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The Many Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Oven

roasted turkey in an open electric oven

In order for an oven to offer you its peak performance, you have to make sure that it is clean. For years, people have put in the elbow grease, time, and effort cleaning and scrubbing their ovens in an attempt to maintain their quality. Those same people would likely faint due to the astonishment of this advancement in the world of ovens. 

Thankfully, today, self-cleaning ovens are incredibly accessible for all of us. And you will surely find that their many benefits will make your life so much easier. 

Do You Have to Clean Your Oven?

Most people will remember to clean their floors or wipe down countertops, but it isn’t very often that we get the bright idea to clean the oven, right? But, truth is, we should – for many different reasons – including:

  • Grease and debris along the bottom can lead to an increased risk of fire.  
  • Heat will not distribute evenly in a dirty oven. 
  • Contamination between old food and new. 

In other words, if you don’t want your pizza to smell like last night’s salmon and you prefer not to have to deal with a fire, then clean your oven. 

Self-Cleaning Ovens: How Do They Work?

Self-cleaning ovens work in a relatively simple manner. They heat up to extremely high temperatures and, in turn, cause everything left in the oven – all those drippings, food particles and pieces, and so forth – to turn into ash. 

Depending on your oven, you may have various cycles you put your self-cleaning on based on how soiled it is. Though, typically there is one standard setting for self-cleaning the oven. It can take quite a while for the cleaning process to finish – and then cool down – so you definitely don’t want to start it just before dinner. That is unless you’re looking for an excuse to have dinner delivered instead.  

Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Oven

Now that you know why it is so important to clean your oven as well as an idea about how it works, it is time to get an understanding of the benefits that come with a self-cleaning oven. Let’s check them out. 

Avoid the Fumes

If you have ever cleaned inside your oven with a cleaner, then you know just how potent the fumes can be throughout your entire house. And no matter how hard you try to remove the smell it just doesn’t go away. These powerful fumes can cause your respiratory system to experience irritation and can leave you with a runny nose, headache, and even nausea. One experience like this will likely keep you from ever wanting to clean your oven again. Yet, if you try to clean your oven with no cleaner – or with just soapy water – it seems impossible to get it all clean. 

With a self-cleaning oven, it just cleans! There is no need for you to use any harsh chemicals – just let the heat do the job. Not only does it do a great job but it is so much healthier for your family to breathe!

Save on Energy

There are two ways you save on energy costs when you invest in a self-cleaning oven. First, because they are designed to handle such high temperatures, you can have confidence that they are built well. That means they are very well insulated as they would need to be able to handle the extreme levels of heat without allowing it to escape. Not every oven can pull this off – only those made with a high level of energy efficiency. 

Next, you could save on your own energy, of course! If you have ever tried to clean your oven – scraping off food drippings that have taken up residence in the bottom of your oven for the last year – then you know how hard of a job it is. And, if you haven’t, well – just take our word for it. Or, give it a try. It won’t take long for you to realize the power of this oven. After all, with an oven that offers a self-clean feature, you won’t have to put in the work – and instead can rely solely on your oven to clean itself. Talk about some energy savings!! 

Save Your Time

Just as having a self-cleaning oven can save you energy it also saves you time. As we said – the amount of time you spend scraping and trying to clean the oven, the more time you waste doing something else. 

Investing in a self-cleaning oven means being able to have a home that is full of love, laughter, and an oven you didn’t clean. You will be able to still do the things you want to do without sacrificing your time – and yet still have a clean oven. It’s easy to put off doing the things we don’t want to do so we can spend time doing the good stuff. That is probably why so many people have filthy ovens. So, you can think of your self-cleaning oven as a way to have your cake – and eat it, too. 

Save Money

Finally, you may be asking yourself if investing in a self-cleaning oven is worth it. Why not opt for the cheaper oven and clean it yourself, right? Well, you could very well do that, but then you probably wouldn’t clean it, you’d leave yourself at risk, and you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all of these benefits! By opting for a self-cleaning oven, you can save yourself money throughout the life of the oven as you are saving energy and time – and there is a dollar amount on that, too. 

THOR Kitchen is all about making appliances that benefit your kitchen – personally, functionally, and aesthetically. Their ovens with a self-cleaning feature can give you a chance to maintain a beautiful stainless steel oven that is clean and safe without ever having to lift a finger. Designed with heavy use in mind, the durable range can handle the biggest family meals without ever looking like it put in the work. 

Highly efficient. Durable. Self-cleaning. THOR Kitchen. 

