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Choosing a Beverage Refrigerator With Glass Door for Your Kitchen

Choosing a beverage refrigerator with glass door for your kitchen

Sometimes you walk into a house, and it looks like the owners really know what they are doing. Everything seems so well organized and put together. It seems rather, well, grown-up. Or, maybe, it is just the home of an adult who has their stuff together. Whatever it is, it looks good – and you want to have it. So, first things first, you need a beverage refrigerator with glass door for your kitchen.

Why? Because grown-ups who have it together know just how handy, cool, and sophisticated this addition to their kitchen is.

Before you make that purchase, consider the following questions.

What Will You Use it For?

Beverage refrigerators, also dubbed wine coolers, are the perfect place for storing wine. It is like having a wine cellar without the cellar. You can display wines just as they are intended to be – on their side, keeping the cork moist, perfect humidity, ideal temperature, and all for the optimal taste.

The good news is that beverage refrigerators don’t have to store wine at all. You can use it to store water, juice, soda, beer, and the like, as most can store different size bottles and cans, too.

Having an idea of how you intend to use your beverage refrigerator can make it a bit easier when finding the best option for your kitchen.

How Many Drinks Will You Store?

Do you have a lot of drinks you are looking to store? Is this going to be for your everyday use? Will you stock it up for parties and social gatherings? Is it something you want to use to showcase your wine collection? If so, how many bottles of wine do you have?

A beverage refrigerator with glass door can come in all different sizes, so having an idea of how much you’d like for it to store is always beneficial. After all, investing in one that is too small can mean you will have to restock regularly – and find yourself without cold drinks when the supply gets too low. Too large, and you may find that you either need to buy extra just to fill it or stare at a silly-looking half-empty fridge.

Take some time to consider your answer to this question before you make your purchase.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Again, there are different sizes of beverage refrigerators, so you should be able to find one that fits your space. Where will you place it in your kitchen? Do you have enough space for a single door, or will french doors be a better fit? Will you install it under a countertop? Or next to it?

Know the space you have available before you shop so that you find the perfect fridge for the beverages in your kitchen.

Which Special Features Matter Most To You?

Beverage refrigerators may be small, but they sure are mighty. They come with many different special features that you can choose from. Some may offer them all, others just a few. But if you don’t know what is available, how can you make sure you are getting a beverage refrigerator that will best meet your needs?

Below are a few of the features available found on these refrigerators:

Precise Temperature Control

You are going to want your drinks to be stored at different temperatures than you’d keep your refrigerator – and at different temperatures based on what you are storing. For instance, wines have a certain temperature that they should be kept to ensure their perfect taste; you will want your beer to be extra chilled, and so on.

Dual Temperature Zones

Just as we talked about its precise temperature control, there are times when you may want to store more than one thing. Red and white wine have different ideal temperatures. You may want your beer colder than your bottled water (which could freeze) and the like. With dual temperature zones, you are able to maintain two distinct sections with two unique temperatures for the best beverage storage.

Pull Out Racks

Extendable racks come in handy because – let’s be real – no one wants to bend and stretch to get the drink in the back.

Interior Lighting

LED lighting within the beverage refrigerator allows you to see everything inside clearly. With the glass door, you can peek inside and know just what is available. When you open it, you waste less cold air because you are in and out. This makes it more energy efficient. Plus, the LED lights are energy–saving, too!

Security Lock

Interested in protecting your drink fridge? Whether you just really love your soda or you are trying to keep young ones out of the alcohol, you may find that a security lock comes in handy. This is a good feature to have, just in case. Even if you intend to only use it for drinks for the family, there may come a time you’d like to lock up the hard stuff.

Door Alarm

Accidentally leaving the door open can lead to warm drinks. And if you are storing something that is sensitive to temperature, such as wine, then having a door alarm to let you know it was left open can be very helpful.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

It feels good to do something good. A new beverage refrigerator with glass door may come equipped with R600a, which is an advanced refrigerant that is more efficient and better for the environment.

Charcoal Filtration System

A charcoal filtration system is used to keep the refrigerator running efficiently and cooling as it should at all times. It also works to keep odors at bay, too. Every time you open the door to your beverage refrigerator, it will be cool and fresh, thanks to these filters.

Get a Beverage Refrigerator with Glass Door at THOR

Well, there you go. Everything you have ever wanted to know about choosing a beverage refrigerator with glass doors. Decide how much space you have and how much space within the unit you are going to need, and then decide on all the amazing features that you must have.

Make your purchase, plug it in, and fill it up. Then pat yourself on the back. You’ve finally become one of those grown-ups that have it all together.

How to Use a Warming Drawer

How to use a warming drawer

There are some kitchen appliances that are necessities, such as a refrigerator or oven. And then there are those appliances that are just an absolute must-have, such as a warming drawer that’ll bring you so much extra joy – and make your life easier (hey, sometimes you have to factor in convenience!). But, just what is a warming drawer? And do you know how to use a warming drawer with all its features?

While it isn’t going to keep your non-perishables from perishing, and it isn’t going to do the cooking for you, it can really warm your heart – along with your food.

Let’s find out how it works.

What is a Warming Drawer?

A warming drawer is just like it sounds – a drawer that keeps things warm. While traditional warming drawers are those that come at the bottom of your range (which most people use to store pans), a modern warming drawer comes with a purpose.

This is a premium professional appliance that is bought with intention. They can be used in different ways, but their main goal in your kitchen is to keep dishes warm and ready to serve. After all, who likes to eat a hot meal on a cold plate?

How To Use a Warming Drawer

There are many things you can use your warming drawer for – some ways that you would already consider and others that may be considered outside the box. The good news is that by adding a warming drawer to your kitchen, you are benefiting yourself in numerous ways. Here is how you can use your warming drawer.

Warm Your Dishes. A hot plate will keep your food hot longer – and make it taste better in the long run. Even a hot mug will keep your tea or coffee hot longer, too. Use your drawer for dishware and reap the cozy benefits.

Keep a Meal Hot and Ready. How many times have you cooked a meal and a teenager, spouse, or someone else missed it, so you saved a plate? And how many times have you put that plate in the microwave so that they’d have a lukewarm rendition of the meal when they arrive home?

