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Exploring Your Range Hood Venting Options

range hood venting options - thor kitchen

The clean as you go method is all about cleaning throughout the day to ensure surfaces, equipment, and waste are all clean, sanitary, and organized. Adopting this method into your cooking process can help ensure your kitchen counters and appliances are always clutter-free and ready to use.

If you enjoy creating in the kitchen, you know cooking generates smoke, heat, and mingling aromas. A proper kitchen ventilation system in the kitchen provides the same benefits as the clean as you go method – for the air. A range hood will quietly ensure the air in your kitchen is clean and free of smoke and steam.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of good kitchen ventilation and the various range hood venting options available today.

The Importance of Good Ventilation

Have you ever wondered if a range hood was ever really needed? Have you questioned if it really serves its purpose? Have you ever smelled Tuesday night’s fish dinner on Wednesday morning? 

Here’s the thing – air is what keeps you alive and breathing. So, if you want to have healthy air in your kitchen, then you need to have it ventilated. You’d be surprised as to what you are breathing in every time you cook. 

Do we need to keep going? You probably get the picture. Most people never consider all these toxins – some only flipping on the ventilation when food was left to brown a little too long and a smoky fog hangs in the air. 

Breathing in fresh air is important and, if you are going to cook in your kitchen, the only way to ensure your lungs are getting nothing but the good stuff is to vent it out. A study out of Southern California found that more than 50% of homes with gas stoves had pollutants levels that exceeded outdoor health-based standards. They also found that simply using a range hood dramatically reduced this number. 

Do we give up gas ranges? No way – they are the best way to cook. Instead, we ventilate!

To Duct or Not to Duct?

When it comes to range hoods, you have two options for ventilation – ducted or ductless

Ducted range hoods suck in the dirty air from the kitchen, carry it through the ductwork, and straight outdoors. That’s right – it removes it from the home entirely so you are left with nothing but healthy, breathable air. Some homes are built with ductwork, making it easy to obtain a ducted range hood. It’s all ready to go. Unfortunately, if your home isn’t ducted, you will have to invest in having a contractor or specialist take care of that for you – which could take time and money. 

Without ductwork, you can choose a ductless range hood – which works just as well. With this type, the polluted air is removed from the kitchen, processed through commercial-grade baffle filters, and then returned – clean and refreshed – to the kitchen. 

If you are on the fence about which option is best for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each. 

Pros and Cons of Ducted Range Hoods


  • Very effective in ventilating heavy volumes of smoke, odors, etc. 
  • High-quality air is maintained indoors


  • Ductwork can impact the design of a new kitchen
  • Ductwork can be costly and time-consuming if you are adding it after the home is built

Pros and Cons of Ductless Range Hoods


  • Easy to install – and can be installed anywhere
  • The best option for small kitchens as they take up less space
  • No ductwork required


  • Works harder and may potentially use more energy
  • Filters need to be cleaned regularly (though this is rather easy to do)
  • The kitchen may feel more humid since it recirculates the air

Size Matters

There are different size range hoods available, most commonly the 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch sizes designed to match up with your range size. Getting a range hood of the same size is not only aesthetically pleasing and uniform, but it is also more effective. After all, the amount of cooking you will do on a 48-inch stove is much larger than on a 30-inch stove. 

Features to Look For in Your Range Hood

The range hoods offered by THOR Kitchen come with some of the best features, which we will get to in a minute. But, first – you have to know that both the wall mount and the under-the-counter range hood are convertible. In other words, you can use it with a ducted or ductless system. Or, start with one and switch to the other. It leaves the choice in your hands. This is wonderful since not all kitchens or homes are created equally. 

Now, back to those features. Are you ready? 

  • Powerful suction. THOR Kitchen wants you to have the best of the best – in appliances and air quality. So, you can always count on your smoke, steam, food particles, toxins, and more to hit the highway straight out of your kitchen. 
  • LED lighting. Because, well, it looks stellar – and it saves energy. This one is a no-brainer. 
  • Quiet operation. You should have clean air while still being able to hold a conversation.  
  • Commercial-style baffle filter. This maximizes airflow and grease filtering. 
  • Stainless steel finish. First, you want your range hood to match your other stainless steel appliances. Second, you need something that looks beautiful and eye-catching that is also easy to clean. 

Next time you walk into your kitchen to cook dinner, consider all that takes place in there. You strive to provide your family with nourishing meals – why not give them nourishing air quality, too? Range hoods by Thor Kitchen come in all common sizes and work for both ducted and ductless uses. So, it looks like there is no reason for you not to be breathing fresh air. What are you waiting for? 

