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10 Popular Kitchen Appliance Trends (2018)

Kitchen Appliance Trends

It seems that every day something new hits the market that makes its predecessor seem ancient and outdated. The same holds true for kitchen appliances. Sometimes it’s an upgraded cosmetic appearance. Other times it’s the latest cutting-edge magic that the machine can now perform. Whatever the reason, we want it – new and improved.

So, whether you are up for a remodel or you are designing a brand-new kitchen, consider these 10 popular kitchen appliance trends that are sweeping through homes everywhere this year.

1. Black Stainless Steel

In case you have missed it, over the last few years, this color has become quite popular on cars. Not from dealers (yet), but with customized paint jobs. It gives it a unique finish that appliance manufacturers have noticed. And the fact that it won’t show every smudge and fingerprint is an absolute bonus. A matte black finish over stainless steel appliances is a winning combination.

2. Voice-activated Appliances

Don’t feel like reaching for that push button to pre-heat the oven? Well, you no longer have to. Just talk to your appliances and use your voice to make it do what you need it to. Keep in mind, however, that it still won’t prepare your whole meal for you. You will still have to do some work. But, when you are elbow-deep in ingredients, not having to touch your appliance could keep things cleaner and much more sanitary.

3. Minimalist Features

Clean lines with minimal clutter and decorative features are becoming more popular on appliances. This trend brings multi-use controls designed for minimal exposure. And, because they are multi-use, it cuts down on the number of controls needed.

4. Induction Cooking

This type of cooking method is growing in popularity for a few reasons. Induction cooking requires very little heat, so surfaces stay cool – and so do small kitchens. While it may be a long time before induction cooking takes over kitchens – if it ever even does – it is still growing in popularity right now.

5. Appliance Integration

Imagine having a kitchen that looked sleek and blended. Where do the appliance start and the cabinetry end? By integrating your appliances into your kitchen, there is a smooth flow throughout the entire space. The design of the appliances will match the color, look, and any detailed intricacies of the cabinets. It leaves you with an easy flow throughout the kitchen.

6. Under-counter Appliances.

This doesn’t work for every appliance, but there are just some that you know would make your life so much easier if they were tucked out of the way. Perhaps that is why this trend began. Counter space is often hard to come by in most ordinary kitchens, so having an appliance such as a microwave taking up space on the counter can be frustrating. Yet getting rid of a microwave altogether can become an inconvenience.

Therefore, tucking the microwave out of the way can provide you with a space that is both functional and usable without adding any aggravation. The latest trendy idea is to place the microwave within the cabinets, such as at the end of a kitchen island. Here, it can be used easily, and it still allows for the open flow of the kitchen. Newer models of microwaves – microwave drawers – load from the top which makes this design even more functional, and easier for smaller children to use.

7. Colored Appliances

While some people prefer neutral colors on more traditional appliances, others are turning to brightly colored appliances to lighten up the kitchen. Popular colors are red, purple, orange, yellow, and teal. And, most of these colors come on all sorts of appliances – including the refrigerator.

Having colored appliances is not for everyone and could leave you stuck in the same color scheme for years. However, they are neat and add color to any kitchen – and they seem to be quite popular.

8. French Door Ovens

Imagine having an oven that opens with two, side-by-side French doors. No more heavy oven door to pull down! Not only is this look aesthetically pleasing, but it also frees up space in smaller kitchens. These new and trending ovens are popping up in kitchens everywhere, and they can even be installed within the cabinets, freeing up more kitchen space.

9. Retro Appliances

No matter how many years go by, we tend to make things futuristic and then we fall back in time. That is one trend that is happening now. Classic and retro appliances – especially refrigerators – are making a comeback. Of course, the “new” retro models have more modern bells and whistles than their ancestors, but they still have the same old-fashioned look, almost guaranteeing that sense of nostalgia.

The best part of these retro appliances is that they come in colors that were popular at that time and still are fashionable now, such as soft pink and pale blue.

10. Industrial Style

This new style of appliances – and kitchens, for that matter – is becoming increasingly popular. And while anyone can go for this look, it is best used by those who do a lot of cooking. Dainty appliances or those used for small families may not be able to handle the stress of heavy kitchen use. You need something sturdy and durable if you have a large family and/or if you do a substantial amount of cooking.

In years gone by, sturdy and durable meant boring and blah. Today, it’s a different story. Transforming your kitchen space into an industrial style design means you can incorporate some of these commercial-grade cooking appliances. And, combined, it looks great. In other words, you get appliances that stand the test of time for all your cooking and baking – and you get a beautiful kitchen space.


