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Protecting Your Outdoor Kitchen in Cold Climates

Protecting your outdoor kitchen in cold climates

Outdoor kitchens are wonderful to use any time of the year – when you live in the right climate. For those who don’t, figuring out what to do to protect an outdoor kitchen in cold climates through the blustery winter months is a must. After all, you know you are going to be dreaming of the day you can comfortably use your outdoor space again – and it would be a shame if it didn’t work.

5 Ways to Protect an Outdoor Kitchen in Cold Climates

Here’s what you need to do to ensure all is well when the sun comes out tomorrow (err..in a few months).

1. Shut Off the Water Supply

If you have an outdoor kitchen suite that includes an outdoor sink, an outdoor refrigerator, or an automatic ice maker, then you will want to shut off the water supply to these units. When the weather changes, the water that is left inside the line can freeze, and this can potentially damage the internal components of the appliance. Not to mention that the line can also burst and leave you with an even bigger issue.

Shut off the water supply and then drain any excess water remaining in the line. For the sink, turn the knob on to get rid of any water still in the pipe.

2. Clean Your Appliances

Your sink and outdoor refrigerator should be cleaned out well. Any food or beverages left in the refrigerator should be removed – especially if they are perishable. Wipe down the inside and unplug it from its power source. If you have a freezer, be sure to let any ice buildup thaw out and melt before cleaning it. 

Remove any debris that has been left in the sink and give it a good scrub and polish. Then clear the grill of any remaining food residue and dump the grease. Polish both the stainless steel grill and the stainless steel sink so that they have a layer of protection over them through the season. 

3. Protecting Your Gas Grill

Cleaning your grill is only the first step in protecting it throughout the winter months. You will want to make sure that the gas line attached to it is turned off. Then close the hood vent. Your clean grill just needs an outdoor grill cover, and it should be in good shape to make it through until next season. 

To protect your grill grates, it is a good idea to use a little cooking oil to keep any moisture away from them. 

4. Clear Out Your Storage Cabinets

As you use your outdoor kitchen suite, you will find that your storage cabinets get used more and more. So don’t forget to look at them before you call it a day. Remove anything you have stored in there and take it into your home. This includes any cleaners, spices, utensils, and more. 

Once your storage cabinets are empty, it is time to give them a good cleaning. Using mild soap and water, wipe down the cabinets using a soft cloth – both inside and out. Make sure you take the time to dry handles, hinges, and other component parts, so they stay in good working order by the time you get to use them next. If you desire to, adding lubricant to them is a smart idea. 

Go ahead and give your storage cabinets a good polish and then, if you have covers, go ahead and place the cover over them as protection. If yours did not come with any, that’s ok, too. 

5. Don’t Forget the Countertops

You may spend a lot of time caring for the ins and outs of the appliances, but don’t forget to wipe down and clean up the stainless steel countertops of your outdoor kitchen, too. When dealing with an outdoor kitchen in cold climates, it is a good idea to go ahead and polish this, too, so it has a layer of protection against the outdoor weather.

Quick Tips You Won’t Want to Forget

-If you have a propane tank, be sure to remove it from the grill and store it properly.

-Keep as much of your outdoor kitchen covered as possible – especially those areas made of stainless steel.

-Do not let moisture pile up in or on your outdoor kitchen – including any moisture that may have made its way under your cover. Be sure to check this periodically throughout the season.

-Leave the hot and cold taps open on your outdoor sink once the water has been turned off and the lines have been cleared.

-Start taking these steps before the temperatures start dropping into the upper 30s.

The better care you take of your outdoor kitchen suite, the more likely it will reward you when the temperatures start to rise again in the spring.

Don’t Have an Outdoor Kitchen Suite?

THOR Kitchen’s Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite

THOR Kitchen’s Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen suite and are interested in getting one, it could be just what you need to kick off the warmer weather when it arrives. And Thor Kitchen has just what you need.

So, what is included in an outdoor kitchen suite? Build the ultimate outdoor space with the following:

-32-inch stainless steel 4-burner gas BBQ – and rotisserie

-Outdoor kitchen BBQ grill cabinet

-Stainless steel outdoor kitchen sink with storage cabinet

-Outdoor refrigerator cabinet – and outdoor refrigerator drawer – both in stainless steel

Outdoor kitchen pizza oven and cabinet in stainless steel

-Wine cabinet

-Outdoor kitchen stainless steel corner cabinet

Shop THOR Kitchen

Each piece of the outdoor kitchen suite blends beautifully together to give you the best look for your backyard space. This investment can serve you and your family well throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Then, as the temperatures begin to drop, follow the easy steps above to ensure that it is safe and protected throughout the winter.

Your backyard is no longer just a backyard. Let it be an extension of your living space – a place where your friends and family can spend time together, cooking, laughing, and eating. With an outdoor kitchen, you are not only boosting the value of your home, but you are boosting your quality of life!

Visit us online or find a THOR dealer near you to browse our outdoor kitchen suite products and more!

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Kitchen Suite with Bistro String Lights

Brighten up your outdoor kitchen suite with bistro string lights

We don’t want to thank the global pandemic for much of anything, for sure, but it is safe to say that many of us have become more appreciative of our own outdoors. You know, front porches and backyard spaces that surround our home. And while owning an outdoor kitchen suite can do wonders for transforming the backyard patio, there is just something about bistro string lights to complete the look.

