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7 Spooky Halloween Desserts to Bake in the Wall Oven

7 spooky halloween desserts to bake in the wall oven

Halloween will be here before you know it. Lots of kids decked out in costumes, ringing your doorbell with excitement and anticipation for their next batch of spooky Halloween desserts (straight from the good ol’ wall oven)! All it takes is the shout of trick or treat, and they get candy in their bucket. What more could a kid ask for?

But let’s be real, though – adults need some enjoyment on Halloween, too. And we don’t mean sneaking candy from your kid’s bucket. Halloween is a perfect time to make some ghoulish treats. Whether you are throwing a costume party at your house, trying to make the work day a little more festive, or just want to treat yourself, we’ve got the 411 on the best Halloween desserts you need to have this year.

7 Spooky Halloween Desserts for the Wall Oven

So pick your favs, grab the ingredients, and fire up that stainless steel wall oven. It’s time to whip together a magical potion!

1. Spooky Spider Cookies

You cannot mix cookies and candy together – said no one ever. These creepy crawlers, aka spooky spider cookies, give you all the good feels despite their outward, 8-legged appearance. They are fun, delicious, and perfect for a Halloween treat.

The base is made of a soft peanut butter cookie. Once it comes out of your wall oven, the decorating begins – while they are still hot. Turn these plain cookies into sweet spiders with the help of a mini peanut butter cup pressed into the cookie (the heat will melt it in place). This is the spider’s body. A chocolate-covered peanut or raisin comes next to create its head.

Let the cooking cool, then add some legs with black gel icing. The final step? Pop one in your mouth and enjoy!

2. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are some classics that just need to be left alone. And chocolate chip cookies are one of them. That is, of course, unless you add some pumpkin spice. Let’s just call it an enhanced version. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies take the soft, warm, gooey cookies you have always loved and transform them into a fall must-have. Trust us, you will never look at a chocolate chip cookie the same again.

Gather all the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, including some canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice (a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves).

Just 11 to 13 minutes in your wall oven at 350 degrees, and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat.

3. Pumpkin Sheet Cake

Sticking with the pumpkin flavoring because, well, it’s fall – we’ve got a pumpkin sheet cake you won’t want to miss.

Sheet cakes, in general, are simple cakes that you can always count on to be so moist and so incredibly good. It only makes sense that you would make a pumpkin spice version, too.

This recipe includes simple ingredients, including flour, sugar, buttermilk, pumpkin puree, vanilla, and the like. The icing is a mixture of softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, and a few other pantry staples. It throws together nicely and goes into your wall oven for just 20 minutes.

Everyone appreciates a pumpkin sheet cake. And, if they don’t, are they even real? This time of year, you may want to check.

4. Candy-Covered Caramel Bars

You can either invest in some candy to make spooky Halloween desserts, or you can use the candies that come from your kid’s trick-or-treating stash. Candy-covered caramel bars are ooey and gooey and oh-so-delicious!

If you have never used canned dulce de leche, now is your chance. You have a crumbly crust made of things like flour, oats, and brown sugar. This is then baked and topped with the dulce de leche. While it is soft, add candies to the top and press them in gently. Child for at least 2 hours before cutting.

Consider using Kit Kats, Milky Ways, Snickers, M & M’s, or any similar candy. This one is so good we will just say you’re welcome now.

5. Halloween Cake Balls

You’ve undoubtedly seen cake balls at some point. But did you know that Halloween cake balls are so easy to make at home? All you need is a cake mix (try bloody red velvet), frosting, melting chocolate, lollipop sticks, and colorful gel icing.

You make the cake as you normally would in your wall oven, adding some rum if you’d like to adult your cake balls. Then just crumble the cake into fine crumbs. Mix in icing little by little until you can no longer see it, and then roll the cake mix into small balls using a small ice cream scooper.

Melt the chocolate and dip your ball and rest on parchment paper. As it cools, you can begin decorating them as spooky as you’d like. Get creative.

6. Pop Tart Ghosts

Who said pop-tarts are just for kids? Well, humans of all ages will love these pop-tart ghosts. Not only are they super adorable, but they taste so, so good.