With a warming drawer, you can keep it hot and just as good as it was when it was ready. And it is sure to be appreciated.

Prepare a Feast – and Serve it all Hot. Cooking a large meal is tough enough, but even more so when you want to keep it all hot. There is nothing worse than having warm eggs and cold pancakes. The good news is that with a warming drawer, you don’t have to worry about anything being cold when it hits the table.

As you prepare your feast, place items in the drawer while you continue cooking. Then, when you are done, it will all be hot and ready to go!

Activate Yeast in Baking. Need your dough to rise quickly? Getting the warm temperatures necessary to activate yeast can be tricky – especially when you need it quickly. Leaving it out on the countertop can cause other concerns to arise, such as contaminants in the air.

With a warming drawer, you have the perfect solution to help get the yeast working. Whether you are making bread or homemade pizza dough, you can whip up your dough and use it quickly once it begins rising in this beneficial appliance.

Warm Towels. Lastly, you can use your warming drawer to warm towels. Like we said – a little outside the box. Yet, oh-so-enjoyable. Think about those cold months coming up and how good it will feel to put on a pair of warm slippers or wrap yourself in a warm robe or towel. You may even warm wet washcloths to be used for opening pores.

What’s not to love?

While warming drawers are most often associated with the kitchen, there is nothing that says they can’t be installed elsewhere in the home. Those who have already benefited from toasty slippers will tell you that a warming drawer makes a great addition to the bathroom.

Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Warming Drawer

Thor Kitchen’s 30-inch warming drawermodel number TWD3001, is designed with multiple different functions and temperature ranges so that you can get the most out of it. It comes in a timeless stainless steel finish to blend with your other appliances and looks beautiful, too.

Plus, it comes with some pretty amazing features, such as:

Flexible temperature control: To get the most use of your warming drawer, you need options when it comes to temperature. This unit can vary from 86 degrees to 185 degrees to address all your heating needs.

Multiple modes: You can use this warming drawer in different modes, depending on your need. For instance, you can keep plates and mugs warm, or you can activate yeast for baking. And that is just a small part of all it can do.

Sleek design: Its sleek design fits smoothly into any kitchen. It looks great and fits perfectly. It is sure to fit perfectly regardless of your kitchen style or design.

Humidity control: You don’t want things to get wet due to high humidity when you place them in the warming drawer. Having a hidden humidity control valve can reduce that issue altogether.

Hidden LCD display and controls: The hidden control display helps maintain the sleek design. From it, you can adjust the timer, temperatures, and functions.

Soft close drawer: Easy sliding – and quiet, too – no one will ever know you have been sneaking small nibbles.

Serving pans: For your convenience, it comes equipped with three serving pans and two removable serving rails.

Drawer open alarm: Leaving the drawer open too long can let out a lot of heat and waste energy. The door alarm will alert you so that this does not happen.

Shop Warming Drawers at THOR Kitchen

If you have never had any experience with a warming drawer, now is your opportunity. As we are heading into the fall and winter seasons, what better time to invest in some warmth for your family?

Take advantage of all Thor Kitchen’s warming drawer has to offer you. When you’re ready to shop, just find a THOR dealer near you!

Professional Kitchen Range 101: Styles, Space, and Size

Professional kitchen range 101: Styles, space, and size

There are certain things that you buy for your kitchen without any great research, knowing that they may or may not last a while – and you are ok with that. For instance, a new small kitchen appliance that is all the rage today may be forgotten tomorrow. Then there are those other kitchen additions that you actually invest in, like a professional kitchen range. You do your research, you look at all the options, and you choose the one that is going to enhance your life.

In the case of a new kitchen range, you learn about the styles, the sizes, the space, and the features. You find that one that is not only going to enhance your life but also boost your home’s value. And then you buy it.

Before you swipe that card, it is time to get schooled in Professional Kitchen Range 101.

The Term Professional Matters

Being the good student that you are, you understand that there is usually a meaning behind a name. In other words, we don’t just call a professional kitchen range a professional range for no reason. The word professional matters. It sets this range apart from others. Here’s why.

Back in the 1980s, there became a switch. Consumers were showing interest in commercial-grade ranges. After all, these appliances were built with more durability and more beneficial features – both much needed due to their heavy daily use. But what about those families that use their range day in and day out to cook for large households? Their ranges couldn’t keep up with cooking. Yet, a homeowner didn’t have the space for a commercial-size range even if it could be afforded.

Pro-style ranges were developed. These ranges brought the strength, durability, reliability, and features of a commercial range and combined it with the size and beautiful aesthetics found in a residential range. We’re talking more powerful burners, griddles, and still gentle simmers.

They do come at a cost.

Professional Sizes

The standard size of a residential range is 30 inches to 36 inches. You can purchase a professional range in these sizes. But, because we want more options, it has been delivered. You can find pro-style ranges in 48-inch and even 60-inch sizes. The larger the range, the more options, burners, and features it likely has, such as a griddle.

Not to mention that if the stove top is bigger, the oven is going to be bigger, too. And that’s a score!

Before you make your purchase, you need to determine just how much space you have so you know what size you can feasibly fit in your kitchen.

Address Ventilation Concerns

You are going to need a range hood if you purchase a pro-style range. These powerful appliances produce a lot of heat, moisture, odor, carbon monoxide, and other toxins. Having proper ventilation will keep the air in your kitchen cooler and much healthier to breathe.

Keep in mind that you will want to choose your range hood after you have decided on the size of your range. That way, you can be sure that your hood is powerful enough to handle it.

Styles to Choose From

There are so many different styles to choose from when it comes to purchasing a professional kitchen range, including red, blue, white, and even stainless steel ones. Also, some come with extra trim and or look like they are straight out of the 1800s.

And while all of these are absolutely beautiful and probably work just as good as they claim, there is just something about a timeless classic, wouldn’t you agree? A stainless steel professional range is stunning with any decor or design idea. As your tastes evolve over the years, your shiny range will still fit in perfectly. Plus, since stainless steel is so easy to keep clean, you are sure to have an everlasting shine!

Top-Choice Professional Kitchen Ranges

It is only fitting that we discuss a few top-choice professional kitchen ranges so that you know what you are looking for – and the features you won’t want to miss.