Instead of viewing the backyard as a separate outdoor area that is just there, we can view it as an extension of our living space. We can also begin to really uncover the potential of the space and realize just how comfortable it could be to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air – without ever leaving home.

Let’s look at some of the ways an outdoor kitchen suite enhances your backyard space and why you should brighten it up with bistro string lights.

Perks of Having an Outdoor Living Space

When you decide to transform your outdoor living space, you can take advantage of many different perks that you just can’t get when you are stuck indoors. A few of the biggest, most-pronounced benefits include:

-The ability to entertain and have dinner parties and social gatherings with friends and family. Everyone can spread out, and you don’t have to worry about any damage or messes indoors, either.

-Outdoor kitchen suites allow you to have everything you need right where you need it. This includes the grill, the outdoor refrigerator, the storage, and even a sink. No need to keep going in and out of the house!

-Soak up the vitamin D from the sun and grant your lungs their wish for fresh air to breathe.

-Enhance your overall well-being with freshly growing plants, flowers, trees, herbs, and more. You may even want to consider adding a small garden.

As if all of these perks were not enough, you should know that having an outdoor living space can boost the value of your home, too.

What Your Backyard Patio Needs

The idea of having a welcoming backyard may be exciting, but if you haven’t done anything with yours, where do you start? What does your backyard patio need? First, you need a vision of what you hope to get from the space. Then, you need the following:

Clear any clutter or debris. If you have not used your backyard in a while, you may find that it is full of clutter or debris. Maybe plants or grass are overgrown. Maybe your weeds are growing through your pavers. Or maybe the area has just been a catch-all for the outdoor kids’ toys. Whatever it is, clear it out. Find a permanent storage space for the toys, get to work on your lawn, or call in the landscapers. Do what you need to do to give yourself some space.

An outdoor kitchen suite. This will draw you outdoors in the first place. When you have a nice setup to cook, you are going to want to spend time outdoors. As you do, you will come up with even more ideas. Besides, outdoor kitchen suites by Thor Kitchen look much too good to be left sitting there alone.

Invest in seating. As you wait on your steaks to cook, you are going to want to sit back and relax. And that means you will want to invest in a comfortable, enticing place to sit down. Depending on your preference and your space, you may want lounge chairs, loungers, a chaise lounge, deep-seated chairs, Adirondack chairs, an outdoor dining table with chairs and an umbrella, or all of the above.

Make it inviting. You want to make your space someplace where you will want to spend time. Add some flowers and plants, an outdoor rug, keep the best view open, and so on. Keep it private, if possible, and add a source of shade, too. The more welcoming you make your outdoor space, the more you will be sure to enjoy it.

Light it up. Once you have an outdoor space, you are not just going to want to spend time out there in the daytime but at night, too. Adding some decorative lights can be a great way to light up the space and make it more usable. Do not just rely on your outside flood light. Instead, string some bistro lights throughout the space to top off the look.

Why Bistro String Lights?

Bistro string lights are a very popular choice for lighting up your outdoor kitchen suite area for many different reasons. For one, they can be hung wherever there is activity. They are easy enough to install that you can do it anywhere and light up the space.

These lights set the mood for your backyard space. They are bright enough to see but still offer a cozy, warm atmosphere. Bistro string lights are dazzling and pretty -, and they allow you to get creative in how you hang them. You can string them across the patio, hang them along the covered overhang, or even string them from tree to tree.

Some bistro string lights involve the need for electrical outlets, while others are solar, battery-powered, or rechargeable. This gives you options when looking for the best fit for your space. In other words, if your entertainment area lacks power outlets, you can still light up the space beautifully.

Another benefit of these lights? Security. It helps those who visit to be able to see where they are going so that there are no accidents, but it also lights up the space to deter those with ill intentions. After all, thieves love dark, hidden spaces.

When it comes down to it, bistro string lights are an affordable lighting solution for backyard spaces, but they leave a huge impact on its overall feel.

A Year-Round Backyard Space

If you have an outdoor kitchen suite with bistro lights, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is – you will want to be outdoors feeling free. If that means adding a fireplace, then add the fireplace. When the cooler weather strikes and you are tired of being stuck inside, you are sure to be grateful for this outdoor space.

Ready to shop? Visit THOR Kitchen online and find a dealer near you for stainless steel kitchen appliances, including a full outdoor kitchen suite.

Are Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Are outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens worth it?

A few years ago, many people would use their backyard for a hangout spot every now and then. Maybe this included firing up the grill and having a BBQ, maybe not. And not only that but utilizing the backyard for creating outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens certainly wasn’t the deal – why not just order out, right? The outdoor area was seen as an optional space that didn’t get much attention unless the perfect weather just called for it.

That is – until the global pandemic hit.

All it took was for us to go stir crazy in our homes due to quarantine before we decided to revamp outside spaces – and that includes how we use them. While outdoor kitchens have always been a thing, they quickly became a necessity during this time. And still are today.

Transforming your space and taking it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven may sound enticing. But is it worth it?