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8 Sleek Wall Mounted Range Hood Features

wall mounted range hood

When you think of all the appliances in your kitchen, your range hood is often the last thing to consider – if considered at all! That’s because you don’t actively use it like you do your range or your refrigerator or your dishwasher. But, the truth is, your range hood provides you a greater service than you probably have ever realized. 

Your range hood keeps unwanted heat, moisture, and toxicity out of your kitchen so that you can enjoy the fresh air while you are cooking. And, yes, it even prevents your home from smelling fishy after you decide to create a feast of seafood for dinner. It keeps you and your family safe – and can even reduce your utility bill by keeping your home cooler as you cook. 

See, your range hood is really important. And what makes it even more special is that it comes with so many features. Below we are going to talk about 8 of them. 

Feature 1: Multiple Fan Speeds

Imagine cooking with only one heat level – medium. Making something delicate would likely end up charred while cooking something that requires a lot of heat would take a long time. This just isn’t a convenient option, is it? 

Thankfully your range has the capability of cooking on different levels. And, your sleek wall-mounted range hood offers suction at low, medium, and high levels. This means it can be customized based on what you are cooking so that you never have to worry about whether or not it can keep up with your needs.

Feature 2: Quiet 60 dB Operation

Many range hoods have the bad habit of interrupting conversations. You may be cooking and socializing at the same time – only to find yourself yelling over your vent hood in order to hear one another. This is not enjoyable and may even cause you to turn it off and deal with repercussions. 

Good news! With THOR Kitchen’s sleek wall-mounted range hood, you don’t have to worry about that. It runs at a quiet 60 decibels – max. And that’s equivalent to two people having a normal conversation or the background music while you work. This means you can breathe fresh air and socialize with ease!

Feature 3: Touch Control with Digital Display

In your beautiful kitchen, having a range hood with touch controls and a digital display is a must. This feature gives you both a clock and also a reminder to clean the filters. And, it not only looks nice but it is also very functional, too. Let’s just say it is always a welcomed addition to a range hood. 

Feature 4: Remote Control

Maybe professional chefs seem to have it together when they cook in the kitchen. But, most of us are all over the place. It is not uncommon to have multiple different prep areas, food droppings on the counter – and on the floor, a sink full of dirty dishes, and more. Not to mention that as you are cooking, you find yourself with food all over your hands – and hopefully, you are wearing an apron. You have all this going on while trying to not mess up on each step along the way.

Here’s the thing, though – as you are elbow deep in mixing on one side of the kitchen, you are really beginning to smell the food you’re cooking and feel the temperature rise. With a handy remote control, you can adjust the fan speed – and control the lighting – from anywhere within your kitchen. 

Now, in a hectic kitchen setting, that’s convenient. 

Feature 5: Convertible

Range hoods can be ducted or ductless. That means they can vent out into the open air outside your home after traveling through vents from your kitchen to the outdoors. Or they can take in the dirty air, clean and filter it, and then return the fresh air to the kitchen. Some range hoods require you to choose between these two options, based on whether or not you have the ductwork done or intend to. However, with this sleep wall-mounted range hood from THOR Kitchen, you don’t have to choose. It is a convertible, meaning that it can be used either way depending on the setup in your kitchen.

Feature 6: 600 CFM of Suction

Ready to be astonished? The suction and power that come from this range hood are incredible. If you consider that most regular vacuum cleaners work with suction of about 50 to 100 CFM, then you can just imagine the power behind this range hood’s 600 CFM of suction! If you are looking for something that will remove all the unwanted fumes, toxins, and the like from your kitchen while you cook, then this is definitely a fantastic choice. 

Feature 7: LED Lighting

LED lighting not only looks sophisticated, but it is also effective lighting and energy-efficient, too. You can beautifully illuminate the space in your kitchen. Many people even choose to use the lighting for a night light at night to keep some light in the kitchen. And with LED bulbs, you don’t have to worry about any major increase in your electric bill. 

You do not have to have your range hood running in order to use the lighting feature. 

Feature 8: Commercial-Style Baffle Filter

Finally, a commercial-style baffle filter is important in getting the job done right. Your range hood is designed to look stunning, of course, but it is also meant to serve a functional purpose in your kitchen. This stainless steel filter maximizes airflow and grease filtering when using your hood. 

If you are looking for a sleek wall-mounted range hood that will blend in perfectly with your stainless steel appliances, then look no further. THOR Kitchen’s 36-inch, stainless steel range hood, model number HRH3607, is the ideal choice. Get rid of odors, smoke, steam, and heat both quietly and efficiently – and all while looking fantastic. 

No one wants to wake up to the smell of last night’s dinner. Take advantage of all these features and wake up refreshed – and with a fresh kitchen!

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The Benefits of Proper Kitchen Range Hood Ventilation

kitchen range hood ventilation

Have you ever heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home? That is because your family spends a lot of time here – it is a gathering space. You cook, have conversations, bake cookies with the kids, have drinks with your friends, etc. You meet in the kitchen first thing in the morning before you all head out for the day ahead – only to return and unwind at the end of the day. 

