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7 Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes to Make on a Range Stove

7 easy paleo dinner recipes to make on a range stove

Although it peaked in popularity about a decade ago, the idea behind the paleo diet (formerly known as the paleolithic diet) came about in the 1970s. Whether you are looking to get started on this diet or you are trying to find new ideas to keep your diet fresh and exciting, we’ve got a few ideas for you with 7 easy paleo dinner recipes to make on a range stove. But first, here’s a snippet of what paleo is about.

What is a Paleo Diet?

paleo diet focuses on foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fish, oils, and eggs. And it avoids foods like dairy, beans, bread and other grains, and refined sugar.

It is dubbed a stone-age diet or caveman diet because it has a strong focus on the foods that hunters and gatherers would eat all those years ago before farming and processed foods were ever a thing.

Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes to Explore

Now that you have a little taste of what paleo is, it’s time to check out some easy paleo dinner recipes to try in the comfort of your home from THOR Kitchen.

1. Creamy Potato Chowder with Shrimp and Bacon

There are some days when you are just looking for the taste of comfort food. And as we head into the fall season, a warm creamy soup may be just what you are looking for. This creamy potato chowder with shrimp and bacon soup is as delicious as it is soothing. Stuffed with bacon, shrimp, onion, celery, carrots, corn, dairy-free cashew cream, along with various herbs and seasonings – what more can you ask for?

2. 20-Minute Paleo Egg Roll Bowls

Imagine eggs without, well, the roll. That’s what you have here. These incredibly delicious paleo egg roll bowls take all the goodness from the inside of an egg roll and toss it in a bowl. This includes carrots, red cabbage, green cabbage, scallions, and ground pork – with sesame oil and soy sauce for flavor. The flavor is so on-point that you won’t even miss the fact that it isn’t a wrapped, fried, greasy mess. Perhaps the best part of the recipe is that it is so quick and easy – the perfect dinner recipe after a busy day at the office.

Oh, and don’t forget to top your bowl off with some sriracha!

3. Thai Basil Beef (Pad Gra Prow)

The aromas that are going to be coming from your kitchen as you make this quick 30-minute meal will have mouths watering throughout the house. Using flank steak in a skillet on your stove along with oil, onion, garlic, bell pepper, Thai chilis, coconut aminos, fish sauce, and more, your meat will become flavorful, tender, and almost glazed with goodness.

Thai basil beef is even more perfect when served alongside riced cauliflower and some steamed broccoli, making it a well-balanced paleo meal.

4. Cauliflower Alfredo Zoodles

Who doesn’t love a one-pot meal? This cauliflower alfredo zoodles recipe is easy, packed with all kinds of veggie goodness, and it can’t help but give you all those good, warm feels inside. Even the creamy sauce is made of vegetables.

The secret to this recipe is in the sauce. It is a roasted garlic alfredo sauce made with cauliflower and roasted garlic (obviously) in addition to nutritional yeast, lime juice, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. Very simple to create, but it surely doesn’t taste like it.

You can pour this alfredo sauce over spiralized zucchini (zoodles), asparagus, broccoli florets, brussel sprouts, red pepper, shredded carrots, and cherry tomatoes. While the dish itself is filling enough with all the vegetables, you can always add in a protein source, too, if you’d prefer.

5. Salmon Salad Power Bowls

Some days just call for a cool, refreshing salad. This salmon salad power bowl is a light dinner, yet it is packed with everything your body needs to feel good – including omegas, fiber, potassium, vitamin c, calcium, vitamin K, iron, and more. In other words, it is definitely something you can feel good about.

So, what makes this salad so delicious? It has to be a mixture of greens, sauteed summer squash and zucchini, raspberries, and grilled wild Alaskan salmon. And the touch of balsamic glaze doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure. Throw in some healthy oils and other seasonings, and your mouth is sure to be a rainbow of flavors.

6. Harissa Portobello Mushroom Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? Gone are the days of basic tacos. Today, you can change up the flavors to create an unforgettable dish. After all, tacos made of mushrooms? Yes. Taco shells made of collard green leaves? Yes, again.

These harissa portobello mushroom paleo tacos will quench your craving for tacos – and will make you never want an everyday, ordinary taco anymore.

For the “meat,” you are going to season up portobello mushrooms with a mixture of spicy harissa (or mild if you just can’t handle the heat), olive oil, ground cumin, and onion powder. Let them marinate for a bit, and then pop them into a hot skillet of oil.

Add the mushrooms to the collard green leaves and top with guacamole, chopped tomatoes, chopped cilantro, and cashew cream.

7. Green Bowl with Chicken, Citrus, and Herbs

Greens. You have likely heard that to stay healthy, you have to eat your greens, right? Well, here’s a green bowl with chicken, citrus, and herbs that is sure to do the body good while also tasting delish! This quick meal with a Mediterranean feel is packed with protein and will leave you wanting it day after day. Plus, it is a great way to use up leftover chicken.

