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What Can You Cook in a Pizza Oven?

what can you cook in a pizza oven

Who doesn’t love a great pizza? You can make pizza as thick or thin as you would like. And you get to add toppings that you enjoy — because it is your pizza. You can go traditional with pepperoni, sausage, onion, peppers, mushrooms, and olives with red sauce and cheese. Or you can switch it up and go with an olive oil and garlic base, Havarti cheese, sliced pear, and a balsamic drizzle. Make it a breakfast pizza or a taco pizza. The opportunities are limitless. No matter what you choose, the pizza you make can be done just the way you like it. It is, by far,  one of the most versatile foods. 

Do you know what else is versatile? Pizza ovens! Despite their name, you can create and cook a great meal within a pizza oven – and it doesn’t even have to be pizza. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about it. 

THOR Kitchen’s Outdoor Pizza Oven

Before we can go any further, it is important you know what your pizza oven should look like. After all, you can’t imagine the possibilities of cooking if you don’t know what you are working with, right? And that comes with THOR Kitchen’s outdoor pizza oven and cabinet in stainless steel

With this outdoor oven, you will find: 

A ceramic pizza stone. A classic wood-burning oven leads to the best-tasting pizza – or any food, for that matter. And it cooks perfectly on the ceramic pizza stone. 

A chimney. Not only is the chimney functional as a flue damper to control heat flow and smoke retention, but it also has a stunning look that adds an eye-catching appeal to your backyard. 

Extra-large storage cabinet. Cooking outside should not warrant you going back and forth between your kitchen and your backyard. This extra-large storage cabinet gives you a great place to store everything you need – without looking bulky, detached, or out of place. Rather, it looks great and is functional, too. 

This unit has a lot of accessories that make cooking pizza – or anything – a breeze. And everything can be stored in the handy storage cabinet. Decked out in stainless steel, you can rest easy knowing that it is a durable, long-lasting piece of equipment that will look great for years to come — despite harsh outdoor elements. 

You can’t lose with this outdoor pizza kitchen — especially when it means you can cook other amazing meals, too!

Foods That Can Be Cooked in a Pizza Oven

While a pizza oven can cook just about everything, it is a bit different than a regular oven. That means you will have to have an idea of cooking temperatures and how to adjust them to meet the needs of whatever you are cooking. Below is a general list of temperatures to follow, but keep in mind that this is just a general overview. You will want to keep an eye on your food as it cooks until you get the hang of this new cooking method. 

Cooking Temperature – °F Cooking Style Food Ideas
750°F + Pizza Pizza, garlic bread, naan bread
540°F – 600°F Grilling Steak, chicken, fish, shrimp
450°F – 540°F Roasting Turkey, roasted potatoes or vegetables
400°F – 450°F Bread baking Focaccia, garlic rolls
320°F – 400°F Dessert baking Pies, cinnamon rolls, cake
210°F – 250°F Slow cooking Brisket, pulled pork, ribs

As we said, your outdoor pizza oven is capable of so much more than just pizza. It can cook up some fantastic meals including things like: 

  • Casseroles
  • Meats
  • Seafood
  • Dessert
  • Cookies
  • Loaves of bread
  • Stews
  • Side dishes

And so much more. Alright. We’ve waited long enough. Let’s look at some great things you can get cooking today! Get ready to grub, my friend. 

Juicy Steak

Is it possible to get a juicy steak in a pizza oven? It sure is. You can cook all types of streak in the oven and get an impeccable flavor. Marinate your steak, sear it, and then get it in the oven in a cast-iron skillet. You won’t ever want to eat steak another way again. There is just something about that woodfire cooking. 

Roasted Corn on the Cob

Grill some corn on the cob – in the husks – on the grill floor of your pizza oven. You want to let the outside get dark, but don’t let the corn burn. Dress up your corn like Elote or grilled Mexican street corn for amazing flavor. The combination of Mexican crema, cilantro, pepper, lime, cotija cheese, and more makes it such a delight. And from your pizza oven! 