It’s a hub. 

It’s the heart. 

Your kitchen is a vital part of the home. 

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the many benefits of proper kitchen range hood ventilation.

Kitchen Range Hood Ventilation Benefits

Imagine walking into this important room in your home and all you smell is last night’s salmon lingering. Nobody likes a lingering fishy smell. Nobody. Well, maybe the cat. 

If you have a range or cooktop in your kitchen, then it is not complete without a range hood. Both aesthetically and functionally, this is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen area. If you want to continue to enjoy the space for years to come, then you need to understand just how beneficial proper ventilation is to your home and your health. 

Here are several essential benefits of kitchen range hood ventilation.

Breathe Better

When you cook, the air around you becomes filled with food particles, and debris, toxins, smoke, grease, and other things make their way into the air. This can, on occasion, also include carbon monoxide. And to think, you and all those who are important to you, are hanging around in the kitchen breathing it all in. 

With the proper range hood, you would have that dirty, unhealthy air removed from your kitchen and it would be replaced with clean, fresh, breathable air. 

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Along with all those toxins and grease, heat is also released in the kitchen. Obviously, you are cooking with heat and it has to go somewhere, right? Without proper ventilation, the heat will just hover in your kitchen – and slowly make its way into the surrounding areas. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience while you are cooking, it could actually be costing you money. 

When your kitchen is sweltering due to cooking and the heat has nowhere to go, your air conditioning system will have to work even harder to keep the area cool. This means you will have to pay more in energy costs to keep your house cool. 

If you had proper range hood ventilation, the heat wouldn’t be an issue. Everyone would be cool and comfortable and your AC wouldn’t have to work so hard. 

Reduce Odors

Just like the heat and the toxins, odors are a problem, too. Remember that fish smell? While the smell of food can be subjective, we can all agree that foods that smell delicious when cooking dinner tonight may not smell so good when waking up tomorrow. We want our kitchen – and our home – to smell good and fresh and not like stale grease or burnt pancakes. 

With the proper kitchen range hood, you have the ventilation necessary to get rid of the odor and keep your kitchen smelling like you want it to. The system will pull out the air and either filter and return it or carry it all the way out, depending on what type of system you have. Either way, your odors will be long gone. 

Great Lighting

Who couldn’t use a little extra light in the kitchen? Sometimes it is hard to tell when dinner is fully cooked. Or whether you are actually getting any salt and pepper out of the shakers. With the lights for the range hood being directly over the range, you have the perfect beam of light while cooking. The right amount of brightness and in the right spot. 

And when you walk into the kitchen for a midnight snack, nobody turns on the big bright light. That’s how you get busted. Instead, you can just flip on the light under the range hood and get the perfect amount of light for your late-night grubbing needs. 

Think of great lighting as being a stellar bonus when it comes to your range hood. 

An Eye-Catching Addition

Range hoods offer an eye-catching addition to any kitchen, all decked out in a classy, shiny stainless steel. With different styles such as wall-mounted range hoods or under cabinet range hoods and those with touch control display and LED lighting — these appliances serve a great purpose for the kitchen while looking great, too. 

Sometimes, depending on the size of the range hood and where it is located, it could very well turn out to be the centerpiece of your kitchen. 

Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

Cleaning up after cooking is never fun. But having to clean up when things are really messy — such as splattered grease and moisture that has turned into a sticky mess – is something we all want to avoid. When you have proper kitchen range hood ventilation, you don’t have to worry about having a big cleanup. That is unless you make a mess with your prep work or spill food. 

The airborne stuff that leaves the nasty residue? That will be cleaned out of your kitchen and off of your chore list thanks to the range hood. 

Raise Your Home Value

Range hoods raise your home’s value. They bring in that great, centerpiece look to the kitchen which not only entices people (a.k.a. potential buyers) into wanting the kitchen but can also increase the actual monetary value of the home. 

Studies have been done and reflect the power of kitchen upgrades when listing a home and determining selling values. 

There are many reasons we love our kitchens. Sure, we can cook and bake some really good (and really terrible) things in the kitchen, but it is more than just a space for food. Memories are made in kitchens. Relationships are solidified here. And bonds are created. All of which are very important parts of life that are all taking place in your kitchen. 

Now, do you want to do all that breathing in some dirty air in a hot and moist environment? Or will you and your family reap the benefits of proper range hood ventilation? 

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Under Cabinet vs Wall Mount Range Hood: Which One to Choose?

under cabinet vs wall mount range hood

There are several key differences to consider when weighing your options between an under cabinet vs wall mount range hood for your kitchen.