Your kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses but keeping the space fresh can change the entire feel of it. The popular kitchen appliance trends that are showing up in a kitchen near you are taking this space to a whole new level. From colors to appliance integration, from minimalistic to industrial styles, there is something trending for everyone to love.


How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances

Updating the kitchen is a big project that requires a lot of decisions, especially regarding major appliances.

You need to identify the kitchen appliances you need, the features that will benefit your lifestyle, and the style that appeals to your taste. For the best results, we recommend taking some time to explore your options before you need to make these important decisions. Doing so will allow you to visualize your dream kitchen and prepare you with the information you need to bring your dream kitchen to life.

This guide will walk you through a few important considerations so you understand how to choose kitchen appliances for your home.

How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

Make a list of the appliances you need for your kitchen. Typically, homes will always have a refrigerator and freezer, an oven, and a stove. The more optional kitchen appliances tend to be microwaves and dishwashers. However, they are still very common.

Decide whether you need one or all of these appliances in your kitchen. This will benefit you when considering your options, your allowable space, and whether you should consider purchasing an appliance suite.


Determining the layout of your kitchen will greatly impact the appliances you buy. If your kitchen is already designed and you are simply replacing your appliances, you will still want to consider this step.

Where do you intend to put your appliances? Your kitchen needs to flow. For example, your dishwasher should be next to your sink. Also, should your refrigerator door open to the left or the right? It should flow naturally through the kitchen and not cause a disruption in flow at any turn.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen, remodeling, or simply upgrading your appliances, the flow of the layout can make your space enjoyable or aggravating. So, take some time to think this over before you make any decisions.


Once you know where your appliances are going, you need to measure – and then measure again. Don’t ever assume your measurement is correct. If you think it is, then measure again until you are sure that you have it right. Knowing the exact measurements can give you a much better idea of the appliances that will work for you once you are ready to purchase.

Tip: Be sure to carefully measure your doorways and walkways, too. If you purchase a refrigerator that will fit just perfectly in your kitchen, you still have to make sure you can get it through the door!


You will most definitely want to set a budget for yourself when purchasing kitchen appliances for your home. It is easy to say that you’d love to have a top-of-the-line range, but if you spend all of your money on that range, you may have to forego other appliances. Or, at the very least, matching ones. And making an impulsive decision could also cost you other appliances, or possibly some important features.

To have a uniform kitchen, you will want to consider appliances from the same style and finish that will flow well together in your space. Know your budget, allocate spending for each appliance, and then explore your options.

Style and Finishes

What type of design style is your kitchen? Modern? Contemporary? Traditional? Transitional? There are so many ways you can design and decorate your kitchen – and your appliances play a big role in this.

You may want brightly painted or ceramic appliances, or perhaps you prefer stainless steel. Whatever your preference, you should know before you go. This will allow you to purchase appliances that truly fit your kitchen.

Tip: Did you know that stainless steel can have different finishes? If you would like your appliances to match, it is best to buy them as an appliance suite. This ensures that you get all matching finishes and, stylistically, they will have matching buttons, knobs, etc. Suites are truly the easiest way to get a uniform look.

Take Your Lifestyle Into Consideration

Taking your lifestyle into consideration is a huge factor in your appliance purchase. There are many options for each appliance that requires you to determine your level of use. For example, do you have a large family or a small one? Do you often have get-togethers or cook big meals? Do you dine out more than you eat at home? Do you often buy more frozen foods than fresh foods?

The answers to these questions will help you in determining your need for certain appliances. If you have a large family, then you will likely have more groceries to store in a refrigerator – which means you should opt for a larger one. If you often host get-togethers or cook large meals, then having a stove with six burners may be more beneficial to you than one with only four.

Be smart about your lifestyle – it is more of a determining factor for your home appliance buying needs than anything else. The last thing you’d want to do is waste money on an appliance that is much too small to be beneficial to your needs.

Think About Energy Efficiency

Reducing the amount of energy you use not only saves energy in general, but it also saves you money – since you pay your electric bill. Buying appliances that are built to be more energy efficient may initially cost a bit more to purchase (although this is not always the case). However, it is important to realize that, although the purchase price could seem a bit steeper, the savings over time may be greater than the extra money initially spent.

Take time to read labels, especially those with the Energy Star label, and do a little math. You may just be surprised.