48-inch, 6 Burner Professional Gas Range

Professional kitchen range 101: 48 inch 6 burner professional gas range

First up is Thor Kitchen’s 48-inch, 6-burner professional gas range. Here we’ve got size, power, and beauty. Oh, and a griddle.

Let’s look at the features, shall we?

High-Powered BTU Burners. Six burners range from 650 BTU to 18,000 BTU so that you always have full control over the amount of heat you are cooking with. 

Luxglide Telescopic Racks. Effortless glide without tipping. 

Infrared Broiler.

Commercial Convection Fan. Provides even heat distribution. 

Blue LED Control Panel Lights. 

Dual Ovens. Two capacities – 4.2 cubic feet and 2.5 cubic feet. 

Continuous Cast-Iron Cooking Grates. Durable and heavy-duty.

Blue Porcelain Interior. Stunning and easy to clean. 

15,000 BTU Griddle. Bonus!

Heavy-Duty Control Knobs. 

Black Porcelain Spill Tray. For cooktop cleanup. 

36-inch Professional Electric Range

Professional kitchen range 101: 36 inch professional electric range

Next up is Thor Kitchen’s 36-inch professional electric range – for those who prefer electric heat. This range is powerful, beautiful, and functional, with some great features. Check them out: 

Smooth Glass Top. Frameless glass gives it a seamless look. 

Five Heating Elements. With a 100W warming zone on up to a 3000W Lightning Boil Element, you have all the right amount of heat at your fingertips. 

True Convection Fan. For even cooking and optimum results. 

LED Control Panel Lights. A striking blue color lighting adds a pop of color to your kitchen. 

Large Oven Capacity. A whopping 6.0 cubic feet of oven space allows you to cook one or more dishes at the same time. 

Heavy Duty Control Knobs. For longevity. 

Blue Porcelain Interior. Stunning – and super easy to keep clean. 

Multiple Cooking Modes. Bake, convection bake, broil, and convection boil – the flexibility you need. 

Invest in a Professional Kitchen Range Today

We would give you a test right about now to see how much you learned in this Professional Kitchen Range 101 class, but who likes tests? Instead, we will leave you with this: 

You will invest in many different things throughout your lifetime, but there are few as impactful as a professional kitchen range. The food it helps you create will nourish your family and give them what they need to grow and blossom. That’s quite an important task, wouldn’t you say?

Do your research and purchase a professional kitchen range from Thor Kitchen that fits your lifestyle best.

Ready to buy? Search up a dealer to get started.

5 Summer Baking Recipes to Make in a Wall Oven

5 summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven

Summertime always gives you something to look forward to. You spend time with friends and family, head out on excursions and adventures, throw some unforgettable barbecues in your backyard with your awesome outdoor kitchen suite… or maybe even try your hand at some new, delicious summer baking recipes in the wall oven.

Oh, sweet summer. Literally.

A Taste of Summer à la Cake

Did you know that there are cakes out there that capture the taste of summer in every bite? It’s true. From watermelon and lemon lime to margaritas and sweet tea, we’ve selected five summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven.

Which one are you going to try?

1. Watermelon Cake

Ok, we should preface this one by saying that you don’t have to purchase a watermelon for the ingredients of the watermelon cake. In fact, there is no watermelon at all in the cake. It gets its name because the cake looks just like one. And that alone makes it a beautiful addition to any summertime table setting.

The base for the cake is a red velvet cake mix with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Then, creating homemade icing mixed with variations of different colors, the cake can come together beautifully to look just like a watermelon. Optionally, add your own twist with different toppings, if you’re feeling a little creative!

Watch out, though – it may just turn out too pretty to eat!

2. Lemon Lime Poke Cake

This bright and colorful lemon-lime poke cake is refreshing, light, and delicious – everything you need for a summer dessert. The poke part of the cake refers to the holes that are poked in the top of the cake so that the filling can make its way down into the cake, rather than just remain on top.

It all starts with a white cake. Sure, you could make your own, but – it is summer, and you’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do. Why take the time? With all the extra flavors you are going to add, a boxed white cake works just fine.

Flavors of lemon and lime make their way into it using zest and juice of each – plus slices of each on top, too. The finished product is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. And it looks amazing, too.

3. Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecakes taste good all the time – for any occasion. You can add all sorts of different flavors to them and achieve different results. Some are made sweeter by adding milk, dark, or white chocolate, while others are fruity, with the addition of strawberries or blueberries. And then you’ve got this dreamy lemon cheesecake – with a smooth tart flavor your taste buds are sure to love.

And not only does it taste delightful, but it also looks like summer, too!

This recipe comes with all kinds of ordinary cheesecake ingredients, such as cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs, and the like. But it also has a surprise ingredient, too – are you ready? Two-and-a-half cups of crushed cream-filled lemon sandwich cookies, such as Lemon Oreo Sandwich cookies. Yum!

Combined with lemon juice and lemon zest – and drizzled with a yellow food coloring gel and topped off with a lemon slice. This, too, is bright and beautiful for any summertime get-together.

4. Margarita Cake

Yes, you read that title right. A margarita cake. And yes! It even comes with some tequila and lime, too.

On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim? Ahh… well, a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim and a slice of margarita cake!

This cake envelopes all the flavors of the drink – margarita mixer, lime, tequila – and it mixes it all together in a light and fluffy cake. It’s the perfect shade of margarita, and you won’t want to forget to top it off with slices of lime.

Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

5. Sweet Tea and Lemonade Cake

Tea and lemonade? In a cake? If you have ever had a sip of an Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade on a really hot day, you are sure to understand just what we are talking about. It is refreshing and delightful. And definitely worth trying together in a cake. Note: You don’t have to be on the golf course to enjoy this cake.

This recipe for a sweet tea and lemonade cake creates a cake from scratch and includes 3-family-sized tea bags. This gives it that iced tea flavor. Then, the cake is topped with a cream cheese frosting that is flavored with lemon juice and lemon zest.

The combination together is divine. But you can take it to a whole new level by throwing in some vodka or bourbon into the frosting. Talk about a cake made for summer!

For garnish, add slices of lemon on top.

