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10 Galley Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Galley Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Galley kitchens are popular in both small and large spaces, as well as in any design style. However, due to their inability to maneuver around the walled space, renovating options may seem limited.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at 10 galley kitchen renovation ideas.

Galley Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Galley kitchens are very common. This style presents itself with a pair of parallel walls and a flowing walkway in between. Each side contains a varying combination of cabinets, cupboards, countertops, and appliances.

Choosing to make small changes or renovations to a galley kitchen can have a major positive impact. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the 10 quickest galley kitchen ideas that will give you big results.

1. Upgrade to stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances make a wonderful addition to any kitchen – and any design style. However, when it comes to a galley kitchen, adding stainless steel appliances not only look stunning, but they also bring with them an additional benefit: brightness.

Smaller kitchens, including galley kitchens, can seem a bit stuffy. The idea is to brighten up space, making it feel more open and breathable. Black, dark, or dull appliances fail at this trick. Stainless steel, however, can give you just what you need.

Thor Kitchen offers a wide variety of beautiful appliances in stainless steel, including gas ranges and refrigerators.

2. Avoid dark colors

Just as we discussed when it comes to the color of your appliances, dark colors, in general, can make a small space seem smaller. This includes your countertops, your cupboards, and shelving, as well as your floors and walls.

Remember, light and bright is what you are going for to make your galley kitchen seem more open and inviting.

3. Update your lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is one of those things that often gets pushed to the back burner. However, lighting can have a great impact on the feel of your kitchen space. This is especially true for those kitchens that are smaller or narrower in size, such as a galley kitchen.

First and foremost, avoid large and bulky light fixtures as they only work to make your space seem more crowded, despite their light. Instead, for this space, consider recessed lighting. These small lights can give a big impact. But, because they are recessed, they are out of the way and do not affect the flow or design of the kitchen itself.

4. Add a bright backsplash

A neat backsplash can make any boring kitchen appear magical. When it comes to your galley kitchen, your backsplash should be bright, colorful, and bring life to the space. For example, having dark countertops and/or dark cupboards can cramp the space. However, placing a bright backsplash between them can off-set the dreary vibes. Choose various shades or designs of metal or brightly colored pieces of tile or glass.

Another fun option for an effective backsplash would be to add mirrors throughout the galley kitchen. Mirrors can extend any small space, giving the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is.

5. Organize your countertop clutter

Renovating doesn’t necessarily have to mean you incur big construction processes. It could simply require you to create a new structure and organization of space. When it comes to your galley kitchen, keeping your countertop space open can make this space appear less constricting.

It is easy to throw things such as mail, bills, recipe books, kids’ homework, etc. on your kitchen counter. Despite how neat of a stack you keep, it still looks cluttered and in the way. Take time to organize your countertop clutter and find a method of keeping it at bay. This will increase the flow and comfort you find while within your kitchen.

6. Keep your appliances along one wall, if possible

Believe it or not, the placement of your appliances matters. When it comes to your galley kitchen, there are things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to cooking. Sure, your kitchen may only have one chef on most days. However, that may not always be the case. Having more than one person cooking in a galley kitchen can leave you feeling as though you just played a game of human Tetris.

One way to avoid any issues is to place all your appliances on one side of the kitchen. This reduces the need for you to be back-to-back when cooking and maneuvering the space.

7. Let in the natural light

Natural light does wonders for many situations – especially galley kitchens. It’s not often that many of these spaces have an included window. But if there is one located within or near your kitchen (such as at the end of the space) use window treatments that offer you privacy without taking away the natural light.

8. Use large tile or stone flooring, rather than smaller options

Something you may not have considered is the type of flooring you have selected for your galley kitchen. If you’d like to take advantage of a renovation that will open up the walkway of the kitchen and make the entire space seem more flowing, change your floors.

Choosing large tiles or stone flooring, rather than smaller tiles will leave you with a much more open walkway.

9. Take your storage to the ceiling

What do you do if your kitchen is lacking space? You make use of every open spot available. Of course, you don’t want to over­-clutter your kitchen, but taking advantage of space, such as the untouchable area located at the top of your cupboards, can be very beneficial.

Just be sure to keep it neat, clean, and organized or you will find it has a counter-effect.

10. Opt for open shelving

Not everyone is daring enough to give up cabinets and opt for open shelving. After all, it does require you to be a bit more organized. Though, when it comes to a galley kitchen, choosing to forego the cupboards – whether partially or entirely – and adding sturdy, open shelving can give the feeling of more open space.


Renovating your galley kitchen should be fun and exciting. There are so many options and trends that can take your space and transform it into some bright, orderly, and welcoming -just as a kitchen should feel.

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10 Best Kitchen Layouts that will Inspire You

Best Kitchen Layouts

When creating the layout for your kitchen, you must take into consideration that this space is much more than just a place to cook or store your food. It is where your family and friends come together. It is where your kids will do homework and last-minute science fair projects. It is where you and your spouse will have a nightcap long after the kids are in bed. And, it is where you will nourish those you love with food and good talks.

All this means that when you are creating your layout, you must make sure it is the perfect space to house everything you do – or hope to do – in your kitchen. While your kitchen layout will be all your own, we’ve got 10 of the best kitchen layout ideas to get you motivated.

1. The L-shaped Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout is rightly named, as it is shaped like the letter L. It makes the best use of space for those kitchens that are located in a corner. Small and mid-size kitchens work the best with this layout.