There are certain appliances that you just know your kitchen needs. After all, could you imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator? It just wouldn’t be right. 

A range hood is one of those appliances that every kitchen needs, but not every kitchen is privy to. If your kitchen is missing a range hood, then it is time you learned just how important it is to get one — and how to choose the right one. 

What is a Range Hood? And, Why Do I Need One?

If you cook in a kitchen using a stove, then you ought to have a range hood. Every time you start cooking, you are releasing heat, moisture, food particles, and even toxins into the air. The longer you stand over the stove and cook, the more you are breathing them in. All your loved ones in the kitchen get the joy of dirty air, too. 

A range hood is designed to filter out this dirty air and leave you with fresh air to breathe. It takes out the heat, the moisture, the debris, and the toxins. Depending on whether you have a ducted or ductless range hood, the dirty air will either be sucked out and left outside or it will be filtered, cleaned, and returned to the kitchen. 

Both take care of cleaning the unwanted, dirty air. Let’s take a look at two different types of range hoods: wall-mounted and under cabinet. 

A Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall mount range hoods may come in different shapes and sizes, but they are essentially the type of range hood that mounts to the wall – just like its name suggests. Not all kitchens have room for these types of range hoods as they require a wide-open space above the range to the ventilation duct. 

An Under Cabinet Range Hood

Again, as its name suggests, an under-cabinet type of range hood is installed directly under the cabinet, but above the range. Usually, the cabinets above the range are smaller and able to accommodate an under cabinet range hood

These are typically the more commonly used model of range hoods since they don’t take up nearly as much space at all. 

Under Cabinet vs Wall Mount Range Hood

We know there are two different types of common range hoods — and how they are generally mounted — but are they really that different? 

Their Size

As you can already tell from their descriptions, there is a difference in the size of them. It is evident from the moment you walk into a kitchen. Under-cabinet range hoods are almost always smaller. They are designed to fit into small spaces so that you can have clean air without taking up too much space. However, wall mount range hoods can greatly vary in size. Some can be rather huge, making a bold statement as you walk into the kitchen. While others can be more comparable to the under cabinet hoods. 


As we have been talking about the size of the range hoods, we should also look at their appearance. Some look quite similar to one another, but wall-mounted range hoods tend to have more leeway in the way they are designed. For instance, they may be designed to resemble a chimney (often referred to as chimney range hoods).

Under-cabinet range hoods don’t have much substance to them. They fit snugly under the cabinet and don’t have a design or body that stands out. They may even be overlooked as if they aren’t there. This is quite different from the wall-mounted range hood that is hard to miss. 


Perhaps one of the biggest differences is the ventilation type of each one of these range hoods. It comes down to being ducted or ductless. 

Range hoods that are ductless (often under cabinet range hoods) have no vents or ductwork throughout the house. They don’t suck the dirty air out through the ductwork and carry it straight outside. Instead, they filter the air and then recirculate it back into the kitchen. 

Wall mount range hoods are often ducted. This means that they do carry the air through the vent and to the outdoors. If your home doesn’t have ductwork, this could be a tedious task to take on. That’s why most people will opt for a ductless range hood if the ductwork isn’t already present. 

Noise Level

If you have ever turned on a range hood and it tuned out everything going on around you, then you may have a ducted, most likely a wall mount, range hood. These tend to be the loudest due to their ability to push the dirty air and smoke out of the kitchen, through the ductwork, and outside. And, sometimes it has quite a long way to travel. 

Though, it is important to keep in mind that some under cabinet models can also be noisy, too. If quiet is what you are looking for, you aren’t likely going to find a quiet range hood, but an under-cabinet model is as close as you can get. 


The price of a range hood is going to vary based on the size, quality, and type. But, in general, you will find the under cabinet range hood models tend to be less expensive. This is due to the fact that they are smaller and require less complex ventilation systems. Both range hoods, however, do a wonderful job. 

So, Which Range Hood is the Best Choice?

The best range hood to choose is the one that, well, fits your needs. Do you have ductwork? Then consider a wall mount range hood. Don’t have much space? Then perhaps an under cabinet is your best choice. Looking for something that will stand out and be a focal point in your kitchen? A wall mount range hood should be your go-to. Looking for a range hood on a budget? Go for an under cabinet option. 

No matter which one you choose, you will get fresh air.  Therefore, weigh your options and choose the one that fits your kitchen, your needs, and your budget. 

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Professional Range Hoods Fight More Than Kitchen Odors

Beer battered fish and chips served with malt vinegar and tartar sauce. Baked salmon with a side of crispy bacon-wrapped scallops. Pan-seared chimichurri pork chops. We love the aromas of a flavor-packed home recipe. But the aftermath? Not so much. Especially when it comes to grease, splatter, and lingering kitchen odors.

