savory flavor to any recipe, featuring a classic ceramic pizza stone and flue damper to control heat flow. It comes equipped with a pizza cutter, pizza peel, pizza/pie server, brush – and has a handy accessories rack to store it all (What is an artist without his tools?). An extra large, bottom storage cabinet is the perfect place to store your extra supplies and grilling essentials. Buon appetite! Learn more here.

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Master Your Wine Game with this Modern Wine Cooler

cheers with wine glasses

Do you love drinking wine? 

Rookies think drinking wine looks like a cool club that they’d like to join, but aren’t really sure how to. For the occasional wine drinkers, it is all about the sophistication that comes with drinking wine. Why, yes, bartender, I’d love a glass of your finest chardonnay. Just letting that sentence roll off your tongue while you are out at a business meeting makes it sound like you are a little bit fancy, friend. And then the way you get to hold your wine glass — well, let’s just say it gives you a chance to show off a little more class. Though, the truth is, you may have no idea what you are doing at all. 

And for the wine connoisseurs of the world, wine is a way of life. They are always on a quest for the best bottle or the rarest one to add to their collection. They know what wine is supposed to taste like, how to pick out a quality version, and the best way to drink it.

It doesn’t matter where you fit on the wine consumption scale – from novice drinkers to professional wine drinkers – everyone can step up their wine game when they have the right modern wine cooler

Why a Modern Wine Cooler?

You may be scratching your head asking, why a modern wine cooler? Maybe you have had your wine stored in the refrigerator or on top of it for years. What’s wrong with that? Well, technically everything. You can store wine wherever and however you want to, but there is absolutely no guarantee that you are enjoying that bottle of wine how it was intended. 

Have you ever wondered why there is such a thing as a wine cellar? Why do people go through all that trouble? 

Here’s the cold hard truth – wine has some serious rules about how it is to be stored if you want it to taste its best. If you don’t really care about the taste or quality and just consume wine for the alcohol content, then you should definitely keep reading because you are missing out. 

Vibrations. There is a certain amount of sediment that naturally appears in a bottle of wine. This is normal. However, you don’t want it to go sloshing around in the bottle more than it has to to get from point A to point B. While we don’t want to get too technical, all this shaking can end up dulling the flavor of your wine. 

This is why storing a wine bottle on top of a refrigerator, for instance, is a bad idea. The vibrations from the fridge will cause the sediment to be disturbed and will change the taste of your wine.  

Proper temperature. You probably know by now that you drink white wines chilled and red wines can be either served at room temperature or chilled as well. Though, ideally, reds are to be chilled to a slightly warmer temperature than whites. 

All of this is hard to keep track of – especially if you are storing them in your kitchen’s refrigerator. Not only is it set at the wrong temperature, the fact that your family is in and out of it all day long means that the temps are fluctuating. And this will ultimately impact the overall taste of your wine

Keeping the cork moist. If you have ever wondered why wine bottles are usually stored on the side rather than standing up, the cork is to blame. See, once air hits the wine, it begins to lose its taste. Air triggers the oxidation process and the wine can become a little, well, rancid with time. Therefore, the cork is there to keep the bottle secure so that no air can leak in. 

Unfortunately, when corks begin to dry out, they will crack and allow air to seep through. By storing the wine bottles on their sides, the cork stays moist and the wine stays fresh. It’s a win-win. 

Thor Kitchen’s 42 Bottle, Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Are you ready to take your wine game to the next level? You can with this built-in wine cooler that offers both great stainless steel looks and functionality. Model no TWC2402 comes with so many features and the space for a lot of wine. You can display your collection (be proud!) and also ensure that each bottle is going to taste just how the vineyard intended. 

Precise Temperature Control. Digitally set your temperature between 41 and 65- degrees Fahrenheit. Choosing the perfect temp for your wine selection. 

Dual Temperature Zones. Do you like both red and white wine? No problem. With two zones capable of maintaining their own temperatures, you can properly store the red and white each at their own optimal temperatures. 

Pull-out Racks. While your collection will be displayed through the front glass and with the use of LED interior lighting, you can also pull out the racks to show off your collection and find the perfect bottle of wine for your dinner tonight. Talk about some easy access! 

Security Lock. You always want to protect things that mean a lot to you and – and those that are valuable. If you are a wine connoisseur, then your wine collection likely fits both of those things. The security lock keeps out unwanted guests — including your teenagers!

Door alarm. We’ve talked about how important it is to maintain the proper temperatures for storing your wine. The unfortunate event of accidentally leaving your wine cooler door ajar can damage your goods. With this door alarm, you can rest easy. 