In design, either side will have cabinet and countertop space. The curve of the L can also contain the same. Or, it opens up the opportunity for adding an island, a dining space, or another such area within the kitchen. A benefit to the L-shaped kitchen is that its curves and perpendicular walls reduce the amount of traffic, as it is not an easy, slide-through space.

2. The One-wall Kitchen Layout

If you live in a home that has wide open spaces, such as in a loft or studio-type space, then you may benefit from a one-wall kitchen layout. This is an open kitchen, with all the cabinets and countertops along one wall.

For those seeking to more clearly define a space for the open kitchen, often adding an island can do just that.

3. The U-shaped (Horseshoe) Kitchen Layout

Like the L-shaped kitchen layout, the U-shaped looks just as it is described. It may either have three walls that contain countertops and cabinets. Or, it may be in an L-shaped layout with an island in the middle, giving it a horseshoe shape.

This space is roomy, allowing multiple people to be in the kitchen without feeling crowded. Plus, it provides you lots of prepping, cooking, and storage space.

4. The Store-it-up-high Layout.

If you find yourself with minimal space for a kitchen, you may not necessarily have all the cabinet space you need to store your items. Choosing to store your items up high can reduce the need for islands, extra walls, and additional storage. Simply create shelving – and stack it up. You can even hang pots and pans above the head, too.

This allows you to keep a wide-open kitchen and still have a place for everything. 

5. The Galley Kitchen layout.

When you hear the word galley, a ship or an aircraft may come to mind. Perhaps that is because when, for instance, you are on a ship, the kitchen is referred to as the galley. So, when it comes to designing the layout for the kitchen in your home, a galley kitchen is one that is efficient and makes the best use of a small space.

Typically, a galley kitchen has countertop (or wall) on either side and has a straight walk-through. There is no island and no turns. Rather, it is a simple layout that uses every inch of available space.

6. The G-shaped Kitchen Layout.

Moving on with the letter layouts, the G-shaped kitchen contains three walls and the look of a horseshoe. However, the difference comes in with the addition of a partial 4th wall or a peninsula. While this brings the kitchen more space for storage and cooking, it also can make the area feel a bit cramped.

Before considering the G-shaped kitchen, be sure you have enough space to do so.

7. The Island Kitchen Layout

Adding an island to a current kitchen layout can bring many great benefits. You can add appliances to it or simply leave it as an open prep space – or add bar stools and make it a great place to eat. They can be as big or small as needed for the space. However, it is important to note that not every kitchen can benefit from an island. Some kitchens are simply too small for one and adding an island will only make the space feel cramped and unfunctional.

8. The Two-island Kitchen Layout.

If an island is so wonderful, why not add two? If your kitchen is large and has a lot of open space, it may seem too empty. While you don’t want it to look cluttered, adding two parallel islands can create a great use of space.

These islands can contain appliances – or not. However, both can be designed to serve its own functional purpose.

9. The Peninsula Kitchen Layout.

A peninsula kitchen layout is an addition to either an L-shaped or a U-shaped layout. Rather than adding an island to the space, these kitchens add on an extension to a current counter space. It leaves the area with a peninsula that is functional and beneficial to the kitchen, but more open and freely designed.

10. The Right Design just for You

Every kitchen is different. And, for some, none of the typical kitchen layouts may apply to your space. If you find yourself in this situation, then it is time for you to let your creativity flow and begin designing the perfect kitchen space for you.

While you are free to design your kitchen however you see fit, you do want to avoid obstructing the kitchen triangle. Haven’t heard of this yet? The kitchen triangle is a phrased used to refer to the flow of your kitchen between the three main points: the refrigerator, the range, and the sink. Designing your kitchen in any way that places obstacles in the middle of this triangle may eventually get the best of your nerves.

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

Thor Kitchen HRF3601F – A French Door Refrigerator

Not all refrigerators are created equal. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. And, as they have transitioned over the years, various traits and characteristics have stood out in popularity. Currently, one of those traits is a refrigerator with French doors.

If you’re not familiar with this style, you may be wondering … what is a French Door refrigerator?

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

French doors are double doors that, when found in a home, offer a lot of light and open space to the area. They date back to the French Renaissance when symmetry was prominent in architecture, which is likely why they are referred to as “French doors.”

what is a french door refrigerator
Thor Kitchen TKF3601U – 36 Inch Freestanding Refrigerator

Initially, these types of doors were found in prestigious homes, but have become increasingly popular in the most extravagant – and least extravagant – residences everywhere.

Now, the concept of the open space French doors has made its way to your refrigerator.

An Overview of One of the Most Popular Styles

French door refrigerators are the latest trend in refrigerator design. These refrigerators have two refrigerator doors that open outward, with the split in the middle. They can open individually or both together. The idea is that by opening both, you are opening up the entire space – making everything clearly visible.

Thor Kitchen HRF3602BS French door refrigerator in black stainless steel

Most French door refrigerators come with one or two freezer drawers on the bottom. This is handy, as most people access the refrigerator more frequently. And, the larger bottom freezer drawers allow for more organized space.

A Range of Sizes and Colors

When choosing a French door refrigerator for your home, you want to consider the size. Unlike other refrigerator models that have one door swinging in one direction, this refrigerator has two doors that will affect the space on either side of the refrigerator. However, keep in mind that because the refrigerator door is cut in half, the amount of space required on each side will be less than if a full door was opening – technically making it a great candidate for a small space.

In addition, the bottom freezer drawer/s are often as deep as the refrigerator, so pulling them out is going to require space. You will want to make sure you measure correctly before you make a purchase. And, of course, allow for a little wiggle room.