Buying appliances for your kitchen is a major purchase. Don’t just do research online or ask around and make an impulsive purchase. Do your research, consider the above, and then go to the store – see the appliances, look them over, and then make your decision. Be wise – and you’ll be happy with your final purchase.

Updating Kitchen Appliances: 10 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Updating Kitchen Appliances

There are many wonderful things about your home, but none can be quite as popular as your kitchen. So, it should come as no surprise that when you want to remodel or update the look of your home, it is common to start with the kitchen.

Adding a splash of color, a wall treatment, or new cupboards can be simple choices. But when it comes to updating your kitchen appliances, you may be left scratching your head. Does energy efficiency matter? Should I splurge for high-end? Should I even update my appliances if I plan on selling soon?

Here are 10 things every homeowner needs to know about updating kitchen appliances:

1. The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Our world may renew itself in some ways, but – truth be told – our planet is not going to be here forever if we don’t take care of it. Do your part and reduce your carbon footprint by setting up your home with energy efficient appliances. Not only will they benefit the environment, but they will also benefit your bank account thanks to the annual savings you’ll receive.

2. Finding the Kitchen Appliances You Need

Take your lifestyle as well as your budget into consideration when deciding on your appliance purchases. Do you have a large family? Do you host social gatherings often? Would you truly utilize the commercial-style range? Or could you get by with a regular-sized range?

Appliances that cost more money don’t necessarily mean they are better. However, some cost more because they are larger and/or offer more features to the homeowner. If you will use them, then you may find the extra cost worth it. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money.

3. An Updated Kitchen May Help You

People love kitchens – and not just for cooking. They provide a place for socializing and family fun, as well as a functional place for cooking. Today’s home buyers are seeking modern or updated kitchens. If you intend to sell your home anytime soon, you will want to consider updating the appliances.

4. Microwave Drawers Are Trending

Clunky microwaves sitting on countertops are becoming a thing of the past, but an over-the-range installed microwave can be hard for kids to utilize. Since microwaving is the way to go for young chefs, microwave drawers are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to reach and can be placed in an unused area – such as the end of a kitchen island –which frees up space in the kitchen.

5. Correct measurements are important.

All appliances are not created equal. So when it comes time to purchase updated appliances, you will want to make sure your space measurements are spot on. This is especially the case if you currently have old appliances.

While you may not find an exact fit, at least you will be able to find the one closest to your needs. Having to fit a border around a new appliance (so that it looks like it fits properly) can be difficult and frustrating.

6. The Range Hood As A Focal Point

When choosing the appliances you want to update in your home, discover ways that you can use them besides their intended use. For example, update your kitchen with a new range hood. Instead of simply looking for a practical range hood, why not splurge a little bit (just a little!) and make it a focal point in your kitchen?

This is a common trend that can help you accomplish two tasks for the price of one. And, it’s a great way to give a functional, updated look to your kitchen.

7. Stick to Timeless Stainless Steel

Colors are common these days: pale blue, red, plum, bright green, yellow, etc. And, while it may be incredibly tempting to jump on the bandwagon, don’t. There may come a day when you want to redecorate your space and, well, with brightly colored kitchen appliances, your options will be limited. Or, of course, your redecorating budget will have to include a cushion for new appliances – again.

8. Your Appliances Should be Functional

Why would you spend money on something that wasn’t functional? Don’t get caught up in the latest fads or gadgets when it comes to appliances. Spend your money on those that look good, work well – and that will also meet your needs. Anything else is just a waste of money.

9. Matching Appliance Finishes

You want your kitchen to look nice. And, having mix-matched appliances can really be an eyesore. Avoid this situation by updating your appliances with those that match. Even though a range and a dishwasher may both be made of stainless steel – without buying them as part of the same set, they will likely have different knobs, buttons, and may even be slightly “off” in color.

If buying more than one appliance, consider purchasing an appliance suite. This is a bundle of the appliances you need that all come from the same line (and will likely save you money, too).

10. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Don’t go for the biggest refrigerator because you think it’d be cool to have (pun intended). Being the envy of your friends for a short period of time won’t compensate for the kitchen space you will lose because you wanted the largest refrigerator you could find. This situation will be amplified even more if you don’t even need the fridge space. Buy what you need and you will have no regrets.


Updating your appliances can be stressful, but it can also be a fun time for a homeowner. It is a chance to give your kitchen a fresh look. Purchase your appliances responsibly, buy what you need, don’t waste money on things you won’t use, and stick to timeless colors. Your kitchen should be a welcoming place for all who visit your home.