By the way, did we mention this wine cooler holds 42 bottles of your most prized wines? Ok, we did. But it is definitely worth mentioning again. See, not everyone has the ability to have their own built-in wine cellar. With this built-in wine cooler,  you can still have a beautiful place to store your wine – and in the right conditions, too. This is sure to be one purchase you won’t regret. 

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Find the Best Wine Cooler Cabinet for Your Collection

Wine coolers are one of those appliances that you may not think you need — until you have one. Everyone is so quick to make sure a kitchen has a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, and a dishwasher.

But, without a wine cooler, where do you put your wine? How do you keep it safely stored for optimal taste? 

Let’s face it – a wine cooler is just as important as all those others appliances. Though, not just any wine cooler will do. You need the best one for your collection. 

The Advantages of a Wine Cooler

In order to help you fully understand the benefits of a wine cooler, we figured it would be a great idea to list them all out here. That way you would be able to see – plain and simple – the impact that your future wine cooler purchase will have on your life. 

No Vibrations. Too many vibrations can disrupt your wine’s sediment. Have you ever noticed that little bit of sediment that sits at the bottom of your wine glass or bottle? This is leftover yeast and grape bits from the fermentation process. It is ok to drink, of course, but it is strong enough to impact the flavor of the wine as it passes through the bottle again and again. 

Every time a wine bottle is moved, this sediment gets disturbed and mixes with the rest of the wine in the bottle. So the idea is to avoid too much movement – and avoid vibrations. Placing wine in a refrigerator (or on top) can lead to constant vibrations. In a wine cooler, there are minimal vibrations and no movement, which is the perfect place for it to remain until you drink it. 

Perfect Temperature. Wine is meant to be consumed at an ideal temperature – one that is different for each type of wine. You can’t control the temperature in your house or in your refrigerator. In a general sense, sure. But every time that sun shines through your windows or your refrigerator door is open, that temperature fluctuates – and your wine knows it. A wine cooler gives you a steady, perfect temperature. 

Moistened Cork. Over time, the cork will dry out. And, when it does, it will cause oxygen to seep into the wine bottle. This greatly impacts the taste and health of your wine. Ever wonder why wine bottles are stored on their sides, slightly pointing down? It is so the cork stays slightly moistened to keep it from drying out. A wine cooler will hold your wine as it is meant to be – at the perfect downward angle. 

More than Wine. Not a wine drinker? No problem. You do not have to be a wine drinker to make the most of a wine cooler. These refrigerators can store beer, soda, water, juice, and more. Feel free to make it a beverage cooler instead. This is a great way to free up space in your refrigerator and make your drinks conveniently placed anywhere in your house. 

Choosing the Right One

There are so many benefits to wine coolers that maybe you are wondering how this could also bring value to your home. To do so, you may need help choosing the right one. This comes down to deciding on things such as: 

Size. How much space do you have for a wine cooler? Will it be installed within your cabinetry? Is it better suited for a specific area? What dimensions does it need to fit? 

Capacity. To determine the capacity you are looking for in a wine cooler, you need to have an idea of how many wine bottles you are holding on to at any one time. Or how big you would like to grow your collection. There is a wide range in wine cooler capacity. 

Single or Dual. There are wine coolers that offer different zones – with their own temperature. If you are someone who prefers drinking a variety of different wines, perhaps having more than one temperature option would be beneficial. Then again, if you like to stick with what you like, you may do just fine with a single zone. 

Let’s take a look at six of the most sought-after models of wine coolers. 

24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen Model Number TWC2403DI 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This wine cooler is 73-inches tall and is both functional as a wine cooler and a beautiful piece of decor. Two different temperature zones and the capacity to hold 162 bottles of wine.

24 Inch Dual Zone Indoor/Outdoor Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen Model Number TWC2401DO

Another wine cooler with two temperature zones for storing 46 bottles of wine. It brings professional quality at a practical price. 

42 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen Model Number TWC2402

This wine cooler offers a classy stainless steel finish with french doors and blue LED lighting. Its modern design holds 42 wine bottles in two temperature zones. 

24 Inch French Door Wine and Beverage Center

Thor Kitchen Model Number TBC2401DI

This beverage center is designed to hold 21 wine bottles or 95 cans. It, too, has a stunning stainless steel finish with french doors. This is a single-zone cooler. 