Its All About the Layout

Whether they are truly bigger or not, French door refrigerators give you a great visual when you open the doors. It is all about the layout. There is no need to bend and twist and move stuff around. Instead, you will have everything openly visible and organized.

Most French door refrigerators have movable shelves, too. This allows you to pull them out and get a deeper view when necessary. It is also a great help when it comes to reaching hard-to-reach items.

The chiller drawers, produce drawers, and wide door bins provide lots of space for organizing your refrigerators. They allow you to easily see what you have – and help you to avoid gathering moldy items in unseen places.

Save Energy with Two Doors

French door refrigerators are a bit more costly than regular refrigerators. However, it is important to note that they can save you energy as well. Every single time you open the refrigerator door, you are letting out cool air and forcing the refrigerator to work harder.

But, with a French door refrigerator, you do not have to open both doors. This means you are releasing less cold air and, in turn, causing the refrigerator to not have to work as hard to replace it. This is a win for your wallet that will follow you as long as you have the refrigerator.

A Timeless Style

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or just trying to seek a new refrigerator, French door models are the go-to refrigerator for designers. Simply put, they look good. But, they are also fit in nearly every design style. Sleek and shiny enough for the modern or industrial look, elegant enough for a traditional design style, and bright enough for a fun, contemporary kitchen, and so forth.

They are aesthetically pleasing, but that is not all that makes them desirable. The fact that they are incredibly functional takes the cake. It makes kitchens everywhere want to have a French door refrigerator.

Popular Features

Most French door refrigerators come with options that you may not see on other models. Here are a few examples for you to check out:

  • Many have door alarms which come in handy if you are often guilty of forgetting to shut the door (wasting energy).
  • Another feature is LED lighting that looks great, new, and fresh. Plus, this type of lighting is eco-friendly.
  • An inside camera that connects to your Wi-Fi and helps you remember what you need if you are at the grocery store and can’t remember.
  • Movable trays and bins. You can literally rearrange the layout of your refrigerator very easily whenever you want. Depending on your grocery purchases, you can increase or reduce space between shelves, etc.
  • One or two bottom freezer drawers allows you plenty of space to organize. And, unlike most freezers, these large drawers offer you ample space for large items. In addition, you are often able to change their layout as well, for added convenience.

Features vary from model to model, but, with the technology always increasing, so will the available features.


French door refrigerators are very popular and found in kitchens everywhere. The most popular come in shades of stainless steel and now, growing in popularity is black stainless steel. These functional, nice looking refrigerators can give you everything you are looking for.

  • Space
  • Layout control
  • Energy saving
  • Eye-pleasing design

And so much more.

The French architects knew what they were doing when they created this wide-open, bright, symmetrical door design. In fact, it is so versatile that it works well on doors, windows, and refrigerators.

Welcome to your future refrigerator – organized, easily accessible, and beautiful: the French door refrigerator.

7 Contemporary Kitchen Appliances Every Kitchen Needs

Updating your kitchen appliances may an opportunity to expand your culinary skills, try new dishes, and make cooking fun again. Whether this is out of necessity to accommodate the needs of a growing family or your desire to try something new, we have a few contemporary kitchen appliances for your consideration.

Here are 7 contemporary kitchen appliances that make cooking fun again.

Contemporary Kitchen Appliances

Contemporary Kitchen Appliances

Imagine cooking a delectable meal in your kitchen. Now, imagine you cook that same meal every single day. Eventually, you would get bored with cooking it and you would most certainly tire of eating it. You would likely start to not want to cook and start focusing on something else.

Kitchens are not meant to be boring. Plain and simple. They are meant to be a place where you and your family can gather to socialize and create memories. They are designed as a designated place to create colorful and soulful dishes that delight all five of your senses. Kitchens are meant to be a very rewarding room in your home.

So, why do we so often avoid it? Probably because it is just not exciting anymore. If you feel this way, then your kitchen needs a makeover. You need to find appliances for your kitchen that are going to draw you in and help you deliver the best meal your family has had in a while.

Try these 7 contemporary kitchen appliances that can help make cooking fun again.

1. Refrigerator

There are few things more frustrating than getting up the energy to cook a meal and realize that you don’t have the ingredients you need. However, if you have a refrigerator that allows you to visually see what you have (and space to easily view it) then you can reduce this frustration.

A French Door refrigerator with two-drawer freezer gives you ample space to organize. Thor Kitchen’s HRF3601F model refrigerator offers some great features:

  • High-Efficiency LED lighting
  • Five adjustable tempered glass shelves with four of them being half width.
  • 4 gallon-size storage bins and two humidity-controlled drawers.
  • Automatic ice maker.

The more room you have to organize, the more efficient your time in the kitchen will be.

2. Dual Fuel Range

Learning to juggle in the kitchen can be a tad bit of fun. But being able to increase the size of your meal without interfering with other things you are cooking means that you can have more fun.

Thor Kitchen has a 48-inch dual fuel range that can offer you so much. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Porcelain drip pan
  • Porcelain oven interior
  • Heavy duty continuous cast iron cooking grates
  • Convection oven fan of 30-inches
  • Halogen lights in the oven’s interior
  • Thermostatically controlled electric oven

This range comes with 6 burners on the stovetop and two ovens. One is 4.2 cubic feet, the other 2.5 cubic feet. Because everyone knows that stovetops cook better with gas and ovens cook more evenly with electric heat, this dual fuel range comes with both – so your cooking can be great every time.

3. Microwave

Sometimes cooking and having fun does not mean you have to get serious in the kitchen. You can still have fun without pulling out any pots and pans. All you need is an efficient microwave. One that will get you everything you need – and heat your food right the first time.