If you love the home-cooking experience but hate the battle with lingering kitchen odors, it’s time to invest in a professional kitchen range hood. With a professional range hood, you can cook anything with confidence. It will help keep your newly remodeled kitchen smelling just as clean as day one. But did you know that a professional range hood fights more than just lingering kitchen odors? Read more.

fish and chips

Lingering Kitchen Odors

The aromas of food in the kitchen can be nostalgic. They can trigger childhood memories and often remind us of the holidays. Smell, after all, is the strongest of the human senses. But there’s a point when those wonderful aromas just turn into a distinct smell, aka lingering kitchen odors. Especially if you’re not equipped with a proper range hood.

These odors seemingly creep into every corner of your home like an invisible monster. They unknowingly cling to your furniture, your clothes, and your hair. Worst of all, these lingering odors can follow you right out the front door. Outside the context of cooking in a kitchen, the lingering smell of food is off-putting.

There’s nothing more intrusive in a social setting than smelling like last night’s dinner. And if you’re hosting a dinner party, a greasy, stuffy kitchen isn’t just unsightly but is bad etiquette. So, how does one #CookLikeaGod and keep the post-meal lingering kitchen odors at bay?

Better Habits

Before you start lighting up the scented candles, commit to better habits. Be mindful of kitchen ventilation. If you want to reduce or eliminate kitchen odors, simply start by using your kitchen range hood anytime you’re cooking food.

It takes 21 days to form a habit.

So, for the next 21 days turn on your range hood as soon as you turn on your cooktop. You’re committing to kitchen ventilation. You’ll smell the difference.

Reduce the Heat

Not only will you smell the difference, but you’ll also see and feel the difference in your kitchen’s atmosphere. If you’ve ever cooked a big meal or cooked for an extended period of time, then you know all about the stuffy atmosphere it creates. Combine it with additional people in the kitchen and you have an even bigger issue.

Heat and steam don’t just make us uncomfortable but can also attract mold and can drive up cooling and energy costs. With the help of a kitchen range hood, you can keep the surrounding kitchen air comfortable and enjoyable while you cook. And, as a bonus, your cooling system will rest easy.

Smoke, Steam, and Airborne Toxins

Besides eliminating kitchen odors and reducing the permeating heat from your cooktop, the range hood also rids the air of smoke, steam, and harmful airborne toxins. These toxins permeate from the smoke and steam as the temperature of the kitchen naturally rises from your cooking. Airborne toxins and heat are a dangerous combination.

Did you know that carbon monoxide is one of those airborne toxins? No one should have to be subjected to unhealthy, dirty air in their own home – especially if you have young children. It’s time to use your range hood for what it’s made for – kitchen ventilation. And, since your family’s health is always the priority then it might even be time for an upgrade.

3 Benefits of Upgrading to a Professional Kitchen Range Hood

Upgrading to a professional range hood by THOR Kitchen has 3 key benefits.

  1. Professional appliance at a practical price: It operates quietly while offering powerful suction that eliminates odors, smoke, and steam. It also features a large, commercial-style 430-grade stainless steel baffle filter maximizing airflow and grease filtration.
  2. Versatility and Efficiency: This vented range hood can also be converted to a non-vented (ductless) range hood with carbon filters (not included). The 7-inch round duct vent provides better ventilation performance and efficiency. And the LED lights illuminate your cooking while saving energy.
  3. High-quality design: The stainless-steel finish offers a modern design aesthetic and is built to withstand high heat, grease, oil, and steam.

The health of everyone in your home is too important to not have a source of reliable ventilation. Wouldn’t you agree?

furnished kitchen with range hood

Increase the Value of Your Home

Last, but not least, investing in a professional range hood may increase the value of your home! Any ordinary kitchen is going to come with a refrigerator, a range, and maybe even a dishwasher. The range hood? That’s an added bonus that is not always expected but always appreciated. Even more so when it’s a ducted hood – due to the time and skill needed to install the ductwork and hood properly.

Between eliminating kitchen odors, providing clean air for your family to breathe, and increasing the value of your home, a professional range hood should be the focal point in every kitchen. Opt for this in your kitchen remodel so you can cook anything at home without worrying about what you’re putting into the air. And, when the time comes to sell, you’ll be thankful you took the time to bring this addition into your home.

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The Beauty of Modern Range Hoods

Modern Range Hoods

Modern range hoods have the potential to bring your kitchen together with elegance. In addition to providing a beautiful accent to the kitchen, these kitchen appliances also provide an important function.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the beauty of modern range hoods.

The Beauty of Modern Range Hoods

Thankfully, the designers around the world rake care of bringing beauty into our lives, whether we are creative or not. With designs for our home’s exterior and interior, we always have something eye-catching and pleasing, don’t we?