You can use store-bought dough (because who has time to make it from scratch?), or you can make your own. And you are going to cut out your ghost shapes. The filling of these pop-tarts is Nutella – yum! Put a top on and seal the edges by pressing down with a fork.

Bake in your wall oven until done!

To get the full ghastly ghost effect, you will glaze them and add some eyes or whatever decorations you think will work best.

Experiment with different designs, too!

7. Brownie Bottom Halloween Cupcakes

Can’t decide between brownies or cupcakes? Well, you don’t have to with brownie bottom Halloween cupcakes. Fill your cupcake tin with a layer of brownie mix and add some Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder to get them almost black. Then top with a vanilla cake batter that you have doused with orange food coloring.

Bake in your wall oven until done all the way through.

Top with some delicious white icing, and then decorate using sprinkles, colored sugar, candy eyeballs, and more.

This is the perfect Halloween cupcake.

Happy Halloween from THOR Kitchen

It just wouldn’t be the same without some spooky Halloween desserts. And those desserts wouldn’t taste as good without a Thor Kitchen wall oven. You know what to do!

5 Summer Baking Recipes to Make in a Wall Oven

5 summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven

Summertime always gives you something to look forward to. You spend time with friends and family, head out on excursions and adventures, throw some unforgettable barbecues in your backyard with your awesome outdoor kitchen suite… or maybe even try your hand at some new, delicious summer baking recipes in the wall oven.

Oh, sweet summer. Literally.

A Taste of Summer à la Cake

Did you know that there are cakes out there that capture the taste of summer in every bite? It’s true. From watermelon and lemon lime to margaritas and sweet tea, we’ve selected five summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven.

Which one are you going to try?

1. Watermelon Cake

Ok, we should preface this one by saying that you don’t have to purchase a watermelon for the ingredients of the watermelon cake. In fact, there is no watermelon at all in the cake. It gets its name because the cake looks just like one. And that alone makes it a beautiful addition to any summertime table setting.

The base for the cake is a red velvet cake mix with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Then, creating homemade icing mixed with variations of different colors, the cake can come together beautifully to look just like a watermelon. Optionally, add your own twist with different toppings, if you’re feeling a little creative!

Watch out, though – it may just turn out too pretty to eat!

2. Lemon Lime Poke Cake

This bright and colorful lemon-lime poke cake is refreshing, light, and delicious – everything you need for a summer dessert. The poke part of the cake refers to the holes that are poked in the top of the cake so that the filling can make its way down into the cake, rather than just remain on top.

It all starts with a white cake. Sure, you could make your own, but – it is summer, and you’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do. Why take the time? With all the extra flavors you are going to add, a boxed white cake works just fine.

Flavors of lemon and lime make their way into it using zest and juice of each – plus slices of each on top, too. The finished product is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. And it looks amazing, too.

3. Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecakes taste good all the time – for any occasion. You can add all sorts of different flavors to them and achieve different results. Some are made sweeter by adding milk, dark, or white chocolate, while others are fruity, with the addition of strawberries or blueberries. And then you’ve got this dreamy lemon cheesecake – with a smooth tart flavor your taste buds are sure to love.

And not only does it taste delightful, but it also looks like summer, too!

This recipe comes with all kinds of ordinary cheesecake ingredients, such as cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs, and the like. But it also has a surprise ingredient, too – are you ready? Two-and-a-half cups of crushed cream-filled lemon sandwich cookies, such as Lemon Oreo Sandwich cookies. Yum!

Combined with lemon juice and lemon zest – and drizzled with a yellow food coloring gel and topped off with a lemon slice. This, too, is bright and beautiful for any summertime get-together.

4. Margarita Cake

Yes, you read that title right. A margarita cake. And yes! It even comes with some tequila and lime, too.

On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim? Ahh… well, a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim and a slice of margarita cake!

This cake envelopes all the flavors of the drink – margarita mixer, lime, tequila – and it mixes it all together in a light and fluffy cake. It’s the perfect shade of margarita, and you won’t want to forget to top it off with slices of lime.

Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

5. Sweet Tea and Lemonade Cake

Tea and lemonade? In a cake? If you have ever had a sip of an Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade on a really hot day, you are sure to understand just what we are talking about. It is refreshing and delightful. And definitely worth trying together in a cake. Note: You don’t have to be on the golf course to enjoy this cake.

This recipe for a sweet tea and lemonade cake creates a cake from scratch and includes 3-family-sized tea bags. This gives it that iced tea flavor. Then, the cake is topped with a cream cheese frosting that is flavored with lemon juice and lemon zest.

The combination together is divine. But you can take it to a whole new level by throwing in some vodka or bourbon into the frosting. Talk about a cake made for summer!

For garnish, add slices of lemon on top.

The Importance of an Electric Wall Oven

Face it, when it comes to baking in the summertime, the kitchen can get hot – so you want to make sure your cake turns out good the first time, so you don’t have to bake it more than once. This is where having an electric wall oven comes in handy. Gas-powered ovens can work well, but any particular baker will tell you that they just cannot compete with the steady flow of heat you receive from an electric oven.

Thor Kitchen’s 30-inch professional electric wall oven can bring you a ton of benefits in general. But, for your summer baking? It has multiple convection modes so that you get heat all around for thorough baking. You will have an evenly baked finished product every time.

As if the perfectly baked cake wasn’t enough, you will find these features, too:

-Touch glass control panel

-Hidden bake element

-Large oven capacity

Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish

-Power and control from a 3500W top heater and a 3000W bottom heater

-Self-cleaning function

-Blue enamel interior that is easy to clean

-White LED display

It is a wonderful high-quality design that is built to last. No matter how many of these summertime cakes you decide to bake over the years, your wall oven will continue to look as beautiful as it did the day you got it.

All you have to decide is which one of these summer baking recipes you are going to try first!

Try Summer Baking Recipes in a Wall Oven from THOR

Ready to bake? Find us through a dealer near you to check out THOR Kitchen‘s latest modern kitchen appliances, including the perfect wall oven and more!

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove

How to clean a stainless steel stove

Stainless steel is a timeless finish for the appliances in your kitchen. There is something about walking into the room and seeing the shine that comes from this metal – rather than the traditional white or off-white appliances. It is downright classy. However, when it begins to lose its dazzle, would you know how to clean a stainless steel stove to restore the beauty?

Mess, Smudges… and Grease

Unfortunately, as you use your appliances, you may find that they end up looking a little messy from time to time. Have you ever been in the middle of cooking something greasy and floury on your stovetop – and you forgot you had biscuits in the oven that needed to come out? As you open your oven door, you leave behind a little smudge.

Now, imagine this over and over again. You – and your entire family – are in the kitchen every single day! You all can begin to slowly leave your mark on your stove and all of your other appliances left behind from making many delicious recipes.

Ready for some good news? You invested in a stainless steel stove. So that means you are not destined to have a crusty, ruined appliance for the rest of its life. You can bring back that beautiful shine it had when you first brought it home.

And we are going to teach you just how to do it. Surprise – it’s easier than you think!

Cleaning a Glass Stove

First things first, we are going to focus on the stove. You can make this easy cleanup and keep things looking fresh every day by using some glass cleaner each night after dinner. Though for stains that are a bit more complex, you will need to take a few extra steps.

You will need a few simple ingredients:

– Baking soda

– Vinegar

– Soft cloth

– Water

Create a paste with the baking soda and a little water (3:1 ratio) and apply it to your stove. Let it sit there and do its job for approximately two hours. Then, spray vinegar onto the stove and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Use an additional, clean, soft cloth to dry off the stove.

Greasy Ovens and Stovetops

If you have grease on your stove, you can use the same ingredients to remove it. However, you are going to do things just a tad bit differently. Here you will create a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (again, 3 parts baking to one part peroxide). Spread it out onto the stove and use a sponge to gently remove the grease. It will eventually break down, and you should be able to wipe it away with a soft, dry cloth.

When you are through, dip another soft cloth into vinegar and wipe down the stove to get the ultimate shine.