15 Inch Single Zone Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen Model Number TWC1501

If you are looking for something a little smaller in size, but not in capacity, this may be it. At only 15 inches wide, this mighty wine cooler holds 33 bottles of wine. Adjustable wooden shelves and LED lighting make it a great focal point.

18 Inch Single Zone Built-in/Freestanding Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen Model Number HWC2405U

Another small yet mighty wine cooler, this 18 inch version has the capacity to store 40 bottles of wine. It offers precise temperature control, adjustable wooden shelves, and LED lighting.

Your Wine Collection

It doesn’t matter whether you have collected one bottle of wine or 101 bottles of wine. There is no better way to show off your wine collection than with a wine cooler. Assess your options and your needs and find the best wine cooler cabinet for your collection. You may just be surprised at how many benefits it brings with it. 


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How to Store Wine Bottles

How to Store Wine Bottles - Thor Kitchen

If you’re starting a wine collection, it’s important that you know how to store your bottles. Here’s how to store wine bottles for years and years.

In this article, you will discover how to store wine bottles so they maintain their rich flavor for years to come.

How to Store Wine Bottles

If you have any knowledge at all about wine, there is a good chance you know that how you store the bottle can directly affect the taste of the goodness inside. But, just because you know this does not mean you know the details.

And, because everyone should have the best-tasting wine to end a long day, we thought we’d take some time to fill you in on all you need to know about storing wine bottles – from the time you buy it until the time you pop out that cork and all the moments in between.

Here’s how to store wine bottles so they last.

The Right Temperatures

For a wine to taste anything remotely as it should, it is crucial that it is stored at the right temperature. However, this exact temperature is going to vary based on whether we are talking about white or red wine.

Just note, to begin with, that you want to keep your wine chilled, not ice cold. This means you should not turn the temperature down to freezing. Instead, most wines, in general, should be housed at a constant 55-degree Fahrenheit temperature (though, for white wines, you may want to move about ten degrees cooler). Never should you store your wine in temperatures that dip into the 20s as this will cause the wine to freeze. And, storing at anything over the temperature of 68-degrees can cause the wine to continue its aging process – which is not what you want.

The temperature for storing is not all that matters. Serving it comes with a right temperature, too. When serving your red wines, you want it to warm up a bit – serving it at about 62 to 68 degrees. For white wine, on the other hand, it should be served at 49 to 55 degrees. Keep in mind that this serving temperature will vary to meet personal preference.

Humidity Counts

That cork that is used to seal up your wine bottles needs to remain sealed until you are ready to indulge in a bottle. And, in order to do so, it must not dry out.

What happens if the humidity is not kept at an optimal percentage? The humidity around your wine should be kept at least at 60%. Otherwise, anything lower will result in the cork drying up, leaving your bottle of wine vulnerable to oxygen.

Once oxygen hits the wine, it will go bad quickly.

Does it Matter How Your Place the Bottle?

If you have seen wine stored from one place to another, you may have seen it displayed in different ways. If you are seeking to maintain a healthy bottle of wine, however, you will want to make sure it is placed on its side.

Why horizontally? As we learned above, wine corks require humidity to stay moist and keep from drying out – which damages the wine. By storing your wine bottles on their sides, you are providing constant moisture to your wine’s cork. This assists in maintaining this cork and the overall freshness of the wine.

Keep in mind that this is only a suggestion. If your storage method has the humidity properly maintained, then you do not necessarily have to worry about how you store the bottles.

In addition, storing wine on its side gives you the most efficient way to store – and be able to view – all of your wines.

Stillness is Key

Without getting into the specific details, shaking or vibrating of any kind can age your wine before you even get to open it. Then, by the time you do, it may not taste very good.

If you want your wine to maintain its taste – then keep it still. Placing the wine in or on the refrigerator or, for instance, in the trunk of your car, can result in disappointment. Make sure that wherever you choose to store your wine that it does not have any vibrations – and is not near anything that could make its space vibrate.

Dark Spaces

Before you jump to conclusions, storing wine in dark places is not for the dramatic effect. In fact, the dark space is necessary for property maintenance. We’ve discussed everything important for maintaining a delicious bottle of wine – and storing it at the right temperature is necessary.

The lights in your home give off heat. So do the lights in your refrigerator. As a matter of fact, every time you open and close its door, the refrigerator fluctuates in its temperature. Plus, if you store your wine on your countertop anywhere near a window, the sun’s UV rays can greatly affect the health of the bottle of wine.