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Go Electric with this Modern Wall Oven

dual electric wall ovens

If you have been shopping recently, then you are probably catching on that many of today’s trends are recycled from the 1980s. Neon, again? Really? Some things are just too good to put away forever. Just like Leave it to Beaver’s iconic electric wall oven. Maybe it is time to see what everyone has known for years – that wall ovens are a must-have addition to the kitchen. Except, well, preferably using a modern-day version. 

Look, you like your gas oven. We get it. Gas ovens have their perks – especially when they are part of a gas range with a gas stove. But, if you ever get the opportunity to talk to a professional baker, he or she will tell you that gas ovens have nothing on an electric oven. 

It is 2021 and it is time to go electric with this modern wall oven. 

The Oven in Flashing Lights

The oven we are talking about that you need for your kitchen – the electric wall oven that is going to rock your world – is by Thor Kitchen.  Model number HEW3001 is a 30-inch professional self-cleaning electric wall oven in stainless steel. 

It has a lot of features that set it apart from other ovens. Let’s talk about why this oven needs to catch your eye.

Power to Heat Up Anything

Can we be real for a minute? Have you ever tried to cook noodles without letting the water boil first? The box may say to boil for 9-11 minutes, but if you only have lukewarm water, your noodles will likely still be hard at 9 minutes. They need that heat and that power to cook, right? 

With this Thor Kitchen wall oven, you get power and control. The top heater gives you 3500 W of heat and the bottom heater will clock in at 3000 W of heat. And you’ve got the buttons to control each one. So, you never have to worry about hard noodles with this oven! Phew. 

All the Space You Need

Whether you are looking for the main oven or an extra oven for your kitchen, you need it to have space. You want to feel confident that when you place your casserole dish in the oven, it is going to fit with ease. Or, if you need to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving, you need it to fit in your oven. 

This wall oven by Thor Kitchen gives you a large amount of space – 4.8 cubic feet to be exact. You can always count on having enough space to cook any type of family meal. And that’s a definite score!

Keeping it Clean

Appliances are an investment. So when you invest in one, you want to keep it looking great. With a lot of elbow grease, you can usually make anything look delightful — so it helps when an appliance comes with some tools to help! This electric wall oven by Thor Kitchen does just that. 

The self-cleaning feature means that your oven can take care of itself with the click of a button. How’s that for easy? And the hidden bake element is tucked away for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps for practical reasons, too. Food spills and crumbs can find their way under the bake element and they are hard to reach and remove. 

Finally, Thor Kitchen has added a blue enamel to the inside of this oven. And it looks fantastic. Is that why they did it? Maybe. But also because the enamel is so easy to keep clean. Gently wiping out spills can keep your oven’s interior looking hot – in more ways than one. 

Eye-Catching Looks

When someone walks into your kitchen, what do you want them to see? If you invest in an electric wall oven, you are going to want people to notice. So, it is a good thing that it comes with some incredibly eye-catching looks. 

First, the touch glass control panel. This sleek, modern way of controlling your oven is sleek and seamless. There are no knobs sticking out or any rigid areas. Just a nice, clean (and easy to clean) control panel. 

Next, the LED cooking lights. Go ahead and light up those bubbling brownies as if you are showcasing them for the world to see. Consider it delicious wall art. Except, here’s the thing – LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Boom – two perks in one! 

Finally, and most importantly – the wall oven is decked out in timeless stainless steel, shiny and beautiful. It’s like walking into a room decked out in sequins and becoming the center of attention as mouths all around you drop in awe. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but this stainless steel wall oven is going to shine in your kitchen. 

Cooking All Fancy and Stuff

When you are ready to get your cooking on in this new Thor Kitchen wall oven, you may be surprised to learn that it has multiple convection modes. You won’t be stuck with just straight cooking, but can rather use the setting based on what you are trying to bake. For instance, convection bake allows for faster cooking times and even heat distribution thanks to the internal fan continuously circulating the heat. 

Convection roast is another mode that is great for keeping meats moist. Much like a rotisserie, this mode surrounds the meat with the heat on all sides and seals in the juices quickly. You are left with moist and tender meat. 

Don’t worry, no one has to know about the convection modes — you can take all the credit. 

All the Benefits in One

Electric ovens come with a lot of benefits. Their ability to evenly distribute heat is one of the biggest. You will never have a meal that isn’t cooked thoroughly. And while we can’t go over all the benefits here, it is important that you know just how impactful it can be to your life. 

So, when you are ready to take the leap and reap all the benefits of a modern electric wall oven, this Thor Kitchen model will be waiting for you to take it home. 