Saute olive oil, shallots, and sea salt until translucent. Then add in the broccoli slaw and asparagus until it is – you guessed it – bright green. Throw in the spinach, orange zest, za’atar, and cook. Add in the pre-cooked chicken until it is warmed all the way through.

Toss all of this into a bowl and top with the avocado, fresh herbs, and green goddess dressing.

Your Paleo Adventure Awaits!

You have a beautiful stainless steel range in your kitchen, so you may as well make good use of it. The stove on top can work with you to create some unforgettable, easy paleo dinner recipes you and your family will love. Enjoy!

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The Stylish Benefits of Gas Range Tops

pancakes on a griddle

If your kitchen feels like it is missing something and you find yourself looking for an appliance that stands out – and benefits you – in ways that you may not have otherwise considered, you may need a rangetop. But, wait – you have a kitchen full of appliances that all seem to serve their purpose – so why would you need this extra appliance? 

For some style, durability, and functionality, of course! 

Whether in addition to your range, such as added to a kitchen island, or in place of your range, you will find the benefits of a gas rangetop extend far beyond the style. 

The Difference Between Gas Rangetops and Cooktops

Many people use the terms rangetop and cooktop interchangeably. But should they be? Believe it or not, there is a difference. And if you are looking forward to taking advantage of the stylish benefits of gas rangetops, you should want to know the difference. 

Rangetops are typically gas, whether propane or natural gas, though you may occasionally find one that is electric. They are also often built into the countertop with knobs on the front. It is not uncommon for them to give the appearance of a range without having the oven. Cooktops, on the other hand, are sort of dropped in rather than built-in. They are either gas or electric and their knobs are on top of the counter. They tend to take up less space than rangetops but don’t appear as durable, even though they are. 

If you are wondering which one gives off the stylish, classy benefits then a rangetop is definitely what you are looking for. 

Rangetops Are Built Into the Countertop

There is just something more stylish and elegant about something that is built into the countertop rather than just on top or dropped in. It looks like you went above and beyond to customize your cabinets to accommodate one stellar appliance. And that, my friend, is one reason why rangetops are hot. Pun intended. 

Rangetops Are Easy-to-Use

Rangetops are over the top in the way they are incorporated in the kitchen and by their durable design. But they are also made in a way that is easy to use. They tend to have quite a few burners – and they have knobs on the front, rather than the top. This makes them as functional as they are stylish. After all, have you ever tried cooking a 3-course meal on the stovetop and had to reach across the counter to adjust the temperature? That’s an accident waiting to happen!

Keep things looking great – and cooking great – with a rangetop. 

Rangetops Provide Extensive Cooking Space

Speaking of cooking on a rangetop, wouldn’t it look silly to have a rangetop installed into your cabinetry for only a couple of burners? Oh, yes, it would. That is why you will find most of these appliances come with a lot of cooking space. In the world of being a stylish chef, it shouts, “I am a master chef and will work with no less than 4 burners at a time. Anything less is just wasteful and dreadful.” Ok, well maybe not – but it does show that you are serious about cooking and that you won’t settle for anything less than the best.  

Rangetops Have Professional Features

Rangetops are often very durable and sturdy. They are designed to handle the heavy use that would come with surviving a professional kitchen. This means they can handle cooking a few things at once – and with ease. 

Things like drip pans for easy cleanup mean that your rangetop will always look good no matter how much heat you throw at it. Plus, with burners that can handle heating at high temps of 18,000 BTU or at a low, steady heat of 650 BTU, you can always ensure that no matter what you cook, you are going to end up with a delightful final product. Some rangetops may even come with a griddle for an extra, alternative cooking surface. Can you imagine what you can cook with a griddle? There are so many recipes.

Built with heavy cooking in mind – just as in a professional arena – you can rest easy that no matter what goes down in your kitchen, your rangetop would be up for the task. And it will still look great, too. 

Rangetops Have Stylish Features

If you want stylish benefits, then you need stylish features. This won’t come with just any appliance. You need something that is going to go above and beyond in order to be eye-catching. Rangetop models from THOR Kitchen come with brilliant blue LED lighting that looks fantastic. They also come with die-cast metal burner controls that look professional and durable, as well as beautiful. 

These rangetops also have continuous cast-iron grates that add to the appliance’s durability. But the great thing about them is that they can handle heavy use very well – but it doesn’t ever take a toll on their appearance. They will continue to look sleek and stylish (and as if they didn’t just cook that feast for your family).

Bringing it Together

When you have a rangetop that is built into your kitchen, has blue LED lights, sturdy design, and cast iron grates, you’ve got yourself a great, stylish appliance. But, when you add that the rangetop is designed with timeless stainless steel that shines and looks stunning combined with a porcelain drip pan that looks professional, then you’ve got the stylish rangetop in your kitchen. 