When it comes to modern designs, particularly in the kitchen, the idea is to have a sleek look with well-defined lines and very minimal clutter. Using little to no hardware on appliances and cabinetry also enhances this sleek look.

So, what happens to your incredibly designed modern kitchen when you have to add something, say, bulky – like a range hood? Well, you make it part of the décor, of course!

Just because something is necessary doesn’t mean it has to look like it is. The range hood in your kitchen is needed for many different reasons. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful addition to your space.

Let’s take a look at the beauty of modern range hoods.

The Air in Your Kitchen

As you begin to cook in your kitchen, aromas start to form. The smell of the spices begins to make you even more hungry. Though, before long, your kitchen begins getting a bit hot and steamy – and you question whether you are burning the food!

Here’s something you need to know: the aromas and steam that fill your kitchen as you are cooking can actually contain harmful particles – and you are sending them straight into the air you and your family breathe.

The specific particles and gases your food emits will highly depend on what you are cooing and how you are cooking it – as well as what you are using to cook your food. Cooking methods that use high-heat, such as broiling, frying, and deep-frying, can release more of these dangerous particles into your air.

So, what could you be breathing in your kitchen while you cook? According to Harvard’s School of Public Health’s research on cooking emissions, you may just find the following:

  • Ultra-fine food particles (also known as UFPs)
  • Carbon monoxide (HCHO)
  • Formaldehyde (CO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Acrolein
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Keep in mind that this is just an overview of what may be in your kitchen. This will depend greatly on your cooking habits and such.

You Need A Range Hood

Are you wondering how you get all of the above dangers out of your kitchen and away from your family? If so, here’s your answer: You need a range hood.

A range hood is an appliance that is installed directly above your range. Its fan and filter work together to vent the unwanted air out of your kitchen. Heat, steam, smoke, smells, and the variety of things listed above can all be cycled out of the kitchen. In return, you get clean, fresh, filtered air. You simply need to use it each and every time you use your range.

Don’t worry about this appliance damaging your kitchen design – you have options depending on your kitchen design, setup, and personal preference. While there are many types of range hoods, the under cabinet and wall-mounted seem to be the most efficient and most desired designs. Both of these look great and work well to reduce the negative particles in your kitchen air.

Thor Kitchen Wall Mount Range Hood

Thor Kitchen has two models of wall-mounted range hoods. This one, the 30-inch hood, is model number HRH3007 is the perfect size for kitchens with a 30-inch range. The other is 36-inches and fits perfectly above the 36-inch ranges. This is model number HRH3607. The idea is that the hood is to sit directly above the range but in a uniform fashion, almost appearing as one piece of equipment.

To fit a modern kitchen, you need a modern range hood. And, one made of durable stainless steel is what can give you that bright and shiny focal point for your kitchen. It’s a sleek design, too, can keep the harsh lines to a minimum and help your keep that uniform feels throughout the entire kitchen space.

This stainless steel wall mount range hood comes with some incredible features, too. Just look!

  • Touch control with display
  • 3 speed
  • 600 CFM
  • Clean canopy design
  • Durable brushed stainless steel
  • Easy lamp replacement without tools
  • Extension chimney included
  • LED lights for better visibility and energy efficiency
  • Dishwasher safe baffle filters
  • Remote control
  • A clock with a reminder to clean the filter
  • Delay-off feature

Thor Kitchen Under the Counter Range Hood

There are multiple under the counter range hoods to choose from at Thor Kitchen. Keep in mind that these are designed to fit above your range, but still below your cabinets. Some kitchens are designed with this extra space above the range with smaller cabinets up high. Most often, kitchen designers will use this space for either an installed microwave (with a vent attached) or an under the counter range hood.

These models work just as well as the wall-mounted, leaving you with wonderful air to breathe – while maintaining the great modern look of your kitchen.

Some of the features you will find with this type of range hood are:

  • Dishwasher safe baffle filters
  • LED lights for better visibility and energy efficiency
  • 3-speed power control LCD switch
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Baffle filters that efficiently remove heat and grease vapors from the air

Style and Functionality in Your Modern Kitchen

Your kitchen needs a range hood – there is no way around that. But, while you may need this range hood, it does not have to conflict with your modern design style. Instead, use this appliance to your advantage!

Thor Kitchen’s stainless steel range hoods – whether you choose under the cabinet or wall-mounted – offer a beautiful finish that would shine in any modern kitchen. They are flawless and make the perfect focal point. Let your range hood keep your air clean while giving your eyes something sleek and flashy to see.


The high quality and design of these ranges hoods ensure you that you are making the best selection possible. Keep your needs met your air fresh, and your kitchen modern with a Thor Kitchen stainless steel range hood.