The Importance of an Electric Wall Oven

Face it, when it comes to baking in the summertime, the kitchen can get hot – so you want to make sure your cake turns out good the first time, so you don’t have to bake it more than once. This is where having an electric wall oven comes in handy. Gas-powered ovens can work well, but any particular baker will tell you that they just cannot compete with the steady flow of heat you receive from an electric oven.

Thor Kitchen’s 30-inch professional electric wall oven can bring you a ton of benefits in general. But, for your summer baking? It has multiple convection modes so that you get heat all around for thorough baking. You will have an evenly baked finished product every time.

As if the perfectly baked cake wasn’t enough, you will find these features, too:

-Touch glass control panel

-Hidden bake element

-Large oven capacity

Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish

-Power and control from a 3500W top heater and a 3000W bottom heater

-Self-cleaning function

-Blue enamel interior that is easy to clean

-White LED display

It is a wonderful high-quality design that is built to last. No matter how many of these summertime cakes you decide to bake over the years, your wall oven will continue to look as beautiful as it did the day you got it.

All you have to decide is which one of these summer baking recipes you are going to try first!

Try Summer Baking Recipes in a Wall Oven from THOR

Ready to bake? Find us through a dealer near you to check out THOR Kitchen‘s latest modern kitchen appliances, including the perfect wall oven and more!

Upgrading to a Microwave and Warming Drawer Combo

Upgrading to a microwave and warming drawer combo

Microwave ovens have been around for decades, but they deliver meals that look much different than the ones that used to come in the perfectly sectioned frozen t.v. dinners. Today, microwaves are used for cooking everything from popcorn and pizza rolls to heating up leftovers or even cooking a turkey! They are kid-friendly, perfect for tasty recipes when you are running short on time, and don’t even get us started on the fact that you don’t have to wash any extra pans when you opt for microwave cooking–or even better, a microwave and warming drawer combo.

But, let’s be real – if you have done a search to purchase a new microwave, you have found that there are a ton of different options to choose from. If you are looking to upgrade your current microwave, then you need something that goes above and beyond. That’s what you will find with a microwave drawer. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Upgrade Your Microwave?

There are many different reasons you may consider when upgrading your microwave – some functional, others purely cosmetic. For instance, if you have found that your foods are not heating as quickly or evenly as they once did, or if you smell a burning smell (that isn’t from your food), then it may be time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Below are a few more signs you should make the change:

-Loud or unusual noises while cooking. You are going to hear your microwave, but if it begins making noises that don’t sound like its normal self, let it go.

Broken seal around the door. This is in place to keep radiation in. If the seal is cracked, worn, or broken, it could be a hazard.

-Non-functioning keypad. If you can’t tell the microwave how long you need it to cook, then it’s time to say goodbye.

-It’s old. Technologies have improved over the years – so if your microwave is several years old, you could be due.

Of course, sometimes you just want to upgrade your microwave because you don’t like the one you have – or maybe it doesn’t fit your decor anymore. Perhaps you got on the bandwagon and bought a bright red counter microwave a few years ago and have now decided that you don’t want the clutter – or the red. Whatever the reason is, you have decided to upgrade your microwave, and it’s ok. This is an easy appliance for you to change out.

What is a Microwave Drawer?

A microwave drawer cooks like a microwave because, essentially, that is what it is. However, it pulls out like a drawer rather than having a swinging door. These are most often installed in lower cabinets and are designed for you to pull them out like a drawer, insert food, then close and cook.

Unlike most other microwaves, a microwave drawer is designed to cook your food evenly without requiring that you have a turntable inside. This makes it much easier to cook larger items since they don’t have to spin around.

There are many additional benefits of a microwave drawer, such as:

-Doesn’t take up space on your countertop or crowd the around above your range

-Easy to install – even on a kitchen island

-No turntable

-Large interior space to accommodate large dishes

-Easy to access from above, such as to stir, add seasonings, etc.

-Looks like it is high-end customization in your kitchen

-Smooth drawer mechanics

Benefits of a Warming Drawer

Contrary to popular belief, a warming drawer and a microwave drawer are not the same things. In fact, they are very different. A microwave drawer heats the food, whereas a warming drawer keeps hot food hot.

Many people have started to include warming drawers as part of their kitchen appliances because they offer so much convenience. A warming drawer, as its name suggests, keeps food warm until it is time to eat. Have you ever prepared a large meal that you had to cook in shifts – only to send half of it to the table cold? It happens, especially on holidays and special occasions. But it doesn’t have to happen anymore with a warming drawer.

What to Look For When Upgrading your Microwave

If you have decided to upgrade your microwave, there are a few things you will want to consider when choosing. That way, you always feel confident you are making the right decision. Check out these features:

Size. If you are installing a microwave drawer into your cabinet, you need to know the amount of space you have to work with to make it happen. Consider all angles – height, width, and depth so that you ensure you have space all the way around.

Power. You want a microwave that has enough power to cook your food. After all, if you wanted to wait longer for your food, you’d use the oven, right? The higher the wattage, the faster it will cook – keep this in mind.

Features. Depending on when you last purchased a microwave, you may be surprised by all the new features. Know what is out there and what may be beneficial for you.

Finish. There are many different finishes available, but stainless steel is a timeless look that can always stand out from the crowd in both looks and durability.

Thor Kitchen’s Microwave Warming Drawer

Now that you are totally convinced that you need a new microwave drawer, why not invest in a microwave and warming drawer combo? Thor Kitchen’s 24-inch microwave drawer, model number TMD2401, is a perfect addition to any kitchen. It is a high-quality appliance with an elegant look and superb power and functionality. What more could you ask for? Oh, features, right. It’s got those, too!

-10 different power modes, so you get just the right amount of heating every time.

-1.2 cubic feet of space inside to fit containers of different shapes and sizes.

-12 unique sensor functions that allow you to easily melt chocolate, soften ice cream, popcorn settings, etc.

-Auto touch open/close control.

-Keeps food warm until you are ready to eat.

-Sleek design fits perfectly and looks great, too.

Get a Microwave and Warming Drawer Combo at THOR

The question is – what are you waiting for? Search for a dealer and upgrade to a microwave and warming drawer combo from THOR Kitchen today!