Grilled Shrimp

It doesn’t take long to grill some shrimp – even in the pizza oven. And it pairs wonderfully with so many dishes – or it can be the main attraction. Don’t overdo it, though, or you may find them to be a little too, er, chewy. 

Roasted Veggies and Potatoes

You have to have a side dish no matter what you are cooking. And veggies and potatoes are always a great option. Full of nutrients and fiber, you will feel good about eating something that tastes so good — and is so good for you. The best part is that the pizza oven can make the veggies crispy or it can keep roasting them until they are soft. Either way, the roasting leaves them with incredible flavor you are sure to enjoy. 

S’mores for Dessert

S’mores is a great treat that adults and kids love. The gooey marshmallow and melting chocolate – what a delight! Cook up the chocolate and marshmallows in a cast-iron skillet within the pizza oven and scoop it up like a dip using graham crackers. It is a definite crowd-pleaser for those nights when you are all sitting around the backyard chilling. It only adds to the vibe. 

Make Life Complete with a Pizza Oven

If you are ready to sit out on your back patio and cook up some of these delicious eats, then you need to invest in a pizza oven. After all, it is no longer just a pizza oven. It can delight every taste bud – and looks like a beaut doing it. 

This Outdoor Grill Cabinet Offers Spacious Storage

It is summertime. With any luck, you are finding your way outdoors more often, spending time soaking in the sunshine, and spending time with those who matter. Life is good all the time, but the summer just brings that extra kick. Lots of social time, lots of hanging out, and lots of drinking beer – grill side. 

Maybe you have built yourself an amazing backyard escape. Or maybe you have a little balcony patio where you like to sit and watch the surrounding scenery as you wait for your steaks to reach the level of perfection. 

However you find yourself spending your summer grilling, you’re really going to need this outdoor grill cabinet. 

Outdoor Grill Cabinet Storage for Everything You Need 

First starters, storage is important. We love closets and cabinets and secret hideaway spaces. We even pay to rent storage spaces that aren’t in our homes! Having clutter around can seriously throw off the feng shui in any space. That is why everything should have its place. And for many of these things, that place is in a storage cabinet. 

Think about being outdoors and sitting around relaxing with your friends. If you decide to host a grill out, you want everything handy, right? You want to enjoy the social interaction — and not worry about having to run in and out of your kitchen the whole time. Who knows what you may have missed? Running in to grab the tongs or some bbq sauce can easily leave you on the outside of an inside joke. Not cool. 

Having an outdoor grill cabinet means you have spacious storage for everything you can imagine. Ideally, it is a space to store all your grill supplies. But that’s not all. You can use it to keep some spices and rubs you frequently use to add some pizzazz to your cooking. You may also want to use it for storing things like cleaning supplies, towels to clean up messes, an apron for the chef, etc. 

But, wait a minute – what if you could store something even more than just your grill stuff. You can! Use this outdoor grill storage cabinet for anything you want. That means filling it up with games to play outdoors with your friends, plastic cups, a bottle opener, or even an ice chest with an extra case of beer. Talk about convenience. 

A Delightful Focal Point

One of the reasons many people love a proper grill cabinet is that it creates a delightful focal point. It is shiny and bright, drawing attention to it from the moment you enter the space. It stands out – in a good way. If you have a grill in your backyard or maybe even an outdoor sink cabinet, this storage/grill cabinet may complete the look – and your outdoor kitchen. 

Though, if you don’t already have a grill or you are in the market for a new one, this outdoor kitchen BBQ grill cabinet in stainless steel is specifically designed for Thor Kitchen’s 4-burner built-in, propane gas island grill. If you get both, then you have the joy of using your grill – and taking advantage of the cabinet storage, too. It’s a win-win for everyone – especially you. 

But, let’s get serious for a moment. Life can be so busy that we have to remind ourselves to take a moment to just be still and breathe. Appreciating the outdoors and connecting with nature, while relaxing in a comfortable space can slow life down – if only for a moment. So, creating an outdoor space like this where you can come to hang out, rest, and delight your senses with some great food and a beautiful storage cabinet can make life a little bit sweeter. 