THOR Kitchen has a couple of professional style rangetops that can take your kitchen to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you want to keep up with the Jones’s or show them how it is done – a rangetop can transform your kitchen in both style and functionality. You are sure to not be disappointed. 

Rangetop vs. Cooktop: Similarities and Differences

Rangetop vs. Cooktop

When it comes to cooking in your kitchen, you may not think you have as many options as you do. I mean a stove or a range top or a cooktop are all typical things that you find in your kitchen. They are all very similar, interchangeable appliances, aren’t they? Or are they? 

Believe it or not, while you can get your cooking done on either one, they are actually different appliances that have a few similarities,  but also many differences, too. Whether you are looking to get your terminology right, understand what you have, or are looking to find the most fitting appliance for your needs, let’s take a moment to show some appreciation for the range top and the cooktop. 

Rangetop vs. Cooktop: The Similarities

First up, we have similarities. Because, well, it is always good to find out how we are alike rather than just focusing on our differences, right? So before we go pointing fingers, here are a few ways in which range tops and cooktops are quite similar. 

No ovens. A range is a unit that has both a stovetop and an oven all in one. But a range top and a cooktop do not have an oven attached at all. As their name suggests, it is just the top part of a range. 

Counter installation. Both range tops and cooktops are installed above drawers or storage cabinets. They are installed directly into the counter. 

Both run on gas. While it is possible to find an electric range top or cooktop, it is not all that common. Most often they come designed to work with natural gas, but also have a liquid propane conversion capability, too. 

See, these cooktops and range tops are looking quite similar, aren’t they?  

Rangetop vs. Cooktop: The Differences

Don’t be fooled by their similarities. Just because the range top and cooktop have some similarities doesn’t mean that there are not any differences, too. In fact, there are many differences — and some of them are quite big. Let’s take a look. 

The controls. The controls are placed in different areas, depending on whether you have a range top or a cooktop. For instance, on a cooktop, the controls are on the top surface, but a range top has controls on the front of the unit. 

Installation differences. Range tops will require a piece of the countertop to be removed before it is installed. Range tops slide into the space on the countertop. A cooktop also requires a piece of the countertop to be removed before the unit can be dropped in. 

A bonus griddle. Cooktops will always be cooktops no matter what their size. And 36 inch and 48 inch model cooktops will still be just cooktops. However, while it may not always be the case, most range tops over 36 inches will often have a griddle or grill as well as the burners. 

Power burners. Each stove has a power burner. The number of power burners it has, however, will vary. For instance, cooktops usually only have one power burner while the rest are secondary burners. A range top, on the other hand, comes standard with all power burners. 

As you can tell, most of the differences come in the design and installation of the unit. Both do their part to cook your food – there are just differences in all other areas of installing and use. Your cooking habits and space will determine the best option for you. 

Rangetops Pros and Cons

Rangetops are professional-grade options that can give you the power and cooking strength of commercial kitchens. You never have to worry about wasting time when you need to get your cooking done and on to the table. They are sturdy, strong cooking appliances that can cook a steak as easy as a cup of tea, they still have their pros and cons. 

The Good: 

  • Range tops are durable and can withstand long-term heavy use. 
  • Range tops often have a lot of cooking space to hold the biggest of pans. 
  • Front knobs make it easy to maneuver around several pots and pans at one time – and keep the control. 
  • Many accessories and pro-style features are often standard with range tops and enhance the cooking experience. 
  • Very easy to use and clean.

The Bad:

  • Because range tops are often sturdy and commercial-like, they are also big. If your kitchen is not of adequate size, the range top could appear too bulky for the space. 
  • Small kitchens or those with small kids can mean front knobs are an inconvenience. They may get bumped easily or turned on/played with by kids. This is both a space issue and a potential safety hazard. 
  • Range tops require professional installation in the countertop. 

Lastly, range tops are often more expensive than cooktops, but it is often due to their sturdy construction and professional design. 

Cooktops Pros and Cons

Cooktops are great options for kitchens, too. They offer a great way to do everyday cooking. They are also built with durability in mind but don’t come as big and bulky as a range top does. This makes them more ideal for smaller kitchens – or those looking for something just a little extra. Let’s take a look at the good and bad. 

The Good: 

  • Cooktops come in a variety of heating options – gas, electric, or even induction. 
  • Knobs are on top of the unit, saving space and reducing any safety issues with kids. 
  • Located on the top of the counter, making it look sleek. 
  • Very easy to use and clean

The Bad: 

  • The knobs on top may be hard to handle when cooking a lot of different items. Pots and pans and handles can easily get in the way. 
  • Cooktops don’t have the capacity to handle large cooking projects. While they are durable, they can’t handle the heavy use that a range top can. 
  • Most cooktops won’t come with the many professional features you will find on a range top. 