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The Power of this 30-Inch Wall Oven is Undeniable

30-Inch Wall Oven

There are certain things we own that make our day easier because they are there. And there are others that just make us proud to own. Having a powerful wall oven that others just can’t compete with is one of the latter. 

If you have never had one, you may think that it is no big deal. However, for those who have had the opportunity to experience the power of this 30-inch wall oven, they will all agree – its power is undeniable. 

A Powerful, Modern 30-inch Wall Oven

When it comes to us telling you about this 30-inch wall oven and all its undeniable power, you have to know which oven we are talking about, right? It’s like watching the Olympics but not using names or faces, just a “Yay! The U.S. took Gold.” Not cool. We want to see that champion. And we want to see that performance. 

So, to make sure you know what powerful oven we are talking about so you can run out and get one, it’s the THOR Kitchen model number HEW3001. It’s a pro-style design meaning that it has the durability and power of a professional oven but with a softer, beautiful look made for your kitchen. 

It is the one and only contender in its class.

The Capacity to Cook Anything

There are many things worse than not having an oven that will cook your whole meal – until you don’t have an oven that will cook your whole meal. And when we say your whole meal we mean your whole meat all at once. Because, well, nobody likes to eat a meal that was cooked in shifts and is half chilled by the time it is placed on the table.

With this THOR Kitchen oven, this will never be a problem. Why? It has a great enough capacity that you can cook just about anything. In fact, its large 4.8 cubic foot capacity is the perfect size for any large meals you need to make. And if you are making more than one item at a time, the adjustable racks make it a breeze to fit everything inside. 

Who else’s oven can do that? 

Hidden Heat

Have you ever been to a magic show and you just want to know how the magician made that bouquet of flowers appear out of a hat or how he cut that willing woman in half? When you look inside this THOR Kitchen 30-inch wall oven, you will feel the heat, your food will cook, but where’s the bake element? 

Don’t worry – it’s not magic. The bake element is there, but it is hidden. And while maybe our inner Houdini thought this would be a great trick, it was really done for more practical reasons. 

First, not having a bake element on the floor of the oven gives the inside blue enamel a seamless look. It makes the inside of the oven look as fantastic as the outside. Second, every time you bake, food drippings and such fall to the depths of the oven, sometimes hitting a bake element and sometimes burying themselves underneath it. Either way, the element can make cleaning difficult

With a hidden bake element, you no longer have to worry about any of these things. 

Convection Modes for Baking Like a Pro

Many people use their ovens for things like baking brownies or pies. Others bake salmon or chicken. Or even one-dish casseroles that feed the whole family. Ovens in general are great for all of these things. But, what about an oven with convection modes? 

Convection ovens lead to faster baking time thanks to an internal fan that continuously circulates the oven’s heat throughout the oven evenly. Quick brownies? Yes, please! Baking is easy when everything heats at the same temperature throughout it. 

But that is not all this convection oven does. With convection roast mode you can cook a piece of meat and have the heat from the oven wrap it on all sides – similar to a rotisserie. This seals in the juices resulting in meat that is moist, tender, and delicious. 

Stainless Steel Look = Attention-Grabbing Power

With a new oven, though, as much as you want it to work well and make cooking a breeze, you don’t want to sacrifice looks, do you? Absolutely not. You want to bring in an oven that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is good at baking. 

This THOR Kitchen wall oven is designed with shiny, timeless stainless steel. It matches the other appliances in your kitchen and also matches any design style you choose. In other words, it always looks good. 

The best part of having a stainless steel wall oven is that the durable metal won’t corrode or start looking bad at some point during its lifetime. It will always have attention-grabbing power. And you can rest easy knowing that if smudges or fingerprints do find their way onto the surface, simple cleaning with soapy water can turn it around again!

Features are Power-Boosters

Finally, as if you weren’t already convinced that you need this 30-inch stainless steel wall oven, there are other features that make it even better. Let’s take a look at everything this oven can offer you – 

Touch glass control panel. This gives the wall oven a seamless, high-end, modern look. And without all the knobs, it is much easier to clean the surface. 

Heavy heating power. You will find that you always have enough heat with a 3500W top heater and 3000W bottom heater. You can cook the most delicate dish or the heartiest meal — and it will be perfect. 

Self-cleaning function. Keep your oven clean and looking beautiful with the self-cleaning function. It’s one click of a button for quick and efficient cleanup. 

White LED display. Not only is the LED display easy to read the time and functions, but it is also very energy efficient – and has a smooth look. 

When you want the best of the best,  you need the power of this THOR Kitchen 30-inch wall oven. It is a game-changer for the kitchen. You will be in for a treat. 