Thor Kitchen has a 30-inch over the range microwave that can make your life easy – and make your kitchen look good at the same time. Coming in stainless steel, this microwave comes with a lot of features. Including:

  • A professional door handle that will stand up to your family’s heavy use.
  • Sensor Cooking
  • 7 easy cook menus: pizza, potato, meat, reheat, popcorn, beverage, veggies.
  • 3 easy options to soften popular foods, such as cheese, ice cream, and butter.
  • 3 easy and convenient defrost options: 1lb Auto Defrost, Defrost by Time, Defrost by Weight.
  • Express Cook 1-6 minutes.
  • Eco-Mode to reduce your energy usage.
  • Quick Start button.
  • A handy kitchen timer.

4. Induction Cooktop

If you haven’t tried cooking on an induction cooktop, then you have not had fun in a kitchen before. Induction cooking takes the heat from the cooktop to the pan – without ever heating up the surface of the cooktop.

Sounds impossible, right? It is not. It transfers the heat via magnets and gives you a delicious meal in less time than any other stove or cooktop option. Thor Kitchen has a black, 30-inch induction cooktop that is waiting to transform your kitchen. It has great features, too, such as:

  • 4 Induction Elements
  • Touch Control
  • Independent Boost and Timer that lasts up to ten minutes
  • Independent Count Down Timer
  • 1-99 Minutes Timer
  • 9 Power Levels
  • Automatic Safety Switch Off
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Child Lock

5. Range Hood

Range hoods are necessary for keeping your kitchen clean and free from harmful airborne toxins and heat that come from cooking. How miserable is it cooking in a hot, steamy kitchen? By adding a range hood to your kitchen, you will be able to enjoy your time in there better – and so will your family. It is a definite bonus to creating an inviting kitchen.

6. Dishwasher

While a dishwasher doesn’t help in the cooking aspect, it can be hard finding joy in cooking if you know that you have to handwash every single dish you dirty. Who wants to do that? By adding an efficient dishwasher to your kitchen appliances, you will find that you can enjoy cooking more when you don’t have to do the cleanup.

Besides, your bank account will appreciate the savings when it comes time to pay your next water bill. A dishwasher is a win-win all the way around.

7. Wine Cooler

Sure, it is not an actual appliance that you would use to cook. But, hey, who doesn’t love a little glass of wine to get the creative culinary juices flowing?

Well, there you have it – the 7 contemporary kitchen appliances that are going to add excitement to your home. What are you waiting for? Let your kitchen be your escape – and re-discover the joy in cooking for your loved ones again.

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6 Tasty Holiday Potluck Ideas Your Co-Workers Will Love

Holiday Potluck Ideas

Work parties are the best when they are laid back, potluck moments of socializing. However, when this happens, you get a mixture of items. Think about it. There are 3 categories of potluck folks. First, there are the people who try really hard to make something special, but it always comes out a tad below mediocre. Second, those individuals who could win the title of overachievers, always trying to outdo everyone else (think upright, standing veggie Christmas tree). And, lastly, don’t forget the people who always show up with the food purchased from the local grocery store on the way to the office this morning.

Which category do you fall into? Why not stand out and make some out of the ordinary that will wow your co-workers?

If you are wanting to put yourself in a category all your own by making something for everyone to enjoy that tastes good and isn’t too over the top, then check out these tasty holiday potluck ideas that everyone will love.

Mexican fiesta

Just about everyone loves Mexican food. And, if some of your colleagues don’t, there is still a good chance that many do. Why not bring in a little Mexican fiesta to challenge your holiday potluck? Try one of these ideas:

Seven-Layer Dip is a wonderful mixture of all things taco. For instance, it has a layer of taco-flavored refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, olives, onions, lettuce, and tomato. Of course, you can always remove or add a layer to match your preferences. Serve with crispy tortilla chips.

Having Walking Tacos is always fun, too. Bring in snack size bags of Doritos or Fritos chips, a crock pot of taco meat, and all the taco fixings, such as sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, etc. Gently crush the tacos in the bag and scoop in all your toppings. Eat it out of the bag with a fork.

Little meat bites

Sometimes you just want to bring in something bite size for your co-workers to enjoy. This could be anything small and scrumptious. Today, however, we will focus on little meat bites, such as bacon-wrapped little smokies or meatballs. Both classic potluck dishes – and always loved by those in attendance.

Bacon wrapped little smokies. This recipe will require the use of an oven. Simply buy the little smokies and a package of bacon. Cut the bacon 3 parts, gently twirling each piece around the little smokie and placing a toothpick through it to hold it in place. Sprinkle a little brown sugar on top.

Bake in the oven on 350-degrees for 40 to 45 minutes.

Meatballs.  For this tasty recipe, you will mix together beef, egg, water, bread crumbs, and minced onion. Then, add a sauce that is made up of cranberry sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar, and lemon juice.

Bake on 350 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes. Then mix all the ingredients together in a slow cooker for at least an hour. This allows all the flavors to mingle together.

Macaroni and cheese bar

Do you want to be the talk to of the office by making some delicious and unique? If so, then why not consider creating a potluck-sized mac ‘n cheese bar? This is sure to be a hit with your co-workers. Create a big batch of macaroni and cheese. You can choose to cook up several boxes of the Kraft stuff or cook up some homemade scratch recipe.

Then, you will provide small dishes of mix-ins, such as bacon bits, broccoli, chicken chunks, salsa and jalapenos, and so forth.

It’s a delicious, feel-good, home-cooked dish that is sure to please.