The truth is, both range tops and cooktops are wonderful appliances – and would make great additions to any home. It is a matter of space, preference, cooking habits, and more. You now know the differences between both so choose the THOR Kitchen cooktop or range top that meets your demands!

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6 Benefits of Pro Style Range Tops

Thinking about updating the range top in your kitchen? If so, you may want to consider the benefits of a pro-style range top.

In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of pro style range tops so you know whether or not they’re right for your kitchen.

The Benefits of Pro Style Range Tops

When designing the layout of your home or your office, you take into consideration the convenience factor, right? For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily create a three-story home with only bathrooms on the third floor, would you? And, you would likely desire to have a bathroom near, if not in, your bedroom, too.

We want to be comfortable in our home – and designing spaces with convenience in mind is one way to do just that.

That’s why when it comes to your kitchen – the room in which you and your family will spend the most time – you also want it to flow with ease and convenience. And, for many people, a range top can help make that design a reality.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of pro-style range tops.

1. Additional Cooking Space

How many times have you tried to cook for your family and friends and found yourself juggling food in and on the range in an attempt to have everything done at approximately the same time? Not having enough burners can often result in you cooking in shifts – and something is going to be left cold.

By investing in a pro-style range top – in addition to your range – you will find that you have the extra space needed so that you can relax. With double the amount of burners, you will be able to cook everything as needed without worry.

The best part? All of your guests will be able to enjoy your meal – hot!

2. Allow Yourself Additional Undercounter Storage

Depending on the layout and size of your kitchen, you may find storage difficult. After all, a range is a rather large appliance and it does take up a chunk of countertop and your lower cabinet space. So, if you are looking for additional cabinet space, then a range top may be more your speed.

This pro-style appliance is designed to appear built into the countertop, leaving the cabinets below it to be used as you desire.

3. Choose Durability and Strength that Comes with a Pro-Style Range Top

Do you know what a pro-style appliance is? Take a moment to think about the kitchen in your favorite restaurant. The appliances that they use need to be highly functional and dependable, right? They have guests that come day after day and their equipment needs to work – cooking for heavy crowds day after day.

These are strong, durable appliances.

But, face it – nobody wants a boring commercial appliance in their kitchen. It may seem cold and industrial (unless that’s the look you are going for, of course). Instead, there’s a good chance that you prefer the strength and durability that you find in these commercial kitchens with the elegance and beauty of a home appliance.

If this sounds right to you, then a pro-style appliance is what you are seeking.

A pro-style range top will give you dependability. It doesn’t come with flimsy knobs, for instance, or an easily scratched surface. A pro-style range top will provide you with years of use and will always be ready when you are.

The best part? Because it is designed to do so, you will find that these ranges will always bring a bright sense of elegance to your kitchen.

4. Give Your Kitchen Island a Focal Point or a Purpose

Do you have an island in your kitchen that you’d like to make better use of? It is so common for the kitchen island to be the place where we drop our mail, sit down our bags after a long day, or even leave our newspaper or a half-empty cup of coffee in the morning.

If you want to make better use of the space, then add a pro-style range top. This will make you less likely to use the island as a place of clutter while also giving you additional cooking space. In addition, by adding a range hood over the range top, you can create a focal point in the middle of your kitchen. You can make the design work for you!

5. How Many Cooks Do You Have in Your Kitchen?

Do you have a large family? Sometimes fighting for the stove during mealtime can be frustrating if you have more than one cook in the kitchen.

Free up space and aggravation by adding a pro-style range top.

No more having to share the stove with anyone else. Not only does this bring more convenience, but it also cuts down on the amount of mess and the chance of injury. You know, for all those burns and spills that result from having reach over and lift pans or having to reach the back burners over other steaming hot pots or pans in the front.

6. Aesthetic Appearance Matters

Finally, why should you choose a pro-style range top? Because aesthetic appearance matters. And, thankfully, with a pro-style range, you get some of the best aesthetics.

You cannot have a highly incredible kitchen filled with beauty – and then install a cheap cooktop and call it a day. For one, it won’t get the job done as you need. And, two – it will throw off the entire visual flow of your kitchen.

A pro-style range is designed to give you an appearance that is unmatched by other choices. It will look just as beautiful and elegant as your other pro-style appliances – and give you the same quality you have come to enjoy.


Now that you know more about the benefits of pro-style range tops, you can decide which model is right for you.

When it comes to purchasing new appliances for your kitchen, you have choices, don’t you? You can go just about anywhere and get a range top. But, if you are looking for a range top that meets your tastes and your expectations, then you need a pro-style range top.

Combining beauty and durability, a pro-style range top will give you extra cooking space, additional under-counter storage space, a focal point for your kitchen, and so much more. Thanks to all of the benefits, once you install your range top, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

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