Why You Need a Refrigerator with French Doors

Why you need a refrigerator with french doors

There are some things you want in life – like a mocha latte with three shots of espresso to get through the afternoon slump at work or a backstage pass at your favorite musician’s concert. Then there are those things that you need, like a fancy refrigerator with french doors, which are a little bit different.

Needs can be both big and small. They make everything flow more smoothly and even add real value to your life.

Having the right appliances – such as a refrigerator with french doors – in your life can constitute a need. Here’s why you need one.

Conveniently Designed

A refrigerator with french doors is designed for your convenience. If you think about old-style refrigerators from years ago, the freezer was at the top, requiring you to bend over and break your back to find something in the fridge. And the split side-by-side refrigerators have such tiny spaces on either side that storage in both sections was a challenge.

Both of these popular refrigerators weren’t nearly as user-friendly as a french door model.

A french door refrigerator has a split down the middle where two doors open to show a refrigerator section that is the full width of the unit, providing ample storage space. It is also up top for easy access. The bottom freezer drawers are also the full width of the unit and easily pull out so that all items can be stored and retrieved with ease.

Easy to Organize

Thanks to the way a french door refrigerator opens and how it is modernly designed, they are very easy to organize. Common door storage that can hold gallon-size jugs, adjustable shelving, and more can make the refrigerator easy to keep in order. Unlike other models, everything fits. And any odd-shaped items or those that are big and bulky can all have a place.

Everything is at eye level – even your crisper drawers. That means you can always see exactly what you have, where your leftovers are, and which produce needs to be eaten first, so you don’t end up with anything fuzzy growing. In other words, you are keeping your fridge organized and reducing waste. At that rate, it’s safe to say that having a refrigerator with french doors could save you money.

Create More Space in Your Kitchen

Even if a new french door refrigerator is the same size – or even bigger – than your old refrigerator, you will still be creating more space in your kitchen. How? It’s all in the doors.

Full-width doors on a refrigerator stick out quite a distance when you open them. Their wide swing can be disruptive to the flow of your kitchen. However, french door refrigerators only take up half as much space when you open them. So, you do not have to sacrifice space to have a refrigerator that makes your kitchen feel larger.

Highly Sought Refrigerator

If you are one that likes to have the best of the best – or you like to keep up with the Jones’ – then you need a refrigerator with french doors. They are the most sought-after styles of refrigerators due to their beautiful look and their high level of functionality.

If you purchase the right french door refrigerator (hint: we are referring to the two below), then you end up with a long list of features and perks that can actually take your refrigerator to a whole new level.

Ready to see what we are talking about? Keep reading.

Two Incredible Refrigerators Your Kitchen Needs

Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen has been dreaming of a new french door refrigerator. It has been looking for something that will surpass the ability of its predecessor in every possible category. That means having a refrigerator that is durable, high-quality, stunning in stainless steel, and full of amazing features.

Thor Kitchen has two pro-style options for you to choose from.

36-inch Professional French Door Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser

Having a refrigerator that is both powerful and beautiful is a win-win. And when you add an easily-accessible ice and water dispenser on the door, even more so. Thor’s 36-inch professional french door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, model Number TRF3601FD, offers a whopping 22 cubic feet of storage in a space that is as flexible as you are. That means you have a lot of control over how you organize and maintain your refrigerator and freezer. 

It comes with these fantastic features: 

-Crisper drawers that include two humidity-controlled drawers with flexible storage to keep produce fresh longer

-Gallon door storage to make organizing your refrigerator easy

-Flex drawer perfect for storing any meats, veggies, or beverages – you control the temperature

-Triple-tech cooling system to control each compartment of the unit with a separate airflow. This increases humidity without causing frost buildup

-Filtered ice and water dispenser on the door

-Adjustable racks and retractable shelves to be able to store any size or odd-shaped item

-Showcase LED lighting so you can always see everything throughout the unit

-Door alarm to alert you when a door has been left open

-Automatic ice maker

-Super freezing and cooling function help to keep food fresh by dropping the temps within 24 hours.

36-inch Professional French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

Stainless steel is shiny and stunning in every kitchen. Placing this 36-inch professional french door refrigerator in stainless steel in your kitchen is bound to get a second glance. Good thing it is fingerprint and smudge resistant – as well as super easy to clean.

But it isn’t only about the outside. This refrigerator also comes with 20.7 cubic feet of flexible storage space inside and some wonderful features, including:

-Showcase LED lighting throughout the unit so you can see all areas

-Dual cooling system to maintain proper humidity and prevent freezer burn

-An automatic ice maker

-Door storage equipped to handle gallon jugs

-Door alarm to notify you if the door is left open

-Adjustable racks and shelves so you can fit items of all sizes in your fridge

Upgrade to a Refrigerator with French Doors Today

Both of these Thor Kitchen french door refrigerators have a lot to offer. Which one will you be bringing home? Shop now with a THOR Kitchen dealer near you.

Are French Door Refrigerators Better?

Are french door refrigerators better?

Refrigerators have been around for decades, but they have changed quite a bit over the years. Each new model is getting a little better than the one before it. The latest – a french door refrigerator – is split down the middle and opens up for easy access to the unit. These refrigerators continue to grow in popularity and have taken up permanent residence in some of the most classy kitchens. So, why does everyone want one? Are french door refrigerators better?

Let’s talk about it.

French Door vs. Side-By-Side

If you are scratching your head wondering what the difference is between a French door refrigerator and the side-by-side refrigerators from years ago, then we’ve got some answers for you.

On a side-by-side, the refrigerator and freezer were separated vertically. The freezer would go from top to bottom, usually in a narrow portion on one side. The refrigerator would get the other side from top to bottom. It may have been a wider space than the freezer, but it still didn’t have a lot of space.

These were common refrigerators, but they were definitely tough to maneuver on grocery day. And the one who was successful at stacking that freezer had to have a high score on Tetris.

Now, the french door refrigerators are different. These have the separation horizontally, with the refrigerator up top and the freezer on the bottom. That way, you have the full width of the unit to work with – and that makes life so much easier. And since both refrigerator doors open, you get a wide view of the entire fridge. This, combined with the freezer drawers, brings a lot more organization, too.