To save your bottle from ill effects, simply store it in a dark place. Now you know why so many people have wine cellars. But, you don’t need a cellar to keep your wine in perfect shape. Ideally, you simply want to keep your wine away from windows and direct sunlight and the lighting in your kitchen. Making use of LED lighting is a great choice as it does not put off heat, but allows you to light up your collection.

Wine Storage

If you are looking for the perfect and most convenient storage method for your wine collection – no matter how big or small – then you may want to consider a wine refrigerator.

wine cooler by thor kitchen

Thor Kitchen has several different models to offer – and they even have multiple zones so you can store each type of wine at its best temperature.

Here are some other features you will find:

  • Security Lock
  • 46 Bottles Capacity (5.43 Cu.Ft)
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use Wine Cooler
  • Independent Zones (5-18°C / 41-65°F)
  • Fan Assisted Cooling
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Door Frame
  • Dual Pane Glass With Low-e For UV Protection
  • 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Housing And Rear Plate
  • Stainless Steel Vent Kickplate
  • Full Extension Beech Wood Rolling Shelves
  • LCD Display
  • Blue LED Interior Lighting
  • C°/F°
  • Door Opening Alarm
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Charcoal Filters (2pcs)
  • Heating Elements For Winter Weather
  • 4 pcs Adjustable Feet
  • No Frost Design

A wine refrigerator is a convenient way to store your wine while keeping it easily accessible.


Wine is a special beverage that requires special attention. Being able to enjoy it all comes down to knowing how to store it. And, now you know.

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Finding the Right Under Counter Wine Fridge

Under Counter Wine Fridge

An under-counter wine fridge is a refrigerator dedicated to wine storage located under the counter. These types of wine coolers save space and offer a sleek way for people to store their wine.

In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips on finding the right under counter wine fridge.

The Under Counter Wine Fridge

Making the decision to purchase an under-counter wine refrigerator is an easy step. Finding the one that meets your needs takes a bit more work. After all, there are so many types to choose from. The important thing to remember is that you want a wine fridge that is going to match your kitchen’s design and style. It must also be functional and convenient. And, of course, it must be durable and well-designed.

We are going to go over a few of the options that you have for your choice in under counter wine refrigerator storage. With any luck, the questions you now have will be answered and you will be well on your way to enjoying an under-counter wine fridge for years to come.

But first, you must find the right one.

Why You Need One

Why do you need a wine fridge sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? What the question should ask is why don’t you need a wine fridge?

Wine is a special beverage. Whether you drink it often or occasionally, you want it to taste good. Unfortunately, when it is not cared for properly, the result can taste very, well, foul. And nobody wants to open a fresh bottle of wine for guests at dinner and watch the faces as everyone drinks your wine that got a little too overheated and soured.

Don’t let this happen to you.

With a wine refrigerator, you are able to protect your wine by storing it at the optimal temperature for your wine. Keep in mind, though, that the temperatures vary depending on whether it is white or red wine. In addition to the temperature, storing wine at a healthy humid level (say, 50%-70% humidity) can keep the cork from drying out and oxygen getting in.

All in all, having a wine refrigerator means that your wine is cared for and ready to drink when you want it. Plus, because it is small and the perfect size for your kitchen, it is handy and convenient. If you are lucky enough to have a home with a built-in cellar, you can still take advantage of the convenience of having a wine fridge, too.

Single, Dual, or Triple Zones

So, what happens if you like white and red wine? And, what if you want to store your liquor, juice, and soda in the wine fridge, too?

Simple: you are going to need more than one zone.

Breaking these wine coolers up into multiple zones allows you to store each beverage at its appropriate temperature without affecting the other drinks. In other words, your red wine can be stored at its optimal 55-degrees and your white wine can be stored at its optimal 40- to 45-degrees. And, thanks to the different zones, each wine won’t be affected by this change in temperature.

Features to Look For in Your Wine Fridge

As you head out to purchase your new wine refrigerator, there are a few features you may want to consider. For instance, you want to make sure that the fridge you consider purchasing has enough spots to hold your bottle count.

  • An aesthetically pleasing design that will fit your kitchen
  • A size that will meet your need and fit your kitchen space
  • A “no frost” guarantee
  • A temperature control panel that is easy to understand and use
  • A security lock
  • Minimal vibrations (a rough compressor can vibrate your wine and, sadly, these vibrations can cause great damage to a wine collection)
  • Look for a unit with wood or metal shelves – and avoid plastic

Finally, you want a wine refrigerator that is going to be durable and continue to look nice despite potentially heavy use. Purchasing a wine fridge in stainless steel can give you the durability you are seeking.