The Durability of Stainless Steel

When buying anything for the outdoors, you have to be careful. Especially when it is an investment. Anything you put outside is going to be subjected to all sorts of elements and inclement weather. Even if you cover it for protection, there are still ways for moisture and debris to find their way in. 

With stainless steel, you don’t have to worry. It is durable enough to handle anything that comes its way. And did you know that it doesn’t rust or corrode? That means no matter how much moisture that it encounters, your outdoor grill cabinet will keep on looking wonderful in your outdoor space. 

Ready for one more fun fact about stainless steel? Your outdoor cabinet will be subject to a lot since it is left outside in the elements. But the surface of it is nonporous. That means it can’t house things like germs and bacteria – which may bring a little bit of added comfort. 

All Wrapped Up in One Package: Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Grill Cabinet

What do we get when we wrap up all these great traits – and more – into one? We get the Thor Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Grill Cabinet, model number MK03SS304. It is a high-quality, premium product that gives you great power and performance at a practical price. It’s 32-inches and has ample amount of storage for all our grilling needs, including two storage drawers and a cabinet. And, as we said, it can also be used as the base for our 4-burner built-in propane gas island grill. 

Here are a few features and tidbits about this outdoor cabinet that we haven’t already mentioned: 

  • It has wheels for easy moving, two 2-inch fixed casters, and two 3-inch locking swivel casters. 
  • Recessed handles give the unit a sleek look. 
  • The 304 stainless steel finish keeps it free from rust and helping maintain its longevity. And it also makes it super easy to clean
  • This unit is a part of Thor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen suite. 
  • The dimensions are: (WxHxD): 32 1/16” x 38” x 25”

As you find yourself spending more time outdoors these days – or if you’d like to be – then perhaps Thor Kitchen can help you create a welcoming, convenient space that includes the outdoor kitchen bbq grill cabinet and its spacious storage. 

Stay Refreshed with this Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator

under counter refrigerator outdoorsThe summer sun can be so enticing. Blue skies, white clouds, green grass… you want to run outside and enjoy it. Maybe have a picnic, ride bikes with your kiddos, grill out on your patio, or just lounge in your pool. A few minutes in, though, and that heat makes you want to run back inside. 

Summertime is beautiful but it sure can make you want a cold drink – at all times. Many people invest in reusable bottles and take their drinks wherever they go outside. Others, fill a glass before heading out to the backyard. But what happens? That’s right – you end up with a warm drink. 

You need to stay refreshed with an outdoor beverage refrigerator. 

THOR Kitchen’s Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator

THOR Kitchen offers an incredible indoor-outdoor refrigerator drawer in stainless steel. Model number TRF2401U, this drink holder is a beautiful addition to any space. Many choose to install it indoors, whether in a bar area, den, or kitchen. However, outdoors is where this beverage refrigerator seems to do its best work. You know, right there next to your grill or backyard cooking station. Hanging out, grilling, and drinking with your friends and family. It’s a lot of conveniences all wrapped up in a shiny, stainless steel package. 

It also comes with the following features: 

  • Soft close drawers
  • Easy-to-read digital controls
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Fingerprint resistant finish
  • Convection cooling system
  • Quiet operation
  • Large storage space

A Large Amount of Space

refrigerator drawer sideLet’s be real – it doesn’t make any sense to waste money on something or the energy installing it if it is only going to hold a case of sodas. When you think of a beverage refrigerator, you think of variety and options. In other words, when opening the doors to your beverage refrigerator, you should see beams of light and hear the angels singing. You know what we mean.

With this THOR Kitchen refrigerator, you will find a large amount of space – equal to 5.4 cubic feet – of storage.

You can store cans, bottles, jugs, and more. Always cold, conveniently stored, just for you. 

Use it Outdoors – and Indoors, Too

refrigerator drawer with beverages

While we have been talking about how cool it is to stay cool with a drink refrigerator outdoors, it can also be used inside, too. Think of all those times you have gone searching for a drink in the fridge – or have tried to find a place to store something in there. Additional space and organization are always welcome.