THOR Kitchen’s Refrigerators

Thor Kitchen is known for making pro-style, high-quality products – and their refrigerators are no exception. These units are made with shiny stainless steel that is both beautiful in the kitchen and also very durable to stand the test of time. It is even easier to keep clean, so your kitchen will always look fresh.

Let’s take a look at two of their models of French Door refrigerators and all the features they have to offer. Thor Kitchen does not disappoint.

36-Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator

THOR’s 36-inch professional french door refrigerator, model number HRF3601F, has not one, but two freezer drawers that are the full width of the unit. And with the french door refrigerator section, you can see inside your fridge from every angle. There will be no lost leftovers here!

Plus, it comes with some pretty awesome features, too, including:

Storage Space: There is ample storage space in this refrigerator – 20.7 cubic feet, to be exact. And it is flexible so that it can fit all those big or odd-shaped items you have.

Showcase LED Lighting: Sometimes, it can be tough to find things in the refrigerator, especially after grocery day. Showcase LED lighting is positioned throughout the refrigerator so that you have clear visibility from every angle.

Dual Cooling System: Having good humidity throughout your refrigerator is important to keep food healthy and to avoid freezer burn. With Thor Kitchen’s dual cooling system, this can be achieved.

Automatic Ice Maker: An automatic ice maker means you will always have ice cold drinks whenever you want them. Get ice on-demand!

Door Storage: With gallon door storage, you have space for those bulky gallons of water, milk, and juice without taking up shelving space. This also means you don’t have to worry about them blocking your sight too.

Door Alarm: Leaving the refrigerator or freezer door open can leave you with a huge loss in spoiled food. A door alarm will alert you when the doors have been left open so that you can promptly shut them!

Adjustable Racks and Shelves: For optimal organization, this french door refrigerator comes with adjustable racks and shelves. They are retractable too, giving you many different configurations so that you can fit any item with ease.

Freezer Drawers: Freezer drawers pull out and give you plenty of space to store frozen items. You can keep things neat and organized, too. Both drawers offer a lot of space so that you can always find what you are looking for easily.

36-Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser

If you like the breezy convenience of having an ice and water dispenser right there on your refrigerator door, then THOR’s 36-inch professional french door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser, model number TRF3601FD, maybe your favorite option.

It, too, comes with a ton of features that will make you want to make space for it in your kitchen. Check them out!

Storage Space: This large refrigerator boasts a whopping 22 cubic feet of space. You will have space for everything.

Flex Drawer: These drawers work great for meats, veggies, beverages, wines, anything – because you can set the perfect temperature for anything!

Crisper Drawers: You get two humidity-controlled crisper drawers that will keep your produce fresher longer. And they are a great flexible storage space, too.

Triple-Tech Cooling System: Another great feature, the triple-tech cooling system controls the temperature of each compartment with a separate airflow, increasing humidity levels and reducing frost build-up.

Door Storage: Having an ample amount of door storage – even for gallon-size bottles – frees up a lot of space on your shelves.

Showcase LED Lighting: As mentioned above, LED lights are placed throughout the unit so that you can always see everything.

Adjustable Racks and Shelves: Having adjustable racks and shelves allows you to organize everything and make room for those large or odd-shaped items.

Super Freezing and Cooling Function: This feature helps to keep food fresh by accelerating the freezing and cooling process of a freshly stocked freezer or refrigerator by dropping temperatures to the coldest settings within 24 hours.

Individual Ice Maker Cooling Control: Your ice maker is sealed off from the rest of the unit, so you don’t end up with ice that smells or tastes funny. Plus, the water for the ice is filtered, too!

Freezer Drawers: Freezer drawers allow you ample storage and easy access to all your frozen goods.

Door Alarm: And, finally, because you don’t want your food to go to waste, a door alarm will gently let you know that your doors have been open for too long.

Shop THOR Kitchen

If you have ever wondered what makes a french door refrigerator so incredible, now you know. The question is – when are you going to get yours? Shop now with THOR Kitchen by looking up your nearest dealer.

For more information about THOR Kitchen’s products, send us a line.

5 Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

5 kitchen upgrades that add value to your home

Ask yourself – if you were buying your home all over again, what would you look for in the kitchen? What would you change now that would make the kitchen more enticing and functional? Is there a design flaw in the layout? Could your appliances need an upgrade? Do your cabinets need a makeover? Are there any kitchen upgrades that add value to your home?

When it comes to kitchen upgrades that add value to your home, it is not always about the most expensive option or the trending new idea. Efficiency, functionality, appearance, and beneficial features all play a role.

We’ve searched high and low for the five kitchen upgrades that will add value to your home.

1. Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Luxury kitchen appliances make a difference when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. You want your appliances to not only do the basic function they are designed for, such as having a refrigerator keep your perishables from perishing, but you also want to expand your horizons a little more. In other words, a focus on luxury appliances with must-have features should be on the menu.

Sticking with refrigerators, consider Thor Kitchen’s 36-inch professional French door refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser. This unit not only gives you space to fill up with groceries and keep them fresh, but it also makes it easy to hold everything you buy, thanks to flexible storage space – including adjustable racks and shelves.

Another luxury kitchen appliance is Thor Kitchen’s 48-inch dual fuel range. This unit has six powerful burners and a griddle. It uses only the best heat for each cooking method – gas for the stove and electric for the oven. Not to mention that its blue porcelain interior boldly sets it apart from the rest.

Think you can’t find a luxury dishwasher? Think again. Thor Kitchen has one. This unit knows just how dirty your dishes are – and it adjusts its wash cycle accordingly. Plus, you can adjust or even remove the racks if needed to accommodate any size of dishes you are washing. Most dishwashers are too basic to handle this task.

Do you see a pattern? Your kitchen may have all the appliances, but by adding luxury kitchen appliances that go above and beyond the call of duty, they can boost your home’s value.

2. A Layout That Just Makes Sense

A home can be beautiful and perfect – but a kitchen with a terrible layout can make or break a sale. Whether the kitchen wasn’t on the high priority list when it was built, or a lot of miscalculations or lack of planning happened, it is not too late.

A layout that just makes sense is important. You want to keep a flow between the prep space, the sink, refrigerator, and range. Doors should be able to open freely and without obstruction. You should be able to prep near your range and still have easy access between the stove, the sink, and the prep area.