Chocolate covered pretzels

If you are known for your sweet tooth or have been told to bring in a dessert dish, we’ve got something simple for you.

Now, you know how sweet and salty tastes so deliciously wonderful together, don’t you? For this recipe, you will use the large pretzel rods and various types of chocolate – milk, dark, and white.

Melt the chocolates either in the microwave or on the stove. Then, dip two-thirds of the pretzel into your choice of chocolate. Then, use decorative holiday sprinkles or a different (color) chocolate for a drizzle effect. Place the pretzels on wax paper and place in the refrigerator to harden.

You will have a tasty, decorative potluck treat in a matter of minutes.

Cranberry Walnut Cheese Log

Last, but not least, consider this cranberry walnut cheese log because, well, everyone loves a cheese log! Serve it alongside some tasty crackers or veggies – and your co-workers will eat it up – guaranteed. Plus, it looks festive, too.

You combine cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, cranberries, walnuts, green onions (chopped), salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Once thoroughly mixed, form it into a log and refrigerate.

Spread out cranberries, walnuts, and chopped green onions on a plate. Place it directly on top of the toppings and roll it. Although most should go ahead and stick to the log immediately, you can use your hand to press the remainder into place.

And, it is done! Simple and delicious.

Candy Cane Christmas Dip

Another festive dish sure to please is Candy Cane Christmas dip. This simple recipe can be made in no time at all – and its easy to transport to and from the office.

Break your candy canes into small pieces, then crush them with a rolling pin. Add them to a mixture of cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, peppermint extract, and food coloring (optional). Refrigerate until ready to eat.

Serve this dip with vanilla wafers, apples, pretzels, or even chocolate graham crackers.

Ready to get cooking?

Holiday office potlucks don’t have to be boring or repetitive. Change things up this season with one of these recipes that is sure to please your co-workers. They are tasty, festive, and full of flavor. All you have to decide is which one you are going to make. So, what will it be? Candy Cane Christmas dip? A colorful cheese log? A magnificent mac ‘n cheese bar? Or, some bacon wrapped little smokies?


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How to Organize Your Kitchen Like A Pro

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. And, with cabinets, pantries, and drawers that work to keep your stuff hidden and out of sight, you need to have things organized so that you can easily find them when needed. Think about it – when you have your family’s dinner in the oven and it is starting to burn, you need to get it out as soon as possible. Running to the other side of the kitchen to try to find potholders seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

An organized kitchen allows you to move through freely and easily, accessing everything you need without wasted time, space, or energy.

If you are ready to get your kitchen orderly, check out these tips.

Pantry Organization

It seems like a waste of time – and space – to store things you are not going to use. Take some time to empty out your pantry. Then, diligently go through items, one by one, to determine whether or not you will use it, or should you discard it. This is a great time to check “use by” dates, too.

The items you want to get rid of, put aside and donate them to a local food bank or soup kitchen. Everything else you want to keep, organize it by like items. For instance, put all the soups together, the beans together, the dinner sides together, the veggies together, the cereals together, etc.

By the time you are done, you should be able to open your pantry and know exactly where to go for what you need. No digging or shuffling should be required.

Refrigerator Organization

Refrigerators get used so much, but they so often get overlooked. It is easy to leave old takeout containers and leftover food in the refrigerator because it constantly gets pushed further and further back. Before you know it, you wonder why you cannot fit your new groceries in your refrigerator because you have so many old, unnecessary items in it.

Pick a day once a week to clean out your refrigerator. Perhaps the day before (or day of) your trash pickup would be your best bet. Pull out all takeout and leftover containers and discard the old ones. Check dates of perishable items, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Discard any that are overdue.

Wipe up any messes with a soft wet rag and soap.

Drawer Organization

Drawers are one of the very first things to seem to get out of hand in a kitchen. Thankfully, they don’t have to be. With a little organization, it is much easier to find things – and make sure it finds its way back to the drawer.

Buy yourself some drawer dividers. Instead of finding all of your silverware, mixing spoons, and the like thrown about, the dividers will work to keep everything a bit more organized. In addition, consider keeping like-items together. Here is what we mean: baking supplies and utensils should be kept together, while knives and sharp utensils should also be housed together. Everyday silverware should be kept in a drawer all its own and be separated using an organizer.

Organizing your cabinets

When it comes to organizing your cabinets, you will want to sort everything by the ease of use. In other words, the things that you use every single day should be put at a lower level. The dishes you tend to use only a couple times each year can go up on the higher, unreachable shelves. This keeps you from having to pull out a stool each time you make dinner.

Your cabinets should be grouped with similar objects. For example, all of your plates should be in one set of cabinets. Starting with your everyday plates on the bottom shelf. And, all of your glasses, mugs, and cups should have their own cabinet. Again, placing the ones you use most frequently on the bottom shelf.

Lower cabinets are often good for housing things such as the colander, mixing bowls, pots, pans, casserole dishes, etc. If you keep your pots and pans in a cabinet, be sure to make them easily accessible. Avoid having to dig for these items, especially if you frequently cook. Keep your lids together, your pots together, your pans together, and so forth.

Bonus organization tips and hacks

A few kitchen hacks can have you more organized than you have ever been. Remember, the idea is to keep your flow while cooking in the kitchen. This means everything needs to have a place – and it needs to remain there unless in use.