7 Top Kitchen Appliances Every Homeowner Needs

Top Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen may serve as your social stomping grounds, your kids’ homework hotspot, the family game night destination, or the perfect place to pile up all mail that you receive. But, believe it or not, your kitchen serves a purpose – a real purpose – and that is providing you with a place to cook delicious feasts for your friends and family.

In order to use your kitchen successfully, you will need to create a space that has the necessary tools. Of course, this will include things such as cutlery and flatware, as well as dishes and food. But, it also includes having the right appliances to meet your needs.

We’ve got the top 7 kitchen appliances that every kitchen should have. How does your kitchen stack up? Do you have everything you need to make the best use of your kitchen?

1. Refrigerator and Freezer

This should be a given when it comes to a kitchen. Every kitchen should have a refrigerator and freezer. After all, where else would you store your food? To keep your food fresh and safe to consume, you need to store it at proper temperatures.

There are several options when it comes to a refrigerator and freezer combo. For example, you have the choice of a side by side, which offers two side-by-side doors, one enclosing a refrigerator, the other a freezer. Another option is the top freezer with a refrigerator on the bottom. This is, perhaps, the most commonly purchased type. Lastly, a bottom freezer is slowly taking over the market. Similar to the previous refrigerator/freezer, this model has a freezer drawer on the bottom – which means no more hunching over to access the refrigerator.

2. Microwave

Whether you agree with cooking using a microwave or not, you have to admit they do come in handy. You can make just about anything these days using a microwave, but they work best when just needing to heat up something simple.

When it comes to kids cooking, the microwave is a great place to start. As long as they don’t fill it with aluminum foil, there is no danger of fire or burning the house down.

Microwaves come in a few varieties. There are countertop microwaves that sit on your counter, unattached and moveable. The only downfall is the amount of counter space you will lose. A second option is an under-the-cabinet microwave. It is usually positioned in place above the stove and makes it appear as one appliance. Lastly, there is a drawer microwave. This one is down low and provides easy access for kids. Another great perk of this option is that it can be inserted in an out-of-way area, such as on the end of a kitchen island.

3. Range Hood

You need a range hood. You may think that it is an unnecessary expense, but you will be thankful you spent the money. Range hoods offer you clean air by removing odors, carbon monoxide, steam and moisture, and other impurities out of your kitchen.

You may choose a range hood that is vented or unvented. Additionally, you will want one that matches the other appliances in your kitchen. Many homeowners have chosen a range hood to be a central focal point of their kitchen.

4. Gas Range

Whether you’re cooking a quick meal or hosting a dinner for guests, a dependable gas range will provide the power and convenience you need.

A professional-style gas range will offer a variety of features, including the double-oven option and a beautiful stainless steel or black stainless steel finish. These features will give you options in the kitchen, which is handy if you’re a fan of baking or cooking multiple plates at the same time.

5. Range Top

Similarly, a dependable six-burner range top will be very useful as well. Whether you have a large family, cook gourmet meals, or just like to host social gatherings, having extra burners to work with on your stove can make things a bit easier.

Again, you will likely find an increase in price for the extra burners, but eating foods that are all heated at the same time – so the meal is hot in its entirety – can be a blessing you receive from this stove.

6. Wine Cooler

Some people want a wine cellar, others just want a wine cooler. And, why wouldn’t you? You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to know that having a designated place to store your wine at optimal temperature makes it taste better.

Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes, holding anywhere from a couple of bottles of wine to hundreds of bottles. Not to mention that these coolers generally come with glass fronts, providing a nice display case for your wine purchases.

Don’t waste any more time drinking wine from the refrigerator. Your kitchen needs a wine cooler – and it needs it now.

7. Ice machine

When was the last time you had a social get-together at your house and had to make an ice run? It is so common for ice to be one of the first things to go. One, it melts. And, two, people drink – and they like their drinks cold. Typical ice machines found in a refrigerator/freezer combo cannot provide the amount of ice needed to handle crowds. Storing 10lb bags of ice in your freezer isn’t always an option, either, thanks to space.

Imagine having your own ice machine that stores 50lbs or more of ice for your frosty pleasure. Sound wonderful? Ditch the ice runs and stock your kitchen with your very own ice machine.

Having a kitchen that is equipped with everything you need makes life a bit easier. If you love to cook or just want to get the most from your kitchen experience, then you will not want to dismiss any of these appliances.