Increase the Value of Your Home

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens can increase your home’s value. And, if you are wondering just how wise of an investment it is, it is not uncommon for the return on investment to be at least 100%. Maybe even double that. In other words, when you sell your property, the sale price of your home will account for the entire cost of the outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven – if not more.

Many homebuyers dream of having a backyard escape – and are often willing to pay more for a home that has one already built in.

What does this mean for you?

Well, investing in an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven will allow you to enjoy all that it brings to your home – and when you decide it is time to move on, you will be reimbursed for your cost, and someone new can enjoy it.

Expand Your Living Space

As we mentioned, living with COVID-19 and all that time spent sheltering in place allowed us to appreciate the outdoors a little bit more. Being able to get out of the house and into a space we enjoyed – while still being safe – was what mattered.

Today, many have a new appreciation for the outdoor areas of our living space. Rather than just allowing it to be a space that is an afterthought, adding an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, some comfortable seating, maybe some bistro lights, and a speaker for some music can transform the space into something you won’t want to leave. And don’t forget to add a place to eat, too, so you can really make the most of it.

No longer will you be bound by the four walls of your home, but you will have ample space to live and enjoy.

Boost Your Health and Wellness

Fresh air does a body good, doesn’t it? Staying indoors all the time and breathing in recycled air may feel great on a really hot day, but it doesn’t always add vibrancy to your health. Believe it or not, getting outdoors can boost your overall wellness by:

-Improving memory and concentration.

-Reducing stress.

-Restoring the mind.

-Letting creative energy flow.

It pays to invest in your overall well-being. And in this instance, you get all the perks of enjoying an outdoor kitchen while allowing yourself to have better health. It is like a win-win.

Something to Feel Good About

Why even focus on the numbers? Life is short, and sometimes it can feel good just to have something to feel good about. If you decide to invest in an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven so that you can spend quality time with your family and friends, ease your mind, reduce your stress, and increase your vitamin D consumption from the sun, then just do it!

Having something that makes you happy doesn’t always have to make financial sense. So what if your home’s value doesn’t increase as much as you’d like (though it will) or if you felt you could have made a bigger return investing in something else? If your backyard outdoor kitchen and the surrounding space make you feel good – then that is all that truly matters.

THOR’s Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

modular outdoor kitchen

Thor Kitchen has an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven that will meet your needs. Decked out in a shiny and timeless stainless steel finish, it pairs well with any look you are going for in your backyard. Whether you are seeking stone, quartz, granite, or something else – all shades and designs will flow nicely.

This modular outdoor kitchen comes with several different pieces that come together in any order or way you prefer to meet your outdoor space. With large surface areas and recessed handles, it is sleek and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pieces and the features that make this outdoor kitchen so inviting:

32-Inch Gas BBQ Grill

The 32-inch gas BBQ grill, model number MK04SS304, comes complete with an infrared rotisserie built right in. Either built-in or sitting on top of a matching grill cabinet, your Thor Kitchen BBQ grill comes with incredible features, including:

-Four burners.

-Beautiful blue LED-lit knobs.

-Halogen lights so you can see what you are cooking at night.

-Can be used with propane or natural gas.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet

This outdoor kitchen sink cabinet, model number MK01SS304, is also 32-inches and blends perfectly with the BBQ grill. Having a sink nearby makes it easier to utilize your outdoor kitchen. You will be able to wash food as you prep, wash your hands, and even clean up right outside. It is convenient, saving you from going in and out of the house all the time.

Underneath the sink, you have a spacious cabinet to hold your seasonings in the built-in spice rack, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and more.

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven and Cabinet

Thor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen pizza oven, model number MK07SS304, is wood burning – and that means tasty, smokey flavor in every bite. It comes with a ceramic pizza stone and a flue damper to control the heat. As a result, your pizza comes out perfect every time.

Underneath the pizza oven is a cabinet to hold all the utensils needed for delivering mouth-watering pizza, such as a pizza cutter, pizza peel, server, brush, and more.

Buy Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens at THOR Kitchen

And that’s only half of your outdoor kitchen! Summer isn’t over yet – transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven from Thor Kitchen! It is sure to be worth it.

For more information, find a THOR dealer near you.

6 Perks of an Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerator

6 Perks of an Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerator

Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a world of convenience. Why go to the store to buy something you want when you can just order online and receive it tomorrow? Why go out to eat and wait in line for your order when you can just have it delivered right to your front door? And why on earth would you ever wait for a weekly episode of a show when you can stream the whole thing at once? The same can be said about the convenience of having an undercounter outdoor refrigerator…

So as you and your buddies or your kids and their buddies are hanging out on the back patio this summer, why make them come inside for a drink? With an undercounter outdoor refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about it! You can stay outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and keep the cold drinks coming.

Check out these six perks of installing one in your home’s outdoor kitchen suite this summer.

1. Socialize Longer

When you have a get-together of people, you sit around, socialize, and enjoy some snacks and beverages, right? But what happens as the day goes on and the food and drinks start getting more sparse? The guests will begin to leave. After all, who wants to hang out somewhere when the well has started to dry up?

When you have a well-stocked refrigerator, you can keep the party going longer. You will have plenty of space to store drinks and snacks – and can even consider it a backup to your indoor kitchen refrigerator.