  • Use a Lazy Susan. This turning platform allows you to stack up things, such as spices, and not have to worry about emptying the cabinet to find them. Instead, spin your Lazy Susan and easily see what is at every turn.
  • Hanging things can make them easy to find – and keep them very, very accessible. Consider hanging mugs, pots and pans, or even utensils.
  • Make sure of wicker baskets around your kitchen. They can organize things, such as papers or kitchen towels, and keep the area around them looking great.
  • Make use of storage bins for other areas of the house – in the kitchen. For example, use an over-the-door shoe rack or a shower caddy in your pantry to hold extra items.
  • Use hooks around your kitchen to hang items, such as pots and pans, utensils and such. Command hooks work wonderfully without damaging your cabinetry.
  • Label everything. If you remove spices or baking items, such as flour or sugar from their initial packaging be sure to label everything. Not only does this mean it will end up in the space, but it also means that it will be easier to find.

Final thoughts 

Cooking wonderful meals in your kitchen and spending time with loved ones can be so much more enjoyable if your kitchen is clean and organized. You don’t have to spend a lot of time keeping it this way either. A few minutes every day or so can leave you with a beautifully organized space that you will be proud to call your kitchen.

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How to Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

calculator and home budget

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. So, it is only normal that you’d have great fantasies about what you’d love your kitchen to look like and how you’d re-design it yourself if you could.

Well, believe it or not, you can. There are ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget that may make your jaw drop. In fact, some of these upgrades are so simple and cheap that you may feel like you just did something sneaky.

Gather up your sketchbook and your imagination and let’s uncover the ultimate guide to kitchen upgrades on a budget.

Cabinet Upgrades

Your cabinets are one of the first things people notice when entering your kitchen.  These tend to take up a considerable amount of space, high and low.

For this reason, the cabinets are usually one of the first things people consider when upgrading their kitchen.

To save money, there are many things you can do that can look like a complete kitchen cabinet overhaul.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Remove the doors. Yes, you read that correctly – remove the doors. A modern take on the kitchen involves open cabinetry. After the doors are removed, remove any extra hardware. Then, consider painting the cabinets. And, of course, you will want to organize your cabinets a bit.
  • If you want to keep your doors, why not change the hardware? This is a simple step that can, surprisingly, make a big change. Add new knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers throughout the kitchen.
  • Paint the cabinets. This is a common method of upgrading a kitchen without spending a great amount of money on new cabinets. Paint them a soft color or a bright, bold color. The choice is entirely yours. A current trend is to paint the upper and lower cabinets in two different colors or a light and dark version of one color.

Don’t overlook these simple things you can do to transform your cabinets.

Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances may not take up as much space as your cabinets, but they tend to get the most attention.

They’re a focal point in the kitchen, which can be a problem over time if your appliances don’t age well. This is why most homeowners set aside a larger portion of their budget when updating the kitchen.

This may surprise you …

You can update every major appliance in your kitchen for the same price some brands charge for a single range.

Thor Kitchen offers a wide selection of professional kitchen appliances without the expensive price tag.

Today, the kitchen of your dreams is more affordable than ever before.

Add A Backsplash

Backsplashes can bring a depth of color to your kitchen space. They can be placed along one wall, behind specific areas such as the sink or stovetop, or throughout the entire kitchen. The choice is open to your discretion, based on how you’d like to update your space.

When you think of backsplashes, you may think of the hard-tiled spaces of the past. Now, there are so many options and ways to create a backsplash that can take just a few minutes of your time.

  • Use the peel and stick sheets that you will find in home improvement stores. These come in a wide variety of colors and designs. The best part is that they look like real tile.
  • Another idea is to use vinyl or laminate flooring in exciting designs.
  • Consider using metal roof tiles to create a neat look.
  • Use your imagination and provide your kitchen with color and design that will make it pop.

The Kitchen Sink

Whether you’d like it to be or not, your kitchen sink is another focal point in your kitchen. By choosing to pay some attention to it while upgrading, you can make a big impact. In fact, it is a small way to do so.

First of all, replacing a sink is hard work. And, costly. This is especially true if you aren’t a plumber or if you don’t know what you are doing. You are better off attempting to makeover your sink by keeping your same sink.

Did you know that you can paint metal? Have you ever considered painting your sink? This is a great way to make a bold statement. Paint your sink using spray paint that is meant for metal. Use a light color for a bright look. Or, if you’d prefer not to get messy with paint, you can always just change up your faucet. Buy something that fits you – something classy, elegant, bold, or funky. You may be surprised at how much this little change can affect the space.


What kind of lighting do you have in your kitchen? For some, the lighting is outdated and may even be turning yellow or full dead bugs. Ew, gross. Update your lighting and brighten your kitchen.

Lighting is something that you can change that won’t break the bank. Check out the lighting aisle in your local home improvement store for some ideas. You can go for one large chandelier-type overhead lighting or smaller, recessed lighting – whatever works for your style.

Add An Island

Last, but not least, if your kitchen has space, adding an island can it look like an entirely different kitchen. Thankfully, to do this, you don’t need to have a permanent island fixture built into your kitchen. Instead, find yourself an island size table – preferably with drawers or underneath storage – and put it in the center of your kitchen.

Make it your island.

Try these tips to transform your kitchen into the one you’ve always dreamed of having. Save time and money by focusing on the focal points, such as the appliances, the cabinets, the backsplash, and the lighting.

Everything else will just fall into place.

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The Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Appliances

major kitchen appliance suite

Buying kitchen appliances can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. There are several things to consider before making your purchase, including functionality, style, and budget.

In this article, we will explore these considerations and guide you through the process so you can make a more informed purchase when the time comes.

Do Your Research

Buying kitchen appliances is a lot different than buying a pack of gum in the checkout lane at the grocery store. Never, ever impulse buy an appliance no matter how good you think the deal is.

