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The Best Electric Cooktop For Any Kitchen

The best electric cooktop for any kitchen

When it comes to filling a kitchen with appliances that will make a difference in the look, feel, and functionality of the space, you are going to need something to cook with. For one, it is an all-in-one range. For others, it is finding the best electric cooktop. And, yes – there are even those individuals that opt for both!

If you are making changes to your kitchen and are interested in the perks of adding an electric cooktop, then you are in the right place. Let’s talk about them.

What is a Cooktop?

Simply put, a cooktop is the cooking area of a range. It is the top area of burners – without the oven. This one-piece drops in the countertop and is connected to a heat source, whether electric, propane, or natural gas. They can be ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. In other words, there are so many variations and different cooktops to choose from. If you are new to the idea, there’s a lot to catch up on.

Cooktops have been around for a while. Sometimes they are found in homes where there is no range, but rather two separate units- a wall oven and a cooktop. In some kitchens, cooktops are used as a place to cook in addition to the range. For instance, many are found on the kitchen island.

Very generally speaking, the parts of a cooktop include a burner (the area that holds and heats the pots and pans), the control panel (the area where you set your temperature, timer, etc.), and the controls (the knobs you use to control each burner). Of course, there are a lot of internal parts that make these appliances work so efficiently.

Cooktops can range in size, so you can always find the right fit. Some smaller 30” cooktops are great additions to smaller kitchens, whereas a 48” cooktop may fit right in larger spaces.

What Makes a Good Cooktop?

There are so many different aspects that come together to make a good cooktop. But there are a few things that stand out above the others, including:

Size: This is great for those that cook a lot and is looking for additional burners. These individuals may be interested in larger cooktops. But the smaller options fit great inside small spaces.

Easy to Clean: Most often, cooktops are easy to clean. This is especially true for electric glass top cooktops. Simply wipe down spills.

Auto-Shutoff: We are easily sidetracked today, so having a cooktop that automatically shuts down for you when the cooking is done can be, quite literally, a life saver.

Energy-EfficiencyCooktops built with energy efficiency in mind are not only beneficial for the world around you but for your bank account, too.

What About Gas Cooktops?

THOR Kitchen has professional