2. Convenience

Imagine cooking outdoors using your outdoor kitchen suite but having to go back inside every time you need seasoning, condiments, beverages, and so forth. Quite an inconvenience, wouldn’t you say?

With an outdoor refrigerator, you get a convenient solution. This unit can hold everything you need for what you are cooking and drinks, too. It makes using an outdoor BBQ grill as convenient as cooking in your own kitchen.

3. Have Room for Overflow

If you are throwing a big bash and you need extra storage for food and/or drinks, an outdoor refrigerator can give you extra room for overflow. Take away your worry about not having enough space and allow yourself to enjoy festivities instead.

4. Reliability and Durability

Outdoor refrigerators are designed to handle the elements of the outdoors. The extreme weather conditions, harsh climates, and more will not keep your refrigerator from keeping your food and drinks cold for you. Plus, those made of stainless steel do not corrode, which means that they will continue to look beautiful.

In other words, there is a lot of value outdoor refrigerators can bring to your patio – and will continue to do so for years to come.

5. Keep the Heat Out

A well-designed outdoor refrigerator will keep the cold inside, with the perishables fresh and the drinks ready to quench your thirst. So, of course, it will keep the heat out. But what we are referring to is keeping the heat out of your home!

That summer sun can beat down hard, and temperatures can skyrocket. This is when most people notice their electric bill creeping higher and higher with everything working harder to keep the house cool. If you are having an outdoor get-together and the door keeps getting opened with guests looking for drinks and snacks inside, you are letting the cold air out and letting the hot air in. As a result, this is likely to impact your wallet.

With an outdoor refrigerator, no one has to enter your home! Everything you need is right outside.

6. Stand Out From the Crowd

Sometimes it is just cool to have something different from everyone else. Sure, having a refrigerator outside is not unheard of – many people have them. However, it is not as common as having a refrigerator inside.

Maybe the day will come when outdoor refrigerators will be the norm. But until then, why not stand out from the crowd?

Add your undercounter outdoor refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen and watch your friends find it fascinating. Watch the shiny stainless steel catch their eye as the sun hits it just right. Go on – be one of the Jones’ that everyone else is always trying to follow.

Thor Kitchen’s Must-Have Undercounter Refrigerator

Perfect for summer and time spent outdoors, Thor Kitchen’s under-counter refrigerator drawer (model number TRF2401U) is just what you need to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature.

This unit pairs beautifully with the outdoor kitchen that comes with the stainless steel grillstorage cabinetsinkpizza oven, and more. Or, it does just fine shining on its own. All you have to do is take a look at its features to see why it is such an incredible choice. Below are a few of the highlights:

-Use both inside and out. While the unit is perfect for outdoors, it is also something that can be used in, say, your game room, basement, or even just for overflow in the kitchen.

-Offers 5.4 cubic feet of storage space.

-Two drawers (no doors) that are soft close.

-LED lighting so you can find what you are looking for when the sun goes down.

-Quiet operation. You don’t have to worry about your outdoor fridge humming too loudly for conversation.

-Digital controls. A digital touchpad with a blue LED display makes adjusting the temp a cinch.

Convection cooling. Since you want to make sure that your refrigerator can stay cool even in the summer heat, you can feel confident in this system that provides a quick cool down and consistent temperatures.

-Adjustable legs to keep the unit balanced and leveled on your outdoor patio.

Easy to clean stainless steel, so it always looks sharp.

As you are hanging out with your friends and family on your back patio this summer, don’t waste energy going in and out of your home. Besides, you may miss the best part of the conversation when you head inside.

Shop Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerators

Do yourself a favor and invest in a stainless steel undercounter outdoor refrigerator from THOR Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.

Need assistance? Contact us online or visit a dealer near you.

Inside Chef Brad Miller’s THOR Kitchen

We’ve teamed up with celebrity chef Brad Miller for an epic partnership! Miller will be firing things up as our newest brand ambassador, using his own suite of THOR Kitchen appliances to create exclusive recipes and offer giveaways to fans and foodies alike. Check out what he’s got with this exclusive kitchen sneak peek. Read more about our partnership with Chef Brad Miller here.

Shop the look:

Check out the products featured in Ched Brad Miller’s new THOR Kitchen!

30 Inch Professional Gas Range

The THOR Kitchen 30 Inch Professional Liquid Propane Range is a stainless-steel machine that is designed with professional features and functionality. This powerful range has 4 burners including an 18,000 BTU single burner, a 15,000 BTU dual burner and two 12,000 BTU single burners giving you the flexible cooktop you’ve been dreaming about. Learn more here.


36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator

Let’s keep everything as cool, crisp, cold and/or frozen as the recipe calls for, shall we? Answering the call is THOR Kitchen’s 36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator. Inside is where the magic happens, you’ll find two freezer drawers, a full-width chiller drawer and a Dual Cooling system that separates the refrigerator and freezer zones.  Moisture, odor transfer and freezer burn? Gone. Compliments on meals? Way, way up. Learn more here.


24 Inch Dual Zone Indoor/Outdoor Wine Cooler

This beautifully designed 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler can be used for entertaining indoors or outside in your outdoor kitchen. It features two temperature-controlled zones that help preserve the flavor and integrity of individual wines. There’s a special zone for whites and a separate zone for reds. The 46 wine bottle capacity can easily fit a full selection of wines. Learn more here.


Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven and Cabinet

The THOR Kitchen Wood Burning Pizza Oven adds smokey and savory flavor to any recipe, featuring a classic ceramic pizza stone and flue damper to control heat flow. It comes equipped with a pizza cutter, pizza peel, pizza/pie server, brush – and has a handy accessories rack to store it all (What is an artist without his tools?). An extra large, bottom storage cabinet is the perfect place to store your extra supplies and grilling essentials. Buon appetite! Learn more here.

Transform Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen Suite

Transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen suite

Imagine walking into your backyard and feeling as though you have been transported into another world. A tropical escape, serene gardens, or even an Irish pub or tiki bar. Your backyard is an extension of your home – don’t let this space go to waste, why not transform your backyard into something extraordinary?

Your opportunities here are endless once you let your creative side take over. Work your magic and see what incredible space you uncover. But first – there are a few things you need to decide before you transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen suite.

Wait – What is an Outdoor Kitchen Suite?

An outdoor kitchen is just what it sounds like – a kitchen that is outdoors. No two have to look the same as they are as unique as the kitchen in your home. The idea is to create a space where you feel comfortable and will want to spend time.

Some outdoor kitchens may be designed with practicality and functionality in mind, while others may be focused on social gatherings and entertaining. Some may keep things simple with just a grill to cook with, while others may prefer a grill, a pizza oven, and maybe even a smoker, too.

As we said, you have so many options and ways you can transform your backyard into something that is truly unique – and all yours.

Full or Partial Outdoor Kitchen?

You will want to decide whether you want a full or partial outdoor kitchen. Depending on your space, you may want to decide whether you should opt for a full or a partial outdoor kitchen. For those lacking the space, it may be necessary to forego an outdoor refrigerator or an extra cabinet or sink. Larger spaces allow for a grill, cabinet, sink, refrigerator, pizza oven – and more.

To Build In or Not to Build In?

Deciding on how permanent you want your outdoor backyard kitchen to be is also important. Some create a full kitchen made with built-in cabinets and/or countertops. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a permanent look without being so permanent by using outdoor cabinets along with your appliances. It gives it a seamless look without making it a forever fixture.

A Place to Relax, Eat, and Enjoy

As you focus on the kitchen portion of your backyard transformation, don’t forget to create a place to relax, hang out, eat, and enjoy the company of those around you. This is easy to do when you add comfortable seating, chairs, and even a fire pit if you’d like.

By including this in your outdoor kitchen, you can cook delicious recipes and eat outdoors – without ever having to go back inside. After all, how silly would it be to go outside to cook but then go back inside to eat?

This is the fun part. What will you create? Oh – and don’t forget the bistro lights.

Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Kitchen Suite

modular outdoor kitchen

As your mind starts turning and trying to decide how you can transform your backyard to get the most out of your space, you will want to check out the outdoor kitchen suite that Thor Kitchen has to offer. This can help you determine the best way to set up the space so that you also have room for eating and socializing. In other words, you know that you need the items in the outdoor kitchen suite – so it makes sense to start there and work out the rest of the design around it.

Thor Kitchen’s modular outdoor kitchen suite features large surface areas and a sleek design. Made of stainless steel, it is durable with a shine that is meant to last even if out in the elements. And, because it is modular, it can be rearranged so that it fits your space and is as functional as possible.

32-Inch Grill

Thor Kitchen’s 32-inch 4-burner gas BBQ grill with rotisserie in stainless steel looks and works beautifully. It is powerful, and with its blue LED knobs, it is a stunning addition to your back patio. Lots of advanced features – including halogen lights to see your food at night – take this grill to the next level.

Grill Cabinet

This stainless steel grill cabinet holds your grill steadily on top without wavering – and it blends together as though it is one unit. The cabinet itself has two storage drawers and a bottom storage cabinet to hold grilling essentials, towels, cleaning supplies, and more.

Sink Cabinet

Having a stainless steel sink cabinet outdoors in your kitchen suite is a great idea. Not only does it reduce the number of times you have to keep running indoors, but it also cuts down on cross-contamination and makes cleanup a breeze. Wash your hands, prep your food, and clean up – do it all outdoors without ever having to make your way back inside.

This sink cabinet allows you to also store items, and it comes with a built-in spice rack for all your favs and a bottle opener, so you have no excuse but to be the chef with a cold one in hand.

Corner Cabinet

The corner cabinet is just another large storage space – and countertop – to add to your suite. You can store anything you need to so that your outdoor kitchen is complete. And the top is a perfect place to prep your food.

Pizza Oven and Cabinet

A pizza oven is a fantastic addition – and there are so many things you can use it for in addition to pizza. It comes with all the necessities and even has another large storage cabinet underneath it.

Decked out in stainless steel, too, it fits perfectly with all the others.

Refrigerator Cabinet

The refrigerator cabinet holds your refrigerator drawer or wine cooler perfectly – and it gives you additional counter space on top to prep your food – or create a buffet for your friends and family.

It is important to note that Thor Kitchen also has additional options available, such as an outdoor refrigerator drawer to store perishable foods, condiments, etc. – or a wine cooler to keep wine at its ultimate temperature or even just store drinks, etc. Both add a lot of conveniences to your outdoor kitchen space.