Research is important when it comes to this purchase. There are so many variations of appliances in the market. Some are nearly identical with radical price differences, while some are similar in both specs and price. Others may lead you to believe you need add-ons that you will never use, causing you to overspend greatly.

Before you begin shopping, you need to know what you are looking for. Take your time to research and read reviews and specs of key appliances. Know the size, style, and design it should be. Know the details and the specs. And, of course, know the price range. Shop around, find the best deal, then make your purchase.

Go for Beauty and Brawn

You have likely been told time and time again in life not to judge a book by its cover. See, books may have a beautiful, intriguing cover and offer you nothing inside. Or, it could have a blank cover and an exciting and undiscovered world inside.
The same applies to your kitchen appliances.

Don’t fall for the pretty appliances or the ones that look nice. Because, although it may look nice, you may find that the appliance you just bought didn’t have any of the perks you were hoping for. So, “it looked good,” would not be a wise response to an appliance purchase.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Once you know where you are putting your kitchen appliances, measure them out well. Don’t just take a round of quick measurements and assume that you are off to purchase something new. Instead, take the time to do it right so that you don’t encounter any issues in the future. Consider the following:

The height of the appliance and the height of the cabinets. This is important when purchasing things such as a range or a dishwasher.

The way in which doors open on your refrigerator. Be sure that they open in the direction you need and that the refrigerator is located in the best possible space that won’t tie up traffic as you are in it.

If you are buying a kitchen appliance that is to be counter-depth, make sure that it truly is and that it doesn’t have a handle sticking out or something of the sort.

Remember, while it is about your appliance, it is also about where the appliance is going to be. So, be sure to take the surrounding environment into consideration – and include measuring your doorways and hallways, as you will have to get the appliance from point A to point B without damaging your home.

Keep It Uniform

If you want your kitchen to look uniform and well put-together, then you are going to want to keep your appliances the same. For example, having some porcelain appliances and the rest stainless-steel can cause it to look off balance. Even stainless steel can vary from one brand to the next, causing a mismatch in colors. In addition, some appliances may have knobs while others have buttons, etc. Any difference in design can throw off the entire look of the kitchen.

The best way to keep your kitchen appliance uniform in design and color is to purchase an appliance suite. If you need multiple appliances or your appliances are dated and in need of repair, you may want to consider making a one-time larger purchase one of these combo packages. A kitchen appliance suite is a package of multiple appliances that come together, giving you a set of new appliances of the same color, make, and design. This is, by far, the best way to ensure uniformity within your kitchen – and to save money on multiple appliances.

The Budget

Your budget is important when it comes to purchasing kitchen appliances.

There are plenty of kitchen appliances in the market to ensure that you are able to get one that fits your needs and your budget – without breaking the bank.

Before pursuing your future appliance, take time to determine your budget so you know exactly what you have to work with and stick to it. If you are need of more than one appliance, determine the price you are able to spend on each – and know your wiggle room. If you are looking for, say, a top-of-the-line refrigerator, then know you may have to take a more budget-friendly dishwasher.

Just as a kitchen appliance suite comes in handy for uniformity, it also works well for budgeting. For those who are purchasing a bundle of appliances, suites can give a better deal on each when purchased collectively.


Buying kitchen appliances is something that will arise at one point or another when owning a home. When it does, you will be prepared. Just remember to set your budget, do your research, keep it uniform, and never – never – impulse buy.

Going home with a great deal on an appliance that doesn’t match and won’t fit is just a waste of money. And, it’s a total sale-elation deflator. Just don’t do it.

Be smart when purchasing appliances – know what you need and what you want – and you will be happy with the end result.

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6 Smart Kitchen Appliances for Modern Homeowners

smart crockpot

Technology is booming in our world today. Just as one new product is released, it seems as though someone else has created a product that can do just a tad bit more. This is true for so many things, such as home automation devices, virtual assistants, and even tools to increase efficiency in just about everything. If you think about it, our homes are getting smarter than we are!

When it comes to your kitchen, there is no deficiency in the number of technological upgrades that have been developed. If you are looking to keep your home up-to-date and modern, then you are going to make sure your kitchen has all the best and latest on the market.

Here are 6 smart kitchen appliances for modern homeowners.

1. The Smart Crockpot that Connects

A crock pot is a small cooking appliance used to simmer food at a low temperature over several hours, allowing you to go about your day.

Today, the modern crock pot offers wireless connectivity and app integration. These features allow you to check in on your meal, change the temperature settings, and even turn off the crockpot when your meal is ready.

2. Smart Speakers

As you may have noticed recently, the tech giants are racing to dominate the smart speaker market.

Equipped with a microphone and a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence, a smart speaker allows you to play music, make phone calls, and search the web with nothing but your voice.

This is particularly helpful in the kitchen when your hands are full. Instead of dropping what you’re doing, washing your hands, and picking up your mobile device, you can simply talk to the smart speaker.

3. A Smart Garbage Can

The garbage can plays a pretty basic role in the kitchen, but some people are convinced it can do more.

In an effort to help you remember what you need from the store, a smart garbage can utilizes a scanner to take note of what you throw away. Simply scan the item before tossing and the garbage can will add the item to your shopping list in a dedicated app.

4. Smart Water Filters

If you’re mindful about your drinking water, you probably use a water filter of some type. But there’s one common problem associated with water filters, whether you’re using a pitcher or a filter that attaches to your sink faucet – it’s easy to forget to change the filter regularly.

Smart water filters solve this problem by notifying you when the filter needs changing, so you can rest assured you’re always drinking clean water.