Thor Kitchen’s Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

This single zone wine cooler by Thor Kitchen offers everything you could want from an under-counter wine cooler – all wrapped up in a delightful package. This wine refrigerator holds up to 40 bottles of wine. Of course, the amount varies if you choose to use it for beer, liquor, or other beverages.

You will find the following features with this Thor Kitchen wine refrigerator:

  • 6 wood shelves
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Finish
  • 41db Noise Level
  • Compressor Powered Cooling
  • No Frost Air Circulating Design
  • White LED Interior Light
  • Double Tempered Glass Window with Stainless Steel Door Frame

Designed with a stainless steel outer shell, this wine refrigerator works well with kitchens of all design styles.

As your collection grows, you may find it necessary to move your collection to a larger wine cooler. The following are not for built-in or under-counter installation, but they will allow you to add more wine to your collection over time.

Thor Kitchen’s Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Thor Kitchen’s dual zone wine refrigerator, Model Number TWC2401DO, offers you space for 46 bottles of wine! Again, this is dependent on what you truly intend to store in the wine fridge. This model comes in stainless steel with easy-glide wood shelving. And it also comes with a plethora of features, such as:

  • Security Lock
  • 46 Bottles Capacity (5.43 Cubic Feet)
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use Wine Cooler
  • Independent Dual Zone (5-18°C / 41-65°F)
  • Fan Assisted Cooling
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Door Frame
  • Dual Pane Glass With Low-e For UV Protection
  • 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Housing And Rear Plate
  • Stainless Steel Vent Kickplate
  • Full Extension Beech Wood Rolling Shelves
  • LCD Display
  • Blue LED Interior Lighting
  • C°/F°
  • Door Opening Alarm
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Charcoal Filters (2-pcs)
  • Heating Elements For Winter Weather
  • 4 pcs Adjustable Feet
  • No Frost Design

Thor Kitchen’s Triple Zone Wine Refrigerator

Looking for even more space? Want to go all-in with your wine fridge? If so, then a triple-zone is what you are in need of. Thor Kitchen’s, Model Number HWC2404U, offers you three different cooling zones. With the ability to hold up to 128 wine bottles, you have a great amount of flexibility.

This unit features durable stainless steel and glass doors. But that’s not all. You will also find these features:

  • Freestanding Unit
  • Upper Zone 47-56°F
  • Lower Zone 56-65°F
  • Drawers 34-50°F
  • Capacity Wine storage: 128 bottles
  • Beer storage: 80 bottles
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Finish
  • Noise Level 41db
  • Cooling System Compressor Powered Cooling
  • No Frost Air Circulating Design
  • Lighting Blue LED Interior Light


A wine fridge is a great addition to any kitchen, thanks to their beautiful design and added convenience. Take the time, do your research, and discover the wine refrigerator that will meet your wine chilling needs.

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The Benefits of Freestanding Wine Refrigerators

Freestanding Wine Refrigerators

Whether you’re just starting your collection or wine or you’ve been collecting for years, freestanding wine refrigerators are an essential appliance you’ll need to properly store your wine.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at what the ideal storage settings for red and white wine and exploring the benefits freestanding wine refrigerators offer.

Freestanding Wine Refrigerators

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur and know all the inner-most details of a bottle of wine – and how it came to be – in order to enjoy a glass. There are some individuals who have to know everything about the process, from the grapevine to the glass. But, for nearly everyone else, enjoying a glass of wine – or even a bottle – at dinner is all about the enjoyment.

But, no matter how much of a novice you are, you learn that there are certain ways to store wine that make it taste just right. For example, there is a high chance that you aren’t going to pop open a bottle of warm chardonnay and find it satisfying. It needs to be chilled, doesn’t it?

Purchasing a freestanding wine refrigerator for your home means that you can have your wine when you want it – conveniently – at just the right temperature that makes it delightful. And, believe it or not, there are even more benefits that you’ll reap, too.

Maintain the Proper Temperature of Your Reds

There is often a debate about red wine – do you chill it before consuming? Or, do you enjoy it room temperature? However, what you should be considering is how you store your red wine. Sitting it on top of your refrigerator, for example, or near a window is likely to expose it to hot temperatures.

You may think Well, I drink it warm, so what does it matter? You better believe it matters. Here’s why. The cork serves the purpose of keeping the oxygen out. But, when it is exposed to heat, the cork seal can break, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle. It doesn’t take long at all before the color begins to change, the aroma oxidizes, and the sulfur dioxide drops. Want sour, overcooked wine? You’ve got it. Gone is the taste of freshness you were hoping to consume.