Transform Your Backyard with THOR’s Outdoor Kitchen Suite

How will you transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen suite? Start building your dream outdoor kitchen suite with THOR Kitchen’s Builder and Designer Program today. You can also check out our latest kitchen appliances by finding a dealer near you.

Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime about our products and things to come!

How to Prepare a Grill for Summertime Cookin’

How to prepare a grill for summertime cookin

Summertime is here! This is the time for outdoor everything, including cooking scrumptious recipes. As social calendars fill up with all sorts of outdoor fun, you may decide to partake and host a little BBQ get-together. If so, you better make sure your grill is in working order–or at least quickly learn how to prepare a grill for a great time! And, let’s face it – there are few things worse than having a backyard of friends and family looking forward to some grilled burgers and dogs while your grill won’t light.

How to Prepare a Grill this Summer

Follow these four simple steps to ensure that your grill is fully prepared for summertime cookin’.

Step One: Cleaning the Grill

Don’t think for one second that you can ignore this step if you have had your grill covered over the last several months. It has been subjected to all sorts of outdoor elements, not to mention a few possible living creatures too. That means it is time to clean the grill.

To get this job done, you will want to gather a few items you have around your home. You don’t need to go out and purchase a special grill cleaner. Simply grab a couple of towels (choose old ones as they will get dirty), a scrubbing/cleaning brush, and a bucket of soapy water. If you have a degreaser cleaning solution, you can grab that, too, but you do not need to go out and get some if you don’t.

Once you have everything together, the first thing you want to do is take out your grates and scrub them with your brush and soapy water. For seasoned cast-iron grates, you will want to oil them before placing them back on the grill.

Special note: Never use oven cleaner to try and clean your grill. This can damage it, doing much more harm than good.

Step Two: Clean Deeper

Set your clean grates aside and remove your grill plates (or heat tamers), and clean them up using your soapy water solution. Then look for areas of grease or debris build-up. Leaving this alone can cause hot spots and flare-ups while you are cooking, so it is always a good idea to remove it.

Take a close look at the inside areas within your grill and make sure everything is still connected and that it looks good. If something doesn’t appear right – now is the time to investigate it further before you decide to light the grill. Be sure to check all hoses, the gas connection, the regulator, knobs, and so forth. When you think it is good to go, try the ignitor to ensure the grill lights.

Finally, clean up the outside of the grill to keep it looking nice. Here, too, you will use your soapy water solution and towels to clean it up. If necessary, use your degreaser. Though, the idea is to leave your stainless steel grill with a fantastic shine rather than a bunch of ugly smudges.

Step Three: Clear the Venturi Tube

The venturi tube is the tube that runs from the burner to the control valves. It is where the air mixes with gas that is needed to use the grill. Unfortunately, this line can get obstructed, and if that happens, it could be dangerous.

These tubes need to be open to gather air, but they may or may not have a protective screen on them. What happens is that bugs and debris can pile up in this and block the flow of gas. To prevent this from happening, clear the tube using a venturi tube brush that you can buy, or use a suitable length of wire as a DIY tool that you can place in the tube and wiggle around.

This is a very important step in maintaining your grill.

Step Four: Maintenance

Once you clean your grill for the season, keep it clean by taking care of it as you go. Once you are done cooking, and the grill has cooled, clean off the grates, remove any debris, and wipe down the grill. Doing this each time can keep it running well and leave you with less work to do.

Need a New Grill?

Stop for a minute and think about your summer without a grill. Imagine not being able to head outdoors to cook up some grub, smell the grill cookin’ while sipping a cold one with your friends, or being able to make memories with some of your favorite people while enjoying some freshly grilled foods. This just doesn’t sound like summer at all.

Who wants to live that way? Certainly not you. So, if you do not currently have a grill or you aren’t sure whether or not yours is up for the challenge of summertime grillin’ this year, perhaps it is time to purchase a new one.

Thor Kitchen has a wonderful outdoor 32-inch 4-burner gas stainless steel grill that will get you through this summer and many more down the road. Here’s a closer look at its amazing features:

-A built-in grill that sits upon a grill cabinet

-The choice between propane and natural gas

-Halogen lights inside so you can cook after dark with ease

-LED knob lights in brilliant blue

-Four burners

-Infrared rotisserie burner


-Easy to maintain and keep clean

Shop THOR Kitchen for Outdoor Kitchen Products

Ready to take it a step further? Why not transform your grill space into an entire outdoor kitchen space? With an outdoor kitchen suite, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. There will be no going in and out of the house (letting in flies and letting out the cold air) because you will be able to prep, cook, wash, and store all your goodies right outside. After all, an outdoor kitchen can include a BBQ grill, sink cabinet, outdoor refrigerator with cabinet, grill cabinet, and it may even include an outdoor kitchen pizza oven!

Now that you know how to prepare a grill, don’t let the summertime pass you by without taking full advantage of your backyard and all the summertime cookin’ that can take place out there. So whether you need to clean up your old grill and purchase a new one – now is the time to get it done!

Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor kitchen suite products, grills, and more! To up your backyard game, search your nearest dealer for all things THOR.