By installing this beverage refrigerator in your kitchen, you are increasing the space in your regular, full-sized refrigerator. No longer will your drinks take up extra space. They will be right where you put them — and your fridge will conveniently have a lot more space. 

Looks Great All the Time

Stainless steel looks great on any appliance. It is shiny, it is attention-grabbing, and it is easy to clean. The best part is that you don’t even need to use chemicals to keep it looking great. A regular wipe down using some soapy water and a soft cloth – or just a soft cloth – will keep fingerprints at bay. This durable metal can withstand outdoor weather conditions and will not rust or corrode. Instead, it will continue to look good and fit your space better than you could have ever imagined. 

Energy Efficient – In More Ways Than One

THOR Kitchen has designed this indoor-outdoor beverage refrigerator to keep your drinks cold while being energy efficient. First, the use of LED lighting may seem like one small contribution, but it actually allows you to easily see what is inside without wasting energy. Not to mention that LED bulbs last much longer than any alternative. 

The well-designed organizational capabilities also contribute to the energy efficiency of this refrigerator drawer. You open the drawer, easily and visibly see your options, grab what you want, and close it. There is no holding the door open and wasting cold air while trying to find what you would like to drink – causing the machine to work to cool back down after you are done. It keeps your refrigerator orderly and simple. 

Another way this fridge brings energy efficiency into your space is that it reduces the strain on your home’s cooling system. If you are spending a lot of time outdoors during the hottest months of the year – you are going to need a drink. Constantly going in and out of the house between the backyard and the kitchen refrigerator is going to let out your cool air and make the air conditioner work harder. 

Bringing Your Backyard Together

Your backyard can be just another space at your home or it can be the space of your home. The one where you hang out and spend your days making memories. Create a welcoming space where your friends and family will want to spend time or where you will love to escape when you just need some peace and quiet. Make it a place to have an ice-cold beer after work (or after doing yard work) or a place to sip on cold water as you get lost in a book. Or have dinner and dessert under the stars. 

Creating a backyard oasis can include some comfortable seating, a table, some strung bistro lights, and maybe even a rug. Including a grill, an outdoor sink cabinet, and an outdoor beverage refrigerator will be the finishing touches. It’s hard to leave a space when it has everything you need. And on a hot summer day? You are going to need a cold beverage.

Don’t let your backyard go to waste. Optimize it with everything you need to create the perfect space for summer or any season.

Staying Refreshed

You know what you need to do. Your backyard is incomplete without an outdoor beverage refrigerator. Keep the drinks handy and close by while also being energy efficient. This indoor-outdoor beverage drawer from THOR Kitchen will help you to stay organized while still looking great – regardless of where you choose to install it. It is a summertime must-have. 

Clean as You Cook with this Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station

When it comes to completing any task, we all love efficiency. There’s nothing better than getting into the rhythm of any task, especially when you know that the juice is worth the squeeze. But, like with any routine task, things can become tedious and even sometimes loathsome very quickly. No matter how great the reward is.

Cooking a delicious meal can be very rewarding. You can spend hours in the kitchen cooking for guests. You sit down, enjoy the delightful dinner, sip some of your favorite wine, and enjoy the company of everyone at the table. 

Then, when it is all done, you have to clean up. You have to wash the pots and pans, the dishes, the glasses, the countertops, wipe down the appliances, put leftovers away, and on and on and on. 

Just the thought of it is exhausting and makes you not want to ever cook again. But, what if there was a better way? What if it was easy to clean as you cook with an outdoor kitchen sink station? 

Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Thor Kitchen’s model number MK01SS304 is a stainless steel outdoor kitchen sink cabinet that allows you to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. This professionally designed, durable, and affordable sink cabinet offers you the chance to clean as you go when you cook in your outdoor kitchen

No longer will you be running back and forth into the house, leaving messes everywhere you go because you will now have everything you need. No excuses! Let’s take a look at the features of this outdoor sink cabinet. 