Doing either of these methods is a great way to keep your stove clean – and something you can do easily every couple of weeks. Plus, while there are harsh chemicals on the market that you can use, this method doesn’t use them, which is safer for you and your family.

Cleaning a Gas Stove

Not every stove comes with a glass top. Some – especially gas cooktops – have the traditional burners that involve a little more in-depth cleaning. This involves a slightly different method of cleaning if you want to clean it effectively.

Let’s take a look at the steps to get this done. First, the ingredients you will need include:

– Baking soda

– Vinegar

– Soft cloth

– Water

– Plastic bags

– Dish soap

Remove the Grates

First, remove the grates and submerge them in warm soapy water to soak. Then, cover your burners with a plastic bag in an attempt to prevent any of your cleaner from dripping down into them.

Create the Paste Mixture

Make a mixture as above using baking soda and water (3:1) or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide if grease needs to be removed. Spread the paste over your stove. For water, let it sit for two hours before spraying it down with vinegar and wiping it clean. For the hydrogen peroxide mixture, spread it on your stovetop and use a soft cloth to clean the stovetop, and begin removing the mixture.

Spray it Down

Once it is cleared off, spray it down with vinegar and then dry it with another soft, clean cloth. This will leave your stove shining bright.

Wash + Rinse Burners

When you are finished, wash and rinse off your burners. Dry them off and assess how they look. This is usually all that is needed to ensure that you have clean burner grates to go on your clean, stainless steel stovetop. If they still have tough, stuck-on stains, you may want to consider placing them inside your oven on self-clean mode. This is an easy way to get the burners super clean.

Remove the plastic bags from the burner, careful not to let any accumulated water drip down inside. Then add your burner grates. Congrats – you are done.

A Few Extra Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

You should never use the following on your stainless steel stove – or any stainless steel appliances:

– Bleach

– Chemicals that contain bleach

– Chemicals that have grit

– Steel wool

– Paper towels

Abrasive cleaners such as these can damage the finish and cause discoloration. Instead, you can always use baking soda, vinegar, Clorox wipes – or other antibacterial cleaning wipes, and Windex – or another glass cleaner. Each one of these is a great option and is all you need to keep your stove looking fresh.

Cleaning in the Same Direction

And finally, before we go, we want to stress how important it is to clean your stainless steel appliances going in the same direction as the grain. Take a moment to figure out if your grain is going vertically or horizontally. Then, as you clean, make sure you are going in the same direction. You should feel it nice and smoothly with no resistance. Always use a soft cloth so that you reduce any chance of scratching.

Not following this could cause damage to your finish – and nobody wants that.

No Stain, No Gain

What are you waiting for? Gather up your supplies and get to work. With just a little bit of effort, your stove can look brand new again!

To spruce up your kitchen and all things stainless steel, shop THOR Kitchen today. Visit us online to find a dealer near you.

5 Types of Pro-Style Kitchen Appliances

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Are you building a new kitchen from scratch? Are you remodeling your kitchen? Looking to update your appliances? Want to change things up a bit?

There are so many choices you have when it comes to choosing the right appliances for yourself. You are probably thinking that you have seen them all already. A quick internet search or a walk through a home improvement store and your head may be spinning. How on earth do you even begin to choose which one would best fit your kitchen?

Ready for a life-changing tip? You need to opt for pro-style appliances. These are designed with the durability that commercial appliances have, but with a softer appearance beautifully fit for every home kitchen.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 types of pro-style kitchen appliances that you must have.

A refrigerator is an important addition to the kitchen. Sure, you need a range, a dishwasher, and so on – but you definitely need a refrigerator to keep your food healthy and your drinks cold. This stainless steel, French door refrigerator is both beautiful and sturdy. In other words, it is built to last without looking dull.

Inside, you will find a ton of space that can aid in keeping things organized as well as two large freezer drawers. Did we mention there is an automatic ice maker, too?