5 Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

5 fabulous outdoor kitchen ideas

This time of year, we find ourselves outdoors more than we are indoors. And why not? The weather is beautiful with lots of sunshine and warmth. And the longer days mean that eating dinner and entertaining outdoors just becomes natural. So, in preparation for summer shenanigans, get-togethers, and everything in between, now is a great time to try out some new outdoor kitchen ideas. Just like your indoor kitchen appliances, an outdoor kitchen comes with many benefits:

-Extends your living and entertaining space

-Keeps smells outdoors

Lowers your energy bill

-Provides convenience when hanging out outdoors

-Adds value to the home

And that is just to name a few. So, if you would like to add an outdoor kitchen to your space, but you don’t know where to start, keep reading. We’ve got five fabulous outdoor kitchen ideas to help you get started.

What’s Included in an Outdoor Kitchen?

No longer does an outdoor kitchen include just a grill. Or even a grill and a small table. And, while there is no set checklist for an outdoor kitchen that you have to have in order to call it an outdoor kitchen, the idea is to create a kitchen (yes, much like your indoor kitchen) but outside. Instead of a range, you have a grill. But you need countertops and storage space. You will also benefit greatly from a sink and a refrigerator, too.

Having this in a designated area in your backyard can make it feel more like an outdoor kitchen. You can choose the size of the space, the layout, and whether or not you want to add an island based on the space you have. But one thing you do need is an entertainment space to go alongside it. After all, what good is an outdoor kitchen if you can’t enjoy the meal under the stars? Create a space to have drinks, food, and fun all right in your backyard.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to extend your interior design into your outdoors so that it flows smoothly and beautifully.

modular outdoor kitchen

Thor Kitchen’s Outdoor Kitchen Suite

When you have an idea that will take your backyard to new heights, Thor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen suite is just what you need to pull the look together. If you are looking for a combination of classy and elegance topped with durability and functionality, look no further. 

 This kitchen suite comes with several key pieces, including: 

Gas BBQ Grill:

A 32-inch 4-burner gas grill with rotisserie can be there for you when cooking any meal. This stainless steel grill has stellar LED-lit knobs, halogen lights (much-needed for nighttime grilling), easy moving, and the ability to use either propane or natural gas. It sits perfectly on an outdoor kitchen BBQ grill cabinet with its two storage drawers and bottom storage cabinet.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet:

Having a sink in your outdoor kitchen isn’t mandatory, but it sure is convenient. Whether you are prepping food, washing dishes, or just looking for a place to wash your hands, this stainless steel kitchen sink cabinet with storage space comes in handy.

Pizza Oven and Cabinet:

Why? Well, why not? If you have never cooked a pizza (or anything, for that matter) in a pizza oven, then you are in for a real treat. This stainless steel wood-burning pizza oven blends in well with the other pieces of this suite while delivering a delicious pie every time. It also comes with storage so that you can keep all your pizza utensils organized.

24 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator:

As a potential add-on to the suite, having a refrigerator can be incredibly beneficial to your outdoor kitchen. Not only does it make it convenient for cold drinks, but it is great for storing condiments, spreads, or anything you may need for cooking. Perhaps a 46-bottle wine cooler may be more suitable for your needs?

All of these items are meant to stand up to outdoor weather conditions and continue to look magnificent any day of the year.

Five Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Try

Ready to enjoy life and make some lifelong memories? Let’s take a look at some kitchen ideas that can incorporate this kitchen suite and make it your own. 

1. Modern Outdoor Kitchen

For those who don’t have a lot of extra space, but are looking to create a kitchen outdoors, a simple wood-paneled island will work. This can be built next to or around your kitchen suite, bringing you a designated cooking area as well as a prep area, too. 

The modern look is in the wood paneling paired with a stone countertop and a stainless steel grill, cabinet, sink, etc.

2. Patio Dining – and Relaxing

What if you could turn your backyard into a dining and relaxation space? It can be the ultimate hangout spot. Add your kitchen appliances and countertops, but don’t stop there. You can have a seating area, a dining table, a fireplace, a television, and the like. Make it cozy as if you were relaxing in your living room watching the game. 

3. An Outdoor Bar

Along with your grill, why not build up your countertop and turn it into a bar? Add some nice barstools and use a wine cooler to store your drinks. You can decorate your bar any way you want. You can create a tropical It’s 5 o’clock somewhere vibe, turn it into an Irish pub, or leave it a modern, sleek space. 

4. Contemporary Outdoor Dining

To create a contemporary space, you can combine the shiny, sleek look of the stainless steel appliances with neutral pavers. Add some pizazz with a backsplash behind the grill. A stone island can seal the deal. 

Be sure to extend the look into the dining area, too, so that it remains uniform. 

5. Don’t Forget the Must-Haves

When designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen, you cannot forget to include the must-haves, such as: 


-Space to move around freely

-Comfortable seating

-Overhead covering (at least partial)

-Fireplace or heaters to extend the use of the space

-Entertainment, such as a tv or music/speakers

Bring Your Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Life with THOR Kitchen

Summer only comes once each year, but with the right outdoor kitchen ideas and design, you can make use of your outdoor space all year long. Get started on yours today by finding a dealer near you! And if you’re feeling extra creative, try out our Builder & Designer Program!

For more information, contact THOR Kitchen.