  • Stainless steel sink allows you to prepare your food outside and wash up as you need to. This means cleaning your utensils and plates, etc. You won’t have to carry your mess back indoors. 
  • The extra storage bin underneath the sink gives you a place to store all your grilling tools and cleaning supplies. When it comes to cleaning as you go, you can take care of it more easily when you have everything you need close by. 
  • A stainless steel finish is resistant to rust and won’t corrode. That means it will be a long-lasting addition to your modular outdoor kitchen that is easy to clean and care for. 
  • The look of this appliance will match well with your grill and other appliances, making them all look like part of the same appliance suite. 
  • Cleanup is a breeze when you can move your sink and storage supplies where you need them. With this outdoor kitchen sink, the two 3-inch fixed casters and two 3-inch locking swivel casters help you to move the unit easily. 
  • Added bonuses such as a built-in bottle opener and storage tray, give this unit just the right finishing touch.

When cooking outdoors with the addition of your outdoor kitchen sink, you will find it easier to clean as you go so that you can cherish those moments with the ones you love. Cook outside, pop open a cold one, spend time together, and make memories. With most of the cleaning taken care of as you cooked, you can relax and enjoy yourself. 

Tips to Clean as You Go

Alright, it is time to get down to business. If you have your outdoor kitchen sink (or are thinking about investing in one) then you need to have the proper method down to clean as you go so you can enjoy the sink cabinet – and life – to the fullest. Here are some tips for you to make it happen. 

Tip #1: Grab a big bowl and use it for garbage. It may seem to make more sense to just carry trash over to the garbage can as you cook. But every time you stop what you are doing to walk back and forth to your garbage can, you are wasting precious time – and probably dropping food on the floor. Put a large bowl near your cooking area and toss all your trash in as you cook. You will find that it is more efficient and will keep your kitchen area cleaner. 

Tip #2: Fill your sink with soapy water. Then, as you cook, toss in all your dirty dishes, utensils, pans, and more. One, you will know where everything is. And, two, soaking in the soapy water will make them much easier to manage when it comes time to scrub them clean. 

Tip #3: Keep a spray bottle of soapy water handy. As you prepare to cook your meal – and as you cook – spray down any spills that happen. This will keep things from getting dried up and difficult to remove later. It’s easy and convenient. And because the bottle is right there nearby, you don’t think twice about quickly spraying down a mess. 

Tip #4: Anything that falls on the floor should be picked up immediately. Otherwise, stepping in it can lead to an even bigger mess later. 

Tip #5: Slow down. Cooking is supposed to be enjoyable. If you have set up an outdoor kitchen, then you likely did so because you would like to spend time in your backyard oasis with those you love. Sure, cooking quickly means you can spend more time with them. But cooking slowly means you can just enjoy the whole process. Socialize, cook, and even consider making it a group effort! Besides, when you cook slower, you are less likely to make a mess. You will spend more time cleaning as you go, being deliberate about your actions, and wiping things down as you go. 

Who knows, you may just find that when you slow down the way you cook, you actually enjoy the process of cooking more. And, your food may taste better, too!

Final Thoughts

Life is too short to spend it cleaning up big messes. Invest in THOR Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen sink and put some of these tips in place for cleaning as you go. That way you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time cleaning. 

An Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven is Next Level

Let’s be honest for a moment, shall we? Your best friends, your family members, that guy from work — anyone of those people can invite you over for a backyard barbecue. When you get there, you may find a nice assortment of brats, hot dogs, burgers, steak, or chicken. For the more bougie types, you may have citrus salmon with a side of grilled parmesan asparagus. 

These are the things that are expected when you eat in someone’s backyard. They are typical. And, well, they are boring. 

If you want to invite your peeps over for an unforgettably tasty meal under the sun (or stars), then you need to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level – with a pizza oven. 

Don’t Lose a Minute of Socializing

When your friends and family come to visit and hang out in your backyard, you would probably like to enjoy their company, right? When making a meal inside the kitchen, you won’t be able to socialize too well if everyone is hanging outside. And, if you decide to grill up some grub, then, even though you are outside, you still have to watch the grill and cook the food.

But, with a pizza oven? 

You build the pizza and place it in the oven until it’s done. That’s it. So, that means once it is heating you can set a timer and go about your business with your guests until it is time to take the pizza out. 