This refrigerator comes with a handy feature – a digital display on the outside of the door that lets you know its health at a glance. Plus, these additional features:

  • Counter-Depth French Door
  • 2-Drawer Freezer provides better organization
  • A full-width chiller drawer provides flexible storage
  • Retractable shelf designed to fit taller items with ease
  • Dual cycle and dual air-cooled refrigeration system
  • 2 large humidity controlled fresh food drawers

2. Thor Kitchen’s 48-Inch Pro-Style Professional Dual Fuel Range, Model Number HRD4803U

If you want a professional style range because you do a lot of cooking, then you may want to consider this large dual fuel range that gives you the right fuel for the right type of cooking. If you ask any chef or baker, you will learn that gas stoves are the go-to heating type and that electric ovens lead to thorough, even baking every time. With a dual fuel range, you get the best of both worlds.

Of course, this pro-style range also gives you 6 burners with continuous cast-iron grates and porcelain underneath for easy cleanup. And, not only does it have one 4.2 cubic foot range, but it also has a second one with 2.5 more cubic feet of baking space. It, too, has porcelain inside so it is easy to clean.

Looking for more features? No worries – you will definitely find them:

  • Black porcelain drip pan on the cooktop
  • Blue porcelain oven interior
  • Thermostat controlled griddle with dishwasher safe drip pan
  • Heavy-duty continuous cast-iron cooking grates
  • Convection oven fan (30 in.)
  • Three (3) halogen oven interior lights
  • Thermostat controlled electric oven
  • CSA certified metal burner control knobs

3. Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven, Model Number HEW3001

A built-in wall oven will offer your space a unique look with plenty of beautiful kitchen design options. With a wall oven, you are not limited to keeping the oven underneath your cooktop or rangetop. Many designers choose to place the wall oven on an adjacent wall with the addition of a storage cabinet underneath the cooktop or rangetop.

Not only does it look beautiful, but the THOR self-cleaning electric wall oven is also multi-functional. It offers different modes including bake, multi-convection modes, and more.

Check out all the features below:

  • Touch Operated Glass Panel
  • Multiple Convection Modes
  • Hidden Bake Capacity
  • Large 4.8 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • 3500W Top Heater
  • 3000W Bottom Heater
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior
  • White LED Display

4. Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range, Model Number LRG3001U

 If you are looking for a gas range that looks good, gives you long-lasting durability, and fits any size kitchen, then look no further. With a stainless-steel finish that can’t be beaten, this range is sure to blend perfectly with all of your other kitchen appliances – regardless of your design style. Yes, it is that versatile.

Believe it or not, this 30-inch range brings 5 burners with it and 4.5 cubic feet of oven space. You can cook up the main course and all the sides without running out of space. And, well, that’s important for those who love to cook for others.

Thanks to the porcelain drip pan on the stove and the porcelain in the oven, cleanup is a breeze. But, that’s not the only great feature. You’ll find these, too –

  • Heavy-Duty Continuous Cast Iron Cooking Grates. They will not rust or tarnish with your heavy cooking. That means they will always keep your gas stove looking sharp.
  • Black ABS Knobs
  • Halogen Lights
  • Commercial Convection Fan
  • Triple Layered Glass Window
  • Storage Drawer at Bottom
  • Broiler burner

5. Thor Kitchen’s 24-Inch Top Control Dishwasher, Model Number HDW2401SS

Every commercial kitchen is going to have a dishwasher. And, if you are going for pro-style cooking appliances, that must mean you are pretty serious about cleaning, too. You will get clean, sanitized dishes each and every time while also saving water, energy, and money.

With a top control dishwasher, you get a sleek look without any buttons to accidentally hit. It’s quiet and uses a smart wash system, too. Like the other appliances above, there are even more features for this dishwasher –

  • Delayed start-up to 24hrs in advance
  • Multiple filter system
  • 45 dB noise level
  • Smart wash system
  • 3-arm jet sprayer
  • Removable utensil basket
  • Child lock safety protection

THOR Kitchen offers the best professional appliances for your home kitchen at an affordable price. Browse our collection of professional appliances or find a dealer near you so can join the ranks and #COOKLIKEAGOD.