10 Reasons Homeowners Love Kitchen Appliance Suites

When it comes to owning a home, you have total control over how you decorate and design your space. After all – it is yours. That means, when it comes to designing your kitchen, it should reflect your needs, your desires, and your taste – from the cupboards and cabinets to the appliances.

And, if you are like most homeowners, when it comes to designing your kitchen, you want all aspects of it to match – especially the appliances. Think about it – it’d look a bit awkward to have a few painted appliances, and a few stainless-steel. In fact, it may throw off the whole vibe.

Thankfully, those in the appliance business know this and have put together what is referred to as appliance suites or appliance packages. These suites are really a bundling of appliances that all work well together and will fit together nicely in your kitchen.

Homeowners love kitchen appliance suites.

Here’s why.

1. Kitchen Appliances Suites Keep It Simple

When you begin searching for the right appliance for your home, you will discover that there are likely more choices than you could ever imagine. And, the idea of choosing one of the thousands can be a daunting task. This is especially true when it comes to purchases all the appliances for your kitchen.

For those who take this big purchase seriously, that could mean hours and hours spent searching specs and reading reviews and scoping out sales. By choosing a kitchen appliance suite, you are able to move forward more quickly because as you find the one, you will find the whole set.

2. A Consistent Style for Your Kitchen

You know your style and the style of your kitchen. Finding the perfect appliance to fit that style can take some time and effort. If, for instance, you find the perfect refrigerator, you still have to discover the perfect range and oven, microwave, dishwasher, range hood, etc. that will go with it as well.

However, if you choose to purchase the appliance for your kitchen in a suite, then you will find a batch of appliances that will match your style with one choice. In other words, find that perfect refrigerator and you’ve found every other perfect appliance.

3. Adds Value to Your Property

Believe it or not, appliances can make or break a deal when it comes to selling your house. Everyone wants to walk into a kitchen and be in awe of the look, the design, and the appliances. So, having mismatched, cheap appliances can easily be a deal breaker.

An appliance suite is loved by homeowners who may consider selling down the road, are turning over the home, or are looking to increase the value of their home.

4. Available In A Variety of Sizes

You should definitely consider the appliances you choose for your home based on the size of your family or your cooking and baking needs. For example, for those homes with just one or two individuals, the extra refrigerator space or extra burners will not be necessary. However, for those with large families in the home – or that come often – having space and ability to accommodate them can make life a bit easier. Remember, larger appliances offer more storage space and more cooking space.

Buying your appliances in a suite based on your family size and needs, you can easily get all the appliances you need – and in the size which you need them.

5. A Single Stainless Steel Finish for Every Appliance

Did you know that not all stainless-steel appliances are created equal? While they may initially look the same, a closer look will reveal they aren’t. In fact, the colors of the stainless-steel can vary from piece to piece.

Choosing your appliances as part of a suite can ensure that you’re they will flow throughout your kitchen in matching color.

7. Matching Knobs, Handles, and Other Details

Your appliances need to match. And, buying an appliance suite can help with this. For example, consider the knobs on your dishwasher and on your oven. Do they match? If you want to keep things uniform, they will need to match.

The best way to do this is to purchase your appliances in a suite and you will find uniformity in the minor details throughout.

8. Designed for Your Skill Level

A customized fit is crucial for enjoying your kitchen. Whether you are a baker, a chef, an individual who prefers to dine out, or the like, you will find the appliance that works best for your needs. When you do, you will find all of them.

9. Remarkably Affordable

Perhaps one of the most common reasons homeowners love buying their appliances in suites is due to the savings they can encounter. Believe it or not, purchasing multiple appliances together in a batch can reduce the cost of each appliance.

Homeowners know that if it is time to replace multiple appliances, it is much more cost-efficient to do so at one time rather than one at a time.

10. An Energy-Efficient Solution

Manufacturers of appliances build appliances that work together. They expect that the consumer will combine them to obtain the optimum results. Homeowners know this well, too, and love appliance suites for that reason.

Combining each appliance that was built to complement the other can help you maintain an energy efficient kitchen.

Your kitchen is a personal space that you will spend much time in. Homeowners know that it is not the room in the home to necessarily cut corners when it comes to spending. Choose an appliance that you love and know will fit your needs – and then discover it in an appliance suite for convenience.

The Ultimate Kitchen Appliances List for Homeowners

There are few things better than having a home that you can design and decorate yourself.

It brings you the perfect opportunity to add some personal touches to your home that will stay with your family for years to come.