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The Simplicity of a Single Electric Wall Oven

single electric wall oven

Technology advances so quickly  – it seems like once you purchase the best of something, there is something newer, bigger, and better already hitting the market. While this is true for any piece of technology, it is also true for appliances. The next big thing is always on the horizon, such as the appliance that will out-do your neighbors with an extra burner, a griddle, or even an extra oven. 

There are some magnificent ranges, for example, that feel like a dream. Consider the high-quality dual fuel range that has two ovens, 6 burners, and a griddle. And it even comes heated by two different types of fuel – electric and gas. While this may be a whopper of a range, for some it could just seem like too much

There is something to be said about the simplicity of a single electric wall oven. 

Classic and Timeless

Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing a stainless steel wall oven. It looks good, doesn’t it? It fits. And it shines. One of the reasons it stands out so much is because stainless steel is a timeless finish. It gives the oven a professional look with a surface that is easy to clean. Not to mention that stainless steel goes with everything so it will transform with you as you update your kitchen over the years. 

Speaking of timeless, wall ovens have been around for a long time. Though, ranges seem to have always been the preference due to their more compact nature. In classy homes, on cooking shows, and in large kitchens, it is not at all unusual to find a single electric wall oven. This alone makes it feel like part of an elite group – a classic. 

An Electric Convection Oven

Ovens can come with two types of fuel – gas or electric. And although everyone may have a preference, electricity is the ideal option for an oven. The heat from a gas oven tends to fluctuate and lead to uneven baking. But, with an electric oven, the flow of heat is steady throughout every corner. This is the preferred oven fuel by many professional bakers and chefs. 

Add the convection bake modes that come with THOR Kitchen’s single electric wall oven, and you have just opened your world up to so many new options. An internal convection fan circulates the oven’s heat evenly – and it does so continuously. When your food is cooking at even temperatures throughout the oven, your food is going to cook fast. Want more? Convection roast mode acts like a rotisserie, surrounding the meat with heat on all sides, sealing in the juices quickly leaving you with moist and tender results. 

Self-Cleaning Function – And Blue Enamel Interior

Life gets so busy. After a long day, you come home to cook dinner for your family. The lasagna you popped in the oven has overflowed a little bit. You are hungry and tired, so you leave it — telling yourself you will take care of it tomorrow. Then, tomorrow comes and you are rushing to get the kids out the door. Throwing a breakfast casserole in the oven, some cheese spills over the edge, and you are reminded how you still needed to clean up from last night’s lasagna.

Sound familiar? 

Face it – stopping long enough to clean your oven is not usually on the top of the to-do list. With a self-cleaning function, your oven can experience a quick and efficient cleanup helping it to maintain its longevity. 

And for those days that you want to take a moment to clean, the bright and brilliant blue enamel interior of the oven makes cleanup so easy, as it is designed for high-temperature resistance. Food will just wipe off. 

Hidden Bake Element

Speaking of spilling food, having a hidden bake element may be one of those things you never thought you would need. Does it really matter if the element can be seen? Oh, yes – yes it does. See, when food bubbles over and lands on your element, it can burn into it within seconds. Over time, these incidences can begin to affect your element and cause it to burn out. Not to mention how hard it is to clean around an element. 

With a bake element that is hidden under the floor of the oven, you are left with a seamless look and an easy-to-clean space. So on those days where you decide not to do the self-cleaning, simply wipe up the spills. It’s that easy. Of course, that blue enamel interior helps with it, too. 

All the Power You Need

When you bake, you don’t always need the same level of power and heat, but you always need a high level of control. With a simple single electric wall oven, you can cook large family feasts like Thanksgiving dinner and delicate items like salmon or creme brulee. You have a top heater of 3500W and a 3000W bottom heater to give you the ultimate control. 

THOR Kitchen’s Single Electric Wall Oven

Since we have been talking about all the perks of a single electric wall oven, we figured that it is only fair to let you in on the best option from THOR Kitchen. Model number HEW3001 is a 30-inch professional, self-cleaning electric wall oven. It is durable and reliable, as it is designed to withstand the heavy-duty use of a professional kitchen, but with the sort touches sought in a home. 

Not only does this oven look good in your kitchen, but it is a joy to use. With 4.8 cub feet of cooking space, it allows you the functionality to bake, convection back, convection roast, broil, heat, and keep food warm just like the pros do. 

Its stainless steel finish blends well with all of your other appliances, keeping your kitchen uniform and beautiful. 

When you are ready to add the simplicity of a single electric wall oven to your kitchen, look no further. THOR Kitchen has the timeless, classic wall oven that will be a welcome addition to any kitchen. 

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