Purchasing a freestanding wine refrigerator, though, will allow you to avoid this problem altogether. See, your wine refrigerator will be sure to store your wine at just the right temperature so that it tastes just as it was intended to – each and every time. For reds, this ideal temperature is between 50- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintain the Proper Temperature of Your Whites

Red wines are not the only kind you need to worry about ruining due to temperature. The same situation discussed above can also happen to white wine if left in heated conditions. In fact, white wine seems to turn a bit more foul and undrinkable faster than red. Perhaps it is due to its sensitivity to heat. After all, white wine is supposed to be housed at temperatures between 45- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit.

A freestanding wine refrigerator will allow you to add your wine and maintain it at just the right temperature – without worrying about whether or not it got too hot as you go to take that first sip.

The Perfect Place to House All Your Beverages – At Just the Right Temperature

Most people hear the term wine refrigerator and think that it solely has to house wine. However, this is not true at all. You can use this as a beverage refrigerator, storing everything from wines and liquor to soda, juice, and water. In fact, it offers a beautiful display of your beverages.

Are you ready for the best part? Many wine refrigerators come in different sizes and with different compartments. For instance, Thor Kitchen offers single-zone, dual-zone, and triple-zone wine coolers. That means you can house the beverages you choose at the temperatures that they require. In other words, with a dual-zone wine refrigerator, you have a designated place for white wine and a different zone for red wine.

Why Humidity Control is So Important

In any place you intend to store wine, it is very important that you make sure it is a place where the humidity will remain at least at 50%. Ideally, though, humidity anywhere within the range of 50% – 70% is where you want to store your wine.

Many people are quick to focus on the temperature where the wine is housed without paying much attention to the humidity. And, this is where things go wrong. See, corks can dry out. Without adequate humidity, the corks will dry out and can begin to deteriorate. When this happens, the contents are compromised and oxygen can enter.

With a wine refrigerator, you can rest assured that the climate-controlled ability will maintain the proper humidity required for your wine.

Vibration-Free is How Wine Wants to Be

Wine is developed from fermented grapes. It goes through such a process to get to the exact taste and texture needed to provide you with the taste of a wine that you love. During the process, you will discover that there is naturally occurring sediment in each bottle. When you house this wine in your refrigerator with a heavy compressor, ever-so-slightly vibration can occur.

What does this mean for your wine?

All of that naturally occurring sediment gets stirred up. It can add energy to the mix and disrupt the natural aging process. As a result, you get less tartaric acid produced, which then changes the overall flavor of the wine.

Wine refrigerators, thankfully, offer a vibration-free method of storage.

Perfect for Everyday Use

As we have said, you don’t need to be a wine connoisseur in order to make use of a wine refrigerator. You can add one to your kitchen, your basement, even your den or entertainment room. It’s a classy way to store your wine, your liquor, your beer, or any non-alcoholic beverage.

Wine refrigerators are convenient for everyday use. Even if you have a home with a built-in wine cellar, having a few of your favorites nearby in the wine refrigerator can make accessing it much easier.


Did we mention how good a wine refrigerator looks in your home? Beautiful stainless steel, glass, and LED lighting offer a look that can fit within any design. With all of these benefits and more, a wine refrigerator will not disappoint.

How a Wine and Beverage Fridge Protects Your Collection

Wine and Beverage Fridge

If you’re interested in starting a collection of wine, you need to consider the importance of storing your collection properly. Doing so will retain the flavor of your collection and enhance the tasting experience throughout the years.

A wine and beverage fridge can make all the difference when it comes to collecting and storing wine, beer, and other beverages.

The Convenience of a Wine and Beverage Fridge

There are some appliances that your kitchen – and home – must have. For example, a refrigerator, cooktop, oven, etc. And, then there are others that just leave your home a step or two above the rest. A wine and beverage fridge is one of those appliances.

If you’ve never considered adding a wine and beverage fridge to your repertoire, perhaps it is time. Believe it or not, there are so many perks, benefits, conveniences, and pleasures that you will get from these tiny refrigerators. Some you may already know, others you may not expect.

It’s Not Just for Wine

Just because something is referred to as a wine cooler doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules a bit. Keeping with the same idea behind open cabinetry, you can designate a wine cooler for your beverages. It gives an added bit of design to your style. You can present your drinks in a fun, socially exciting manner that makes it a great addition to your décor.