Future Proof Your Kitchen with This Timeless Electric Wall Oven

It’s hard to keep up with the latest kitchen appliance trends. They’re always changing and when you buy something it’s usually outdated by the time you get it home and out of the packaging. If you’ve ever committed to a kitchen design style only to find out that it’s no longer trending, we feel your frustration! You’ve spent months browsing the web, saving YouTube videos, and building Pinterest boards for nothing. Realizing that your dream kitchen theme made it to the out-of-trend list is a real punch to the gut. When it comes to the popular wall oven solution, we decided to offer a classic, timeless design with modern functions to future-proof your next kitchen remodel. We kept it simple. So, you don’t ever have to reimagine, re-pin, or restart your plans for a very long time. Dual wall ovens next to range top

A Simple, Modern Look

Your mother or grandmother may have had a single electric wall oven. But trust us when we say this is not your grandmother’s oven. THOR Kitchen’s 30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven is designed to be simple and effective while offering a timeless look. So bring on the ever-changing trends, this wall oven is future-proof. Designed with a stainless-steel exterior finish, you have an easy-to-clean surface that shines beautifully. And, the great thing about stainless steel is that it fits well with any design style. So, whether you have a modern, contemporary, traditional, elegant, or farmhouse kitchen, this wall oven could never look better. The idea of keeping things looking simple means hiding all the unsightly – yet necessary – pieces of an appliance. For example, the bake element. We all know that every electric oven has a bake element. Does that mean you have to see it? It sure doesn’t. This wall oven comes with a bake element that is hidden under the floor of the oven. This not only gives you a seamless look, but it also reduces the need to reach into those hard-to-reach crevices where food and spills like to gather. The result? Beauty that is easy to keep clean. Just because you have an electric wall oven doesn’t mean you have to have an appliance with unsightly buttons and knobs. This wall oven comes with a glass touch control panel that looks sleek and is easy to clean. Plus, the minimal aesthetic fits into any design style you’re currently into, whatever that may be.

Simple, Powerful Features

When you have a powerful appliance, it’s going to come with powerful features. The two just go hand-in-hand with one another. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the many features that come with THOR’s 30 Inch Electric Wall Oven, shall we?
  • Multiple Convection Modes. Convection baking allows for much faster cooking times and for the even circulation of heat thanks to the internal fan running continuously throughout the cooking time. Convection roasting surrounds the meat on all sides, similar to a rotisserie, sealing in the juices quickly for moist, tender results.
  • Large Oven Capacity. What use is an oven if it isn’t big enough to fit your food? With this wall oven, you’ll find a large 4.8 cubic foot capacity that’s ideal for everyday family meals as well as weekend and holiday feasts. You have the flexibility to create delicious dishes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Power and Control. You need an oven that can be flexible – and one that allows you to maintain power and control. When you need it to be strong and tough for family feasts, it will be. And, when you’re making a delicate gourmet dish, this oven can hold back giving you just the right amount of heat you need. This is all thanks to a 3500W top heater and 3000W bottom heater.
  • Self-Cleaning Function. To give your oven a long life, you need to take care of it. Oven maintenance should be part of your baking routine. But who has time for that? With the self-cleaning function, you get quick and efficient cleanup that helps the longevity of your oven.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior. When you don’t want to do the deep cleaning of the self-cleaning function, but prefer to just wipe up some small drippage, you’ll be happy to know this blue enamel oven interior is designed for high-temperature resistance and is easy to clean.
  • White LED Display. LED lighting is not only energy-efficient, but it is also ideal for electronic displays. With this display, you’ll be able to read the time and function displays easily for a wonderful cooking experience.
Of course, we should also mention that this electric wall oven is CSA Certified, has two racks with six rack positions, and has multiple oven settings such as delay bake, delay start, keep warm, and Sabbath mode.

Future Proof Your Wall Oven Today

Committing to a kitchen design style comes with the risk of it becoming outdated someday. The real anxiety lies in the uncertainty of when it may become outdated. With the simple and modern yet timeless design of THOR Kitchen’s 30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven, you can future-proof this part of your kitchen to match any and all design trends in the years to come. Start by locating a THOR Kitchen dealer near you.

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