Sometimes adding an island may be necessary to provide more space. Sometimes removing an island can make the kitchen run more efficiently and smoothly. It all comes down to space. Talking to someone with kitchen design experience may give you some pointers on ways to tweak the layout, so it adds value.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Countertops

Your kitchen counters are as important as other areas of your kitchen. And giving them a new look can transform the look of your kitchen. Though you cannot just settle for any countertops – they should be a high-quality countertops that will always continue to look great no matter how much space is used. A few common options are granite, concrete, quartz, or laminate. An expert can help you determine the best choice for your kitchen.

You may be surprised at how much a change to your counters can actually improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen. And, of course, improve your home’s value.

4. Stainless Steel Appliances For the Win

Stainless steel is timeless. This classic metal is one that shines beautifully on the appliances in your kitchen. It is resistant to fingerprints, and when sticky fingers or smears of chocolate pudding make their way onto the surface or handles, they are very easy to clean.

While keeping the shine is a great perk of having stainless steel appliances, perhaps one of the best is that they fit with every type of design. Whether you are looking for a kitchen style that is modern, contemporary, farmhouse, cottage, traditional, elegant, or something else – you will be pleased to know that stainless steel appliances are a win. They fit any design style. So, if you are one who likes to change things up a bit – or you want to give sellers the perfect appliance for whatever their design style is – stainless steel appliances are the way to go!

5. Pro-Style Upgrades

Invest in appliances that will stand the test of time. When it comes to adding value to your home, start with the appliances. Don’t try to scrape by with the cheapest option on the market, but make a point to invest in pro-style upgrades.

Pro-style appliances are designed to withstand heavy use. They are durable and long-lasting, often surviving way beyond the life of regular appliances – and they can withstand heavy, continuous use without issue. These types of refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and more are made close to a commercial quality but with a look perfect for a residential kitchen.

Finally, anyone in the real estate industry will tell you that stainless steel appliances have a fantastic ability to boost home values.

Shop Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value at Thor Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home – so giving it some much-needed attention can result in a real boost in your home’s value. Take the time to determine areas you can make a change, such as upgrading your refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and more to luxury, pro-style appliances. Stick to stainless steel appliances, opt for new countertops, and always – always – maintain a floor plan that will keep you moving about the space in the most efficient manner.

Looking to upgrade? Get started today! At Thor Kitchen, you can build and remodel with our Builder and Designer Program to create your dream kitchen — while enjoying exclusive discounts too!

For more information, find your nearest dealer or contact us anytime.

The Benefits of an Undercounter Refrigerator

Have you ever thought about adding an under-counter refrigerator to your appliance entourage? While it may not seem like it is a totally necessary addition, you may re-think that decision after hearing about their benefits. Undercounter refrigerators may be small in size, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with a mighty purpose. Those who have them, love them. Those who don’t, well – they haven’t discovered what they are missing yet. Today, let’s take a look at the benefits that an under-counter refrigerator can bring to your home – and your life.

A Place for Cold Drinks

Have you ever noticed how many people tend to have an extra refrigerator just for drinks? Often, this is a full-sized refrigerator found tucked away in the garage. While this is very convenient to have, giving up all that space is not. With an under-counter refrigerator, you can have this extra place to stash cold drinks without taking up too much space. And it wouldn’t even require a walk to the garage – or even require that you have a garage in the first place! Not to mention how much space this would free up in your main refrigerator.

Keep Your Refrigerator Organized

Whether you choose to use an under-counter refrigerator as a place to store drinks or not is your choice. But, know this – having the additional refrigerator is going to allow you to keep your full-sized refrigerator more organized. Try as we may, it is so hard to keep things organized. We may start off great after a shopping trip, giving each item its special place and making sure everything is easily seen. But then, what happens? That’s right – life happens. Leftovers get thrown in there, something doesn’t make it back to its designated spot, or someone moved everything looking for the ketchup. Before you know it, your organized mess becomes chaos. By having an additional space to store food items of your choice, you are essentially taking some pressure off of your full-sized refrigerator. You are allowing things to be spread out and organized much more neatly so that everything can be seen – and be accessible. It just feels good.

Allow Your Kitchen to be Streamlined

Streamlining your kitchen may not be something you have taken into too much consideration. But how many times have you been rushed to cook dinner or get breakfast on the table for your kids before school? Sometimes you need to move fast. And when you have to run back and forth to the refrigerator – even if it means walking 8 steps in another direction – you are taking time away from your cooking or food prep. Let’s not even get into how much extra time you would need if your refrigerator is disorganized. Make use of an under-counter refrigerator by putting the things you access most frequently in it. This grab-n-go idea will allow you to get your meals prepared much faster than you’d otherwise expect. It makes the whole process of cooking much easier as you can freely flow around your kitchen and grab exactly what you need in a jiffy.

Help with Weekly Meal Prep

Do you participate in weekly meal prep? So many people are on this trend, spending Sundays prepping lunches and such for the week so that they are eating healthier and eating homecooked meals rather than hitting up the drive-through or ordering takeout. While this weekly meal prep has helped many people, it doesn’t come without its frustrations. The biggest one being – where to store the food! For many of us, it is hard enough just to store the food we buy from the grocery store. Planning and prepping and having 5-7 prepped meal containers can cause complete congestion in the refrigerator. And, depending on what you have, keeping it organized won’t even help. Do you know what will? You’ve got it – an under-counter refrigerator. Prep your meals and put them in this fridge for convenience.

Use it Anywhere in the Home

Just because it is a refrigerator doesn’t mean it has to be installed in the kitchen. This compact appliance can be used in a variety of different places, including the outdoor patio or grilling area, the garage, the basement or bar area, or even the den. They are perfect for holding drinks, snacks, condiments, and other items that you want to conveniently access in whatever specified area they are housed in. Don’t feel restricted with this under-counter refrigerator. Instead, allow your creative juices to flow so you can determine just how it can make your life even better by bringing it home!