5. A Sous-Vide Machine

Sous-vide may sound exclusive to fancy restaurants, but more and more people are doing it at home to achieve perfectly-cooked proteins. The process involves sealing food in a vacuum sealed bag and then cooking that food in a temperature-controlled water.

A smart sous-vide machine streamlines this process and even integrates with a mobile device and offers virtual assistance to guide you through the process.

6. Smart Scales

There are a variety of smart scales available today, which strive to make the process of measuring ingredients more accurate.

These types of scales elevate the measuring process to an entirely new level, as many of these connect to an app capable of precise measurements and on-the-fly adjustment to accommodate your desired quantity. This makes it remarkably easy to double up on your ingredients (accurately) when working with a recipe that doesn’t provide exact instruction for larger quantities.

As one of the most essential tools for baking, a smart scale will benefit bakers of all skill levels.


There is a wide range of smart kitchen appliances available today, each of which offers a unique function designed to modernize your kitchen.

So, what will it be?

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10 Modern Kitchen Appliances for the Modern Home

Each and every homeowner has his or her own ideas when it comes to designing and decorating. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen. Some prefer wide open spaces and doorless cabinets. Others, however, prefer dark wood, enclosed kitchen spaces that are less inviting for social occasions, and more purpose-driven for cooking and other culinary needs.

Then there are those who prefer a modern kitchen design. Here you will often find splashes of color, sleek looks, functional use of space, natural textures, and so much more. They are fun and spunky, yet lustrous and welcoming. And, of course, they are often found to be bright and airy spaces.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchens are often centerpieces to a home – and where you will find friends gathering, kids doing homework or a craft, and delicious meals being prepared. But, in addition to the wonderful items that make up a modern kitchen, you must obviously have appliances that will stand out.

We’ve put together a list of 10 modern kitchen appliances for the modern home that you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Wine Cooler

This modern kitchen appliance offers wine enthusiasts a controlled environment dedicated to storing wine properly.

As it turns out, it may not be ideal to store white wine in the refrigerator and red wine at room temperature. The average refrigerator temperature is too cold, which causes the wine to taste dull. Likewise, the average room temperature is too warm, which causes the wine to taste overwhelmingly alcoholic.

There is a wide range of wine coolers available, offering unique features, functionality, and storage space.

2. Food Processor

Surely you have heard of a food processor, but perhaps you don’t know exactly what it is. Food processors have been around for years – and they keep getting better.

Now, electric, this modern food processor can turn something hard, such as a cashew, into something creamy and delectable, such as cashew butter. This is a must-have for every modern kitchen.

3. Knife Sharpener

Knives are not meant to be thrown away as they become dull – especially expensive knives.

Instead, when they begin becoming less effective in the kitchen, you will want to get yourself a modern knife sharpener. This is a simple device that can easily – and safely – sharpen the blades time and time again.

4. Drop Scale

Do you have a drawer full of measuring devices for your kitchen?

If your kitchen is like most, this drawer is hard to open and is missing a few measuring cups. It is time to ditch the various measuring tools you use in the kitchen and get yourself a drop scale.

A drop scale helps you measure just the right amount of ingredients. Modern drop scales feature mobile app integration, giving you access to a library of recipes.

5. Wireless Speakers

Music makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Music while cooking a delicious meal is wonderful. However, placing a cell phone docking station, computer, or small radio on your cabinet can be an eyesore and take away from the modern look.

Instead, purchase a Bluetooth speaker that will install underneath your cabinet and connect to your devices. It can play the music you choose to listen to while neatly and conveniently stored underneath your cupboard.

6. Knives that Last

How often have you spent money on a set of knives and quickly learned that you wasted your money? In order to be a successful cook, you need good knives. Modern sets of knives today are being designed from high carbon steel, which is a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel.

These types of knives are non-negotiable. They stay sharp and strong and never rust. They make cooking much easier.

7. Air Fryer

Imagine being able to eat fried foods without all the bad reasons why you should avoid it. It is possible.

Don’t believe us?

An air fryer is what you need. This device allows you to cook with as little oil as possible.

The air fryer can cook your foods, such as chicken, giving it the taste of fried chicken without all the bad stuff. It works by spreading hot air around and around in a convection oven-type method. This fan moves the hot air around it so rapidly that it forms a crispy layer, which is what leaves it with a fried texture.

This modern appliance is a must-have for some healthy eating in your kitchen.

8. Food Mill

Do you love tomatoes but hate the juicy seeds inside? Do you often find yourself making your own soups or purees?

If so, a food mill is something you need. This device is a hand-cranked item that allows you to remove those pesky seeds (from tomatoes and other produce, including those with pits) and easily puree your sauces.

9. Smart Smoke Detector

How many times have you set off the smoke detector while cooking?

It is a common occurrence – more for some than others. A smart smoke detector is a device that can tell the difference between steam, smoke, and fire. Too often, the sound of a smoke detector in the kitchen goes off due to steam. Reduce this annoying situation with his modern house must-have.

10. Ice Maker

This modern kitchen appliance is great for households and businesses that go through a lot of ice.

Ice makers are capable of producing and storing a large amount of ice than your standard refrigerator, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again. In addition to the functionality, some ice makers feature the popular stainless steel finish, so it will blend in nicely with any modern kitchen design.

Related: 50 lb Ice Maker (HIM1555BLK) by Thor Kitchen


Well, there you have it. Ten modern kitchen appliances that you must add to your modern kitchen. Decorate your space with these fresh, functional appliances and find that you can easily begin to transform the space.

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