A Kitchen Appliances List to Get You Started

Perhaps one of the rooms that will be the center for all sorts of holidays and social gatherings in the kitchen. For one reason or another, this is where friends and family tend to congregate while socializing. For this reason, you will want to decorate your kitchen in a way that will accommodate your social agenda, fit your style, and will reflect a functionality that you can embrace and enjoy.

Shopping for professional kitchen appliances can be incredibly overwhelming. With so many brands and types to choose from, where do you start? We’ve put together a list of the ultimate kitchen appliances to help you begin designing the perfect kitchen in your home.


Surely you have already thought about how you are going to need a refrigerator. They are rather important and, well, are a necessity in the home these days. But, did you realize they come in all different types?

When shopping for a refrigerator, you will see that they are designed with a refrigerator and freezer located:

  • Side by side
  • Freezer on top
  • Freezer on bottom
  • French doors with bottom freezer

But that isn’t the only design feature you will have to consider with your refrigerator purchase.

Counter-depth refrigerators and built-in refrigerators also have their perks to entice you. Counter-depth refrigerators are called such because they are about as deep as your countertops. This allows them to fit neatly flush with your cabinets without protruding. What these lack in depth, however, they usually make up for in width. Similarly, built-in refrigerators are just that – built in. They are designed to look flawless and seamless with the kitchen cabinets and counters.

Ranges and Ovens

If you plan to cook a meal in your home, then you will need a range and an oven. Seems logical, surely, but what kind do you choose? There are so many – from those with a glass top or cast-iron grates to those with a regular oven rather than a convection oven.

Let’s not forget that they also come with a choice of electric or gas heat.

Here are the types of ranges and ovens to consider:

  • Electric smooth-top
  • Electric induction smooth-top – Induction stoves prove the exact amount of heat and distribute it properly. It uses magnets that deliver heat directly to the pot, rather than all over the burner.
  • Double Oven  – For large families, those who plan on hosting social engagements, or for the real chefs and bakers, having a double oven is almost a necessity.
  • Dual fuel range – If you cannot decide whether you’d prefer gas or electric, you can have both with a dual fuel range.
  • Gas cooktop
  • Convection oven – Convection ovens offer a fan and exhaust system that can evenly distribute heat while keeping humidity down.


You could very easily continue to wash your dishes by hand whenever they start to fill your sink. Or, you could open your dishwasher, fill it with dirty dishes, add some soap, turn it on – and watch the magic happen.

Clean dishes and no work. Did you know that dishwashers typically use less water than you would use washing by hand? They also often have a high heat function to ensure a germ-free shine.

There are 4 common varieties of dishwashers to choose from.

  • Built-in dishwashers
  • Compact built-in dishwashers
  • Portable dishwashers
  • Drawer dishwashers

Depending on the size of your kitchen and your space for a dishwasher, you may choose a regular built-in dishwasher – the most common choice – or the compact, which offers the same built-in look, only smaller. Drawer dishwashers offer a special bonus drawer that allows you to handle more dishes at once. But, the best part is that you can wash only one part at a time, meaning smaller loads and water conservation.


While cooking with microwaves may or may not be your go-to option, they are always good to have in the home. How large or permanent you want your microwave to be is a choice you’ll need to make. You have a few options:

  • Countertop microwaves sit upon your countertop – just as they are named. These are common, but not often the best choice due to the counter space that they use.
  • Over-the-range microwaves are built in above your range. This can make your range and microwave look like an all-in-one appliance.
  • Drawered microwaves are another built-in option. These typically are installed lower in the cabinets, such as hip level, and are made to look like an oven, rather than a microwave.
  • Finally, you can choose a regular, built-in microwave that blends with your cabinets and offers a seamless look.

How to choose what is right for your home

Your kitchen should be designed exactly as you want it. And, your appliances should fit the design. After all, you will likely be spending a lot of time in this room of your home. So, when it comes to deciding what appliances you should choose for your kitchen, you will want to take careful consideration.

First, choose appliances that fit with your look. In other words, your appliance will blend no matter if your design style is modern, traditional, classic, etc. This will ensure that you keep the flow between your cabinets, your countertops, and your appliances.

Functionality is another important way in which to choose appliances for your kitchen. Your appliances can match your style, but if they don’t work how you need them to, then they are useless. Base your choices off of your cooking and baking habits, your family size, and your desire for convenience. The more useful they are to your needs, the happier you will be with your selection.

Your kitchen needs a refrigerator, a range and oven, a microwave, and a dishwasher. Choose the perfect model for your home.

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