Top if Off with Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is beautiful and timeless. And it fits nearly every design style, whether contemporary, modern, traditional, elegant, farmhouse and more. By investing in a stainless steel under-counter refrigerator you can rest easy knowing that it, too, will flow seamlessly in uniform with your other appliances. Perhaps what makes it even more helpful is that if you choose to install this refrigerator in other areas of the home, you can do so without worry. The shine and elegance that come with its finish mean it will fit nicely anywhere in your home regardless of your design style or color scheme. This also means that it won’t look like an eyesore! Instead, it will blend wonderfully with everything else in your home.

Save Energy

While you will save energy for yourself by not having to walk to your full-sized refrigerator and dig for what you need, that is not the energy we are referring to. Designed using energy-efficient LED lighting and a convection cooling system to help maintain a consistent temperature, you can find comfort in knowing you are keeping your energy costs down – which is always a benefit. Plus, you won’t be holding that refrigerator door open for too long anymore in search of what you need. In short, your energy costs for your refrigerator maintaining its temperature will also drop.


If you are still on the fence about adding a stainless steel under-counter refrigerator to your home, remember the benefits of convenience and savings. Two important things to consider when purchasing a new kitchen appliance.

5 Types of Pro-Style Kitchen Appliances

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Are you building a new kitchen from scratch? Are you remodeling your kitchen? Looking to update your appliances? Want to change things up a bit?

There are so many choices you have when it comes to choosing the right appliances for yourself. You are probably thinking that you have seen them all already. A quick internet search or a walk through a home improvement store and your head may be spinning. How on earth do you even begin to choose which one would best fit your kitchen?

Ready for a life-changing tip? You need to opt for pro-style appliances. These are designed with the durability that commercial appliances have, but with a softer appearance beautifully fit for every home kitchen.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 types of pro-style kitchen appliances that you must have.

A refrigerator is an important addition to the kitchen. Sure, you need a range, a dishwasher, and so on – but you definitely need a refrigerator to keep your food healthy and your drinks cold. This stainless steel, French door refrigerator is both beautiful and sturdy. In other words, it is built to last without looking dull.

Inside, you will find a ton of space that can aid in keeping things organized as well as two large freezer drawers. Did we mention there is an automatic ice maker, too?

This refrigerator comes with a handy feature – a digital display on the outside of the door that lets you know its health at a glance. Plus, these additional features:

  • Counter-Depth French Door
  • 2-Drawer Freezer provides better organization
  • A full-width chiller drawer provides flexible storage
  • Retractable shelf designed to fit taller items with ease
  • Dual cycle and dual air-cooled refrigeration system
  • 2 large humidity controlled fresh food drawers

2. Thor Kitchen’s 48-Inch Pro-Style Professional Dual Fuel Range, Model Number HRD4803U

If you want a professional style range because you do a lot of cooking, then you may want to consider this large dual fuel range that gives you the right fuel for the right type of cooking. If you ask any chef or baker, you will learn that gas stoves are the go-to heating type and that electric ovens lead to thorough, even baking every time. With a dual fuel range, you get the best of both worlds.

Of course, this pro-style range also gives you 6 burners with continuous cast-iron grates and porcelain underneath for easy cleanup. And, not only does it have one 4.2 cubic foot range, but it also has a second one with 2.5 more cubic feet of baking space. It, too, has porcelain inside so it is easy to clean.

Looking for more features? No worries – you will definitely find them:

  • Black porcelain drip pan on the cooktop
  • Blue porcelain oven interior
  • Thermostat controlled griddle with dishwasher safe drip pan
  • Heavy-duty continuous cast-iron cooking grates
  • Convection oven fan (30 in.)
  • Three (3) halogen oven interior lights
  • Thermostat controlled electric oven
  • CSA certified metal burner control knobs

3. Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven, Model Number HEW3001

A built-in wall oven will offer your space a unique look with plenty of beautiful kitchen design options. With a wall oven, you are not limited to keeping the oven underneath your cooktop or rangetop. Many designers choose to place the wall oven on an adjacent wall with the addition of a storage cabinet underneath the cooktop or rangetop.

Not only does it look beautiful, but the THOR self-cleaning electric wall oven is also multi-functional. It offers different modes including bake, multi-convection modes, and more.

Check out all the features below:

  • Touch Operated Glass Panel
  • Multiple Convection Modes
  • Hidden Bake Capacity
  • Large 4.8 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • 3500W Top Heater
  • 3000W Bottom Heater
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior
  • White LED Display

4. Thor Kitchen’s 30-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range, Model Number LRG3001U

 If you are looking for a gas range that looks good, gives you long-lasting durability, and fits any size kitchen, then look no further. With a stainless-steel finish that can’t be beaten, this range is sure to blend perfectly with all of your other kitchen appliances – regardless of your design style. Yes, it is that versatile.

Believe it or not, this 30-inch range brings 5 burners with it and 4.5 cubic feet of oven space. You can cook up the main course and all the sides without running out of space. And, well, that’s important for those who love to cook for others.

Thanks to the porcelain drip pan on the stove and the porcelain in the oven, cleanup is a breeze. But, that’s not the only great feature. You’ll find these, too –

  • Heavy-Duty Continuous Cast Iron Cooking Grates. They will not rust or tarnish with your heavy cooking. That means they will always keep your gas stove looking sharp.
  • Black ABS Knobs
  • Halogen Lights
  • Commercial Convection Fan
  • Triple Layered Glass Window
  • Storage Drawer at Bottom
  • Broiler burner

5. Thor Kitchen’s 24-Inch Top Control Dishwasher, Model Number HDW2401SS

Every commercial kitchen is going to have a dishwasher. And, if you are going for pro-style cooking appliances, that must mean you are pretty serious about cleaning, too. You will get clean, sanitized dishes each and every time while also saving water, energy, and money.

With a top control dishwasher, you get a sleek look without any buttons to accidentally hit. It’s quiet and uses a smart wash system, too. Like the other appliances above, there are even more features for this dishwasher –

  • Delayed start-up to 24hrs in advance
  • Multiple filter system
  • 45 dB noise level
  • Smart wash system
  • 3-arm jet sprayer
  • Removable utensil basket
  • Child lock safety protection

THOR Kitchen offers the best professional appliances for your home kitchen at an affordable price. Browse our collection of professional appliances or find a dealer near you so can join the ranks and #COOKLIKEAGOD.

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