An outdoor kitchen pizza oven is a very convenient tool for entertaining and dining in your backyard.  

Make it a Creative Experience

Pizzas are the type of food that can be created in so many different combinations and varieties. You have your base of the crust and a choice of sauce, such as marinara sauce, ranch, alfredo, garlic and olive oil, or even bbq sauce. And then cheese with traditional topics of pepperoni, grilled chicken, ham, peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms. 

To get creative, you can make Mexican pizzas, taco pizzas, hamburger pizzas, macaroni and cheese pizzas, even dessert pizzas. There are so many ways you can mix up what type of pizza to make. Look up new recipes or just use your imagination and go for it. 

Perhaps the best part is that you can make dining outdoors with your pizza oven an experience for everyone to get involved. Let each person create their own pizza. So not one person is the chef, but each person gets to take part in cooking the meal. Besides, this way you don’t have to worry about what each person prefers – they can make it themselves!

pizza with basil

Image by Metin Ozer

Eat the Most Delicious Pizza – That’s Better For You

You have heard time and time again that eating out is bad for you. You get exposed to lots of things that you wouldn’t typically use in your own food. And most of the time you don’t truly know the ingredients listed in what you consume at restaurants. 

Ordering pizza for take-out or delivery is no exception. 

When you have an outdoor pizza oven at home, you can make your own dough and put together your own pizza. You control how much cheese or toppings you put on that pizza – and you decide just how big or small you want it.  You can be sure your ingredients are fresh or are from your favorite brand. And you have control over how much oil, sugar, etc. makes it into the meal.  

Eating at home is healthier in general. Eating homemade pizza in your outdoor kitchen’s pizza oven is healthier, too – and much more delicious. 

A Centerpiece for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever walked into a backyard and had your attention pulled directly to a pizza oven? Probably not. They are not overly common which makes them stand out even more as a centerpiece to your backyard space. 

This outdoor space is an extension of inside your home. Together, you have the perfect place for entertaining and socializing. Installing an outdoor pizza oven can make it feel cozier and welcoming outdoors. 

Designed with a stainless steel finish, you have shine and durability to keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. So, go on – give your friends and family a reason to drop their jaws as they step out into your outdoor kitchen. 

Increase the Value of Your Property

Speaking of having something as fantastic as an outdoor kitchen pizza oven at your house — it may also increase the value of your property. This unique addition with functionality and guaranteed social enjoyment can be a selling point for some. 

Many people don’t have an outdoor kitchen pizza oven. If you do, you are going to stand out — and you are likely to turn heads when it comes time to evaluate the property. 

The Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven of Choice

Are you wondering just what type of outdoor kitchen pizza oven you should choose? If so, you have come to the right place. Thor Kitchen has designed a magnificent outdoor kitchen pizza oven with a cabinet. This wood-burning pizza oven adds smokey and savory flavor to your pizza and – and it is so easy to use. Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven comes with some bonuses, too, including the following: 

  • A classic ceramic pizza stone
  • Flue damper to control heat
  • A pizza cutter
  • A pizza peel
  • Pizzer/pie server
  • Brush
  • A handly accessories rack to keep everything nicely organized

This pizza oven comes with a large storage cabinet under the oven. It could be used for anything, including holding your pizza creation tools or everything you need to man your grill. 

With its shiny stainless steel design, the pizza oven is another one of the accessories that go hand-in-hand with other Thor Kitchen appliances, such as an outdoor refrigerator or grill. This addition helps you complete your appliance suite in your outdoor kitchen space. 

Summertime is right around the corner which means there is going to be a lot of outdoor get togethers that are sure to be memorable. Take your fun to the next level with your outdoor kitchen pizza oven so that every guest has the chance to make exactly what their tastebuds desire. 

And, hey – you and your pizza oven are sure to be the talk of the social circle. 

The Convenience of an Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet. Keep the Mess Outside.

close up of vegetable prep

Left view of outdoor kitchen sink

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen



Introducing your grill’s ultimate wingman – the outdoor kitchen sink cabinet. Your grill needs a friend. A friend that can stick by their side and lend a helping hand when needed. A friend that enhances what your grill has to offer. This friend is not co-dependent and has a lot to offer even on their own. The outdoor kitchen sink cabinet functions as such. And, the convenience factor is certainly a 10/10. Here’s why.