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Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hoods

If you don’t have a range hood in your kitchen, you may be breathing toxins while you cook. Fortunately, a range hood will help prevent this.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits stainless steel wall mount range hoods offer.

Let’s get started.

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hoods

Your family gathers in the kitchen every Sunday afternoon. You talk about the days that have already ended and what the upcoming week has in store. You enjoy each other’s company. That is until you start cooking.

At first, the aromas fill the kitchen. The spices you have used smell so wonderful you can almost hear stomachs growling. But then things start to get warm. Then, a little humid. Before you know it, people are complaining of the smells and start questioning whether it is steam or smoke that is filling the air.

A pleasant Sunday afternoon has just been ruined by the stench of food and the emissions that result from the cooking process.

The solution? You need a range hood.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits offered by stainless steel wall mount range hoods.

What is Floating in Your Kitchen?

Did you know that the smells and steam that fill your kitchen when you cook may actually contain more than just, well, moist air and aromas? While the exact particles and gasses released will depend greatly on the type of food you are cooking, what you are using to cook it, and how you are actually cooking. For example, high heat cooking, such as broiling, frying, and deep-frying can release more negative particles into your air.

So, what could you be breathing in your kitchen while you cook? According to Harvard’s School of Public Health’s research on cooking emissions, you may just find the following:

  • Ultra-fine food particles (also known as UFPs)
  • Carbon monoxide (HCHO)
  • Formaldehyde (CO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Acrolein
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Again, keep in mind that this is just a broad statement of what you could be breathing in your kitchen. It will vary depending on many different circumstances.

What is a Range Hood?

A range hood is an appliance that is mounted to the wall above your range. It has a fan and filter that work together to vent your kitchen. Heat, steam, smoke, smells, and the variety of things listed above can all be cycled out of the air. In return, you get clean, fresh, filtered air.

All of this happens with the click of a button.

There are several different types of range hoods, including the under cabinet range hoods and wall mount range hoods. Each has its own set of characteristics, pros, and cons. But when it comes to having a range hood that both looks nice and provides you with a great amount of relief, you will find it in a wall mount range hood.

Now, about that contaminated air go – where does it?

Ducted vs. Ductless Range Hoods

When your range hood takes in the particles, steam, and so forth from your kitchen, it has to go somewhere, right? The more specific answer to this question will depend on whether you have a ducted or a ductless range hood.

A ducted range hood vents outside. It sucks up the air in your house that needs to be cleaned and it vents it out – rather than cleaning and recirculating. This is a preferred method for a range hood, but not the most ideal as it requires running ductwork throughout your home, which can be a large project.

A ductless range hood is just like it sounds – ductless. Instead of being vented outside through ductwork, this type has a fan with a filter. It sucks up the dirty air, cleans it, and then returns it back to the kitchen

Thor Kitchen 30-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

Thor Kitchen has two models of wall-mounted range hoods. This one, the 30-inch hood, model number HRH3007 is the perfect size for kitchens with a 30-inch range. The idea is that the hood is to sit directly above the range but in a uniform fashion. The two should flow as one piece of equipment.

This range hood is made of durab le stainless steel providing you with a bright and shiny focal point in your kitchen. But, it is definitely not just all about aesthetics. This range hood is designed with style and functionality in mind.

Designed by Thor Kitchen means that you can rest assured that it will have made of professional quality, standing up to any amount of cooking – well, air cleaning – you do.

Here are some of the amazing features you will find:

  • Wall-mount design
  • Touch control with display
  • 3 speed
  • 600 CFM
  • Clean canopy design
  • Durable brushed stainless steel
  • Easy lamp replacement without tools
  • Extension chimney included
  • Dual 3.5W GU10 LED light
  • Large, full 430SS baffle filter
  • Remote control
  • A clock with a reminder to clean the filter
  • Delay-off feature

Thor Kitchen 36-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood

If you are looking for a range hood, but you have a bit of a larger range, then perhaps this 36-inch wall mount range hood will more fit your needs. Thor Kitchen model number HRH3607 also provides you the same durable stainless steel appliance that can handle any amount of cooking.

This sleek range hood with its touch panel and LED lighting can be a great focal point to any kitchen.

  • Wall-mount design
  • Touch control with display
  • 3 speed
  • 600CFM
  • Clean canopy design
  • Durable brushed stainless steel
  • Easy lamp replacement without tools
  • Extension chimney included
  • Dual 3.5W GU10 LED light
  • Large, full 430SS baffle filter
  • Remote control
  • A clock with a reminder to clean the filter
  • Delay-off feature

Final Thoughts

Your range hood serves a very important purpose in your kitchen. It helps keep you and your family healthy – and keep your kitchen fresh. But, one thing you may not have thought of is the beautiful focal point you will have with a stainless steel wall mounted range hood.