Wine coolers can hold wine, beer, and various liquors you prefer chilled. But they can also hold cans and bottles of water, soda, and juice. Just think outside the box.

Place It Anywhere Inside or Outside Your Home

A wine cooler being utilized for wine, beer, or liquor would be a great addition to a bar or lounge area in your home. This isn’t the only place you can use one, however. The great part about them is their smaller size which allows them to be more mobile than, say, an average refrigerator.

Geez, it would be wonderful if I didn’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen anytime someone wanted a drink. How many times have you been sitting on your back patio or in your basement and thought something like that? Or, in your den or tv room, watching the latest hockey game – who wants to miss the action and run for a refill?

Wine coolers are large enough to provide you a useful tool, yet they are small enough to go nearly anywhere in your home and not be in the way.

Open up Space in Your Refrigerator

Do you have an overcrowded refrigerator? If yours looks like most kitchens – especially the ones in homes of busy families – then you likely often run out of space. And, because you want to keep your perishable food items from spoiling, drinks often end up taking the back burner. Those that can be kept warm are housed in a pantry off to the side and require ice to enjoy.

wine cooler storage

Well, what if you didn’t have to deal with that situation anymore? A wine cooler can bring you the convenience of having, for instance, a refrigerator solely for your beverages. This would free up space in your regular refrigerator so that you have room for everything – without sacrificing. Gone will be the days of drinking warm beverages and melted ice.

Drink Wine Properly

If you are a wine connoisseur, then you probably already know that there are certain temperatures that you are to store – and drink – wine. If you aren’t, well now you know. To enjoy the best taste, you will not want to store it in a wine rack on your kitchen countertop. Instead, you need a wine cooler.

While it varies depending on the type of wine, most are recommended to be stored at temperatures between 45- and 65-degrees. This is warmer than your refrigerator and colder than your countertop. Know what its perfect for, though? You guessed it – a wine cooler.

wine cooler temperature control

Wine coolers feature a control panel that allows you to set the ideal temperature for the type of beverage you’re storing.

Add Convenience and Fun to Your Social Areas

If you often have guests over – or if you have a teenager who does – then you will be thrilled with the convenience a wine cooler can add to your social areas. No more having to send people all around your house to get another drink. Not to mention that these wine coolers look neat – and fun – in social areas. With their glass front and LED lighting, they are very inviting.

They are guaranteed to be the talk of the party.

They Come in Various Sizes for Your Convenience

One of the best things about wine coolers is that they are not all created equal. They come in various sizes for your convenience. So, if you are wanting one that will fit in a specific space or hold a particular number of bottles, there is one to fit your needs. Wine coolers are available in a variety of different sizes, including single zone, dual zone, and triple zone.

Thor Kitchen offers several wine coolers in all three dimensions, each of which offers a unique set of features.

Let’s take a closer look.

Single Zone Wine Cooler

This single zone wine cooler features one storage area capable of storing a limited amount of beverages.

hwc2405u single zone wine cooler

HWC2405U Sngle Zone Wine Cooler

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This dual zone wine cooler features two storage areas capable of storing beverages at different temperatures. This is convenient if you’re storing white wine and red wine, as both require different temperatures for an optimal tasting experience.

dual zone wine and beverage cooler

HWC2403U Dual Zone 156 Bottle Wine Cooler

Triple Zone Wine Cooler

If you’re serious about collecting wine, beer, or other beverages, you may want to consider a triple zone wine cooler for your home. This triple zone wine cooler features three sections in which you can store a variety of different beverages.

3 zone wine cooler

HWC2404U Three Zone Wine Cooler

Let’s say, for example, that you want to store soda, water, and juice for the minors – and alcohol, such as wine, beer, and liquor for the adults. You won’t need to buy two. A wine cooler with multiple zones means the temp can be controlled to just what it needs to be for it is storing.

These Stylish Designs Actually Add to Your Décor

Thinking outside the box turns a lot of heads. It’s not an overly common thing to do, but one that shouts to those around that you are fun, trendy, and you like a cold drink that is convenient.

If you were to buy an additional full-size refrigerator and place it in your living room, you may be turning heads for the wrong reasons. It would be bulky and totally out of place. However, with a wine cooler, the look and design of the appliance actually add to your current décor. It would be a welcome addition to your living room or any space in your home.