What is an outdoor kitchen sink cabinet?

First, let’s get to know the kitchen sink cabinet. If you’re new to the realm of high-functioning backyard spaces, then you may or may not be 100% familiar with this product. Don’t fret – we’re here to help you learn all about them.

A sink cabinet – like the THOR Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet in Stainless Steel –  is a premium professional appliance that can take your backyard space to the next level. Sure, you have a grill. Maybe you even have a table or some comfy outdoor lounge chairs. But…

Do you have a sink?

A sink cabinet is designed to bring many benefits to your barbecue experience. It’s a convenient outdoor addition to any backyard. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Close Convenience

You can skip the age-old routine of prepping the food inside and carrying it to the grill. The running back and forth from the house for that extra seasoning. Maybe a little oil or BBQ sauce.  And, when you’re done grilling, having to haul all those utensils and ingredients back into the house for cleaning and organizing.

Sound familiar? There’s nothing wrong with routine. We just want to add some spice into it – spice that’s stored away within an arm’s reach. The outdoor kitchen sink cabinet allows you to prep the food, get it on the grill, quickly access the storage area, and clean up all within the vicinity of your outdoor cooking area. Of course, no grilling expedition would be complete without an ice-cold beer in your hand. And, since we’re talking about convenience, you know that this cabinet has to come with a bottle opener, right?

An absolute UNIT

The outdoor sink cabinet by THOR Kitchen is entirely designed with shiny, timeless stainless steel. This unit has been tested to withstand the outdoor elements.

It will not rust.

It will not corrode.

And, it features a convenient bottle opener. You’ll find it to be a long-lasting, easy-to-clean appliance that will match all of your other kitchen appliances. And, uniformity is always a good thing.

Prepare Your Food Outside

Who doesn’t love a clean kitchen? We all do. Sometimes, if your house is clean, the idea of cooking is enough to make you order takeout. Grilling, though, is much easier. And, when you have the benefit of a sink outside – you don’t even need to use your in-home kitchen.

With this outdoor kitchen sink, you don’t just get any sink, you get a stainless-steel sink. It’s well-designed with a drain hose and a water pipe. This way you can prepare everything outdoors without having to dirty your kitchen!

Since you’ll likely be using raw meats in this sink, knowing that stainless steel is a non-porous surface can be huge a relief. There is no place for germs to hide, so you can reduce the chance of contamination and protect your family’s health.

Outdoor Storage Space

Let’s talk about storage for a minute. We discussed above just how much of an inconvenience it is to have to lug your food, utensils, and spices from the kitchen to the outdoor grill every time you want to use it. It takes time and sometimes even requires balancing skills. Not to mention that you’re going in and out of the house – which expends your home’s energy (increasing the cost of your utilities) as well as your own.

This high-quality outdoor kitchen sink cabinet was designed to make your grilling life a bit sweeter. While it does have a sink, and a bottle opener – which we know is a nice little bonus – the features don’t stop there. You are going to find plenty of storage space. You can keep all of your grilling essentials inside the cabinet so they’re nearby and ready to go when you need them. When you’re done cooking, you can wash them in the sink using the cleaning supplies you also have stored in the unit. And, who would we be if we didn’t include a storage tray to hold all the flavors of your special spices and rubs?

Easy to Move

While this stainless-steel outdoor kitchen sink may look heavy and solid, it’s rather easy to move. Underneath you will find two 3-inch fixed casters and two 3-inch locking casters. Both make it extremely easy to move. And, when you’re ready to have it settled in the perfect spot, you can lock it in place.

Most importantly, getting outside presents a wonderful opportunity to breathe in some fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and stock up on some natural vitamin D.

Whether you’ve got grilling weather now or will have it shortly, don’t go another day without a pro-style outdoor kitchen sink cabinet on your back patio. Your grill needs a friend – and this convenient appliance is it.

Hero image by Max Delsid

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