With premiere features, you will soon realize that installing a stainless steel range hood is more than just another appliance. It’s simply part of your kitchen’s décor.

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10 Helpful Kitchen Hood Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

You know it’s important to keep your kitchen clean, including everything in it. We’ve shared a few tips on cleaning your refrigerator, cleaning your ice maker, and more, but today we’re taking a look at the kitchen hood.

This appliance is designed to filter airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, and smoke, so it’s important to take the time to clean it once in a while.

In this article, we’ll take a look at several kitchen hood cleaning tips.

10 Helpful Kitchen Hood Cleaning Tips

A range hood is one of those appliances that sit in your kitchen without getting much thought or action. And, sure, maybe you use your range hood every now and then. But, did you know that it actually has more of a significant job in your kitchen than you realize?

Whether you realize it or not, when you cook, the vapors and all that is released can contain harmful, toxic particles. Rather than leaving them to hang around for you to breathe, your range hood sucks the dirty air in, filters it, and recirculates the clean air back to your kitchen.

And, believe it or not, it is not just toxins that are removed, but heat, steam, and smells as well. No one likes a hot and steamy kitchen coated with smells of the salmon you just ate. The salmon can taste delectable, but smelling it is another story. Using your range hood will suck out the smells and the heat, helping your home’s cooling system work much more efficiently.

Because we don’t often think about the range hood, we often take it for granted. Unfortunately, this means that your filters could be so clogged that they are not even able to do their job. Cleaning and maintaining your range hood will keep it working in proper order for years to come. And, because most people would stand still scratching their heads not knowing where to even start with cleaning the range hood, we’ve got 10 helpful kitchen hood clean tips – just for you!

Remove your filters from the range hood

The first step you should take when cleaning your range hood is to remove your filters. These are, of course, the main part of the range hood that gets the job done. Removing them will give you the opportunity to see what you are working with.

The filters will vary for each range hood. However, they typically pop out or slide out. Others you may have to push and slide. Some will have handles, some won’t. Some will have pull tabs, others won’t. Some may even have basic instructions printed on the range hood. Carefully look at your filter on the underside of your range hood to determine how to remove them. If needed, consult your owner’s manual.

Fill your sink with HOT water

The hotter the better, in this instance – so boil up some water if you need to. After all, we are talking about removing nasty grease and other airborne food particles that have been attached for extended periods of time. You are going to submerge the filters into the water so make sure you have enough. If space doesn’t allow it, consider using a bucket or else clean half of the filter at a time, turning it over.

To the hot water, you will want to add dish soap and baking soda

You are free to choose the dish soap of your choice, but Dawn is a powerful grease-fighting brand that works well.

Use enough soap to get the water soapy. And then add about ¼ to ½ cup of baking soda. Mix well.

Place your filters in the water.

Ideally, you want them to fit all the way, but that is not always doable. If you can’t, place them underwater as much as possible. Once you finish all the steps, then re-follow the steps for the other portions of filter that didn’t get clean the first time.

Soak your filters for ten to twelve minutes

Don’t get impatient. Don’t pull your filters out to look at them. Just leave them alone, allowing them to soak and loosen the debris and grease on the filters.

Keep in mind that this is the time for routine cleaning. If you have not cleaned your range hood filters in quite a while – or if you have never cleaned them – then you may need to let the filters soak for an extended period of time. If necessary, add additional hot water if it begins to cool.

Scrub the filters

Now that you have let the dirty filters soak in the hot water with dish soap and baking soda, it is time to give them a good scrub. It should be a rather easy process, as the loosening that occurs from the does most of the hard work.

Rinse and dry your filters.

When you are done with the scrubbing and you think they are as clean as you are going to be able to get them, then turn on your water and rinse the filters. Gently dry the filters with a soft cloth.

Re-install your filters

Just as you took them down, you need to replace your filters. You need to make sure that they are placed properly in their spot so that they are able to work as they should.

As with a lot of things, filters may come out easier than they go back in. If you find that this is the case, then consider consulting your owner’s manual.

Repeat monthly or bi-monthly

You will want to clean your filters based on how often you cook. Those who cook frequently, such as a few times a week, and use the range hood, will want to clean the filters much more often. In fact, doing so monthly should be efficient.

Otherwise, every couple of months should be just fine for those who do a little less in the kitchen. Feel free to take down your filters sporadically to get an idea of how quickly they dirty. Then, adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly.

Wipe down the outside of the range hood

Splatter from grease and other cooking particles can find themselves a final resting place on your range hood. This can make the range hood begin to look dingy and dull.


Just because your range hood is not one of the appliances you necessarily use to cook your meals does not mean that it is insignificant. Instead, keep your kitchen – and yourself – healthy by cleaning your hood regularly and maintaining it in proper, working order.  Breathe fresh!

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