Cooking Like a Boss with a Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Cooking like a boss with a rotisserie BBQ grill

Maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to have a rotisserie. Maybe you have always just enjoyed munching on your grocery store’s $9.99 lemon pepper rotisserie chicken as part of an easy weeknight meal – but never thought about making it yourself. Maybe the thought of using something like a rotisserie BBQ grill seems a bit overwhelming.

Using your grill can be an easy way to cook without making a mess in the kitchen, but your grill can be used for so much more than grilling burgers and dogs. If you have one with a rotisserie, it is time to take advantage.  If you don’t? Well, perhaps today is the day you get one.

Truth is that cooking with a rotisserie BBQ grill is easy and delicious. It’s time you take some lessons so you can cook like a boss.

Benefits of Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie chicken, for instance, tastes delicious – but did you know there were benefits to cooking this way? There are quite a few, in fact.

1. Easy to Use

Once you get the hang of rotisserie cooking, it is easy to do – and it always tastes great.

2. Minimal Grease and Fat

Because your meat is cooking in the air, essentially, and allowing all the fat and grease to drop off of it, you are consuming less. So, in other words, it doesn’t just taste better but it is better for you.

3. Crispy Outside, Juicy Inside

When you cook using your BBQ grill rotisserie, you get a crispy outside and juicy inside every time.

4. Cooking for Many

When you want to create a feast for the family or you are trying to meal prep, rotisserie cooking is an easy way to get that done. It is always a crowd-pleaser and makes kitchen cleanup a breeze.

5. Cooking Options

You may commonly think of a chicken when you hear the word rotisserie, but there are many other options for rotisserie cooking that you may not have considered, such as lamb, whole turkeys, ham, kabobs, and even vegetables.

Using your Rotisserie BBQ Grill

First, you’ve got to show up with confidence. You may have no idea how to work the contraption, but no one needs to know that. No one, got it? Here’s what you need to know.


Attach the rotisserie. You will want to make sure that your rotisserie attachment is on and ready to go. You may have to read your manual for this one.

A Balancing Act

Before you begin, you will want to purchase your meat – and you will want it to be a symmetrical piece of meat so that it balances nicely on the rotisserie. As you skew the meat, you want to make sure it is in the middle. If you are cooking a whole chicken or the like, you will want to make sure that the legs are tied tightly with twine.

As you place the meat on your grill’s rotisserie, you will want to make sure that it turns easily, without any wobbles or jerks. Test it out by turning it yourself. Make sure it is smooth – or take the meat off and try again. If you don’t take the time to do this right, not only will the meat not cook properly, but it can damage your rotisserie, too.

Add a Drip Pan

Your grill has its own drip pan, but it is important to add a small tray under your meat. As it spins and cooks, this big hunk of meat can get close to the grill. If there are any flare ups, you don’t want the heat to directly touch your meat.

Preheat – And Sear

Preheat the grill to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. Once it reaches the temperature, add your rotisserie rod (with the attached meat). Let it go for about 10 minutes or so. This high level of heat will sear it and keep the juices inside as it continues to cook.


Turn the heat down to about 350-degrees. Depending on what your meat selection, you will want to let it continue to cook until it reaches your desired internal temperatures. Be sure to keep the lid shut so that your food can cook evenly from all sides.

Time for Rest

Once your meat is done cooking, let it rest. Take it off the rotisserie and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before carving it. This will let it remain juicy, tender, and delicious.

Thor Kitchen’s Must-Have BBQ Grill with Rotisserie

Now that you know what a rotisserie can do, how can you possibly keep moving through life without one? Until you make that investment, you are going to feel like something is missing. So, what better time than today? What better rotisserie than Thor Kitchen’s 32-inch, 4-burner gas BBQ grill with rotisserie in stainless steel? That’s one heck of a description for one heck of a grill!

You will get the benefits of this grill and all it has to offer – in addition to the rotisserie. Just check out these features:

● Built-in grill (or it pairs perfectly with Thor’s 32-inch grill cabinet)

● Halogen lights which makes cooking at night a cinch – same with the beautiful blue LED-lit knobs, too

● Four burners so you can perfectly grill multiple things at once

● 10,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner

● Runs off of propane or natural gas, whichever is more convenient for you

The best part is this grill is part of an entire outdoor kitchen suite that can transform your backyard. All decked out in stainless steel, it is a perfect addition to your home. It will shine – without corrosion – and is built with durability and longevity in mind.

Grill it Up this Summer with a Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Whether you have been interested in cooking with a rotisserie and seeing what magic can unfold on your dinner plate – or if you just now realized what you have been missing in your life, then it is not too late. Invest in a rotisserie BBQ grill and start cooking some mouth – watering recipes like the boss that you are!

THOR Kitchen Featured in Popular Mechanics

The THOR Kitchen 24 Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer was featured in Popular Mechanic’s recent article, 9 Built-In Refrigerators That Will Give Your Kitchen a Luxe Makeover, as their pick for the Best Drawer!

Shop the look:

24 Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer

THOR Kitchen’s 24 Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer in Stainless Steel is freestanding and rated for both indoor and outdoor use.
So, add it to the man cave or keep it out by the grill. With its sleek stainless steel design, LED lighting and soft close drawers, how can something meant to refrigerate look so darn hot? Learn more here!

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