A wine and beverage fridge usually falls low on the list of necessary kitchen appliances because it is viewed more like a want than a need. However, you need one of these in the social areas of your home. Once you do, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

Photo by Matthieu Joannon

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8 Brilliant Wine Storage Refrigerator Benefits

Wine Storage Refrigerator Benefits

Have you been tasting the perfect blends within your wine? Or, have you been missing out all along? Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you just like an occasional glass, there is a right way and a wrong way to store your wine. And, believe it or not, how you do so can affect the flavor. After all, wine storage refrigerators and wine cellars weren’t created to be storage spaces.

You have spent too long sipping wine that is less than perfect. Check out how a wine storage refrigerator can protect your wine collection – and give you some wonderful wine to enjoy.

1. Organize and document your wine

If you are a serious wine collector, then you will appreciate the ability to organize and document your bottles. Getting some of the best – and unique – tasting wines often requires quite a budget. If you have more than a couple of bottles, it is probably difficult to remember where and when you purchased specific wine. It can also be hard to keep track of what was enjoyable and what was not.

Collecting bottles of wine from all over the world is a serious investment and is not something you should take lightly. Having a wine refrigerator means that you have a designated space for your collection, a way to organize it, and document your bottles.

2. Store wine at optimal temperatures

Your wine needs to be stored at proper temperatures. Anywhere between 45 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit is best. However, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be the near-perfect temperature to store wine.

The warmer the wine, the faster it will age and spoil. If you want to keep your wine healthy and fresh, then you may want to check out a wine storage refrigerator. Unlike your refrigerator, this specially designed wine storage space would not be opened and closed numerous times throughout the day, disrupting the steady temperature.

3. Protect your wine from light

Direct sunlight or even harsh indoor lighting can damage the wine inside the bottle. Lighting can give off heat that can disrupt the temperature of the wine, causing it to age faster and sometimes even to go bad.

In a wine storage refrigerator, lighting is kept to a minimum. The lights used are LED lights which only provide a soft glow – and no heat.

4. Safe and secure

Have you ever had your wine collection stored in an area that was vulnerable? Maybe you have kids, dogs, cats, etc. Leaving your bottles out on the counter or on top of the refrigerator puts them at risk for being knocked over and broken.

If you have a lot of money invested in your wine, then you may want to take some extra steps to avoid the chance of such accidents.

A wine storage refrigerator offers the perfect space for you to keep your wine. It can be installed within your cabinets or elsewhere in your kitchen. This special refrigerator offers a sturdy and secure place to store your bottles. They are out of the way and cannot become victim to careless actions. If the wine refrigerator itself gets bumped, the wine bottles inside are placed securely in grooves that will keep them from clanking against other bottles.

5. Protect the cork, protect the wine

Do you know why wine bottles should be stored laying down rather than upright? It has to do with the cork. The cork is there to protect the wine. As long as the cork is kept slightly moist, it forms an air-tight storage chamber to keep your wine healthy. When the cork is compromised, air can get in and disrupt the status of your wine.

Leaving a bottle standing up for too much time means that the cork has ample amount of opportunity to dry out. When it does, air can slip in. This is a simple way for your wine to go bad.

When you use a wine storage refrigerator, wine is stored laying down. This allows the wine to touch the inner parts of the cork, keeping it moist.

6. No compressor vibrations

There are some things you shake before you use, like fruit juices, mustard and ketchup bottles, and nail polish. Wine is definitely not one of those things.

If you choose to store your wine in your regular refrigerator, then you are subjecting it to vibrations that can disturb its chemistry. This happens when the compressor kicks on, when ice drops, when you constantly open and close the doors throughout the day, etc.

A special wine storage refrigerator is free from those vibrations. You will not have to worry about the chemistry of your wine.

7. Ideal humidity

As previously discussed, your wine needs a specific amount of humidity to keep it fresh. While you don’t necessarily want to store your wine bottles in a wet space, a little bit of humidity helps keep the cork moist. This keeps your wine steady and ready to drink.

Wine refrigerators offer you humidity controls for your wine that keep it at a constant perfect level.

8. Ready to drink

Want wine ready to dive into when guests arrive? Of course, you do. Throwing a couple of bottles of wine in the refrigerator a couple of hours before is no guarantee that it will be completely chilled on time. You need something that can quickly get your wine to the desired temperature – and hold it. That way, no matter when you are ready to pop the top off of a bottle, it is ready for you.

A wine storage refrigerator is perfect for this.


Wine storage refrigerators come in all sorts of sizes, so you will be able to find the one that is right for your needs and your kitchen space. You don’t have to be a wine expert to appreciate the drink. But, if you would like to enjoy the beverage the way it was meant to be experienced, then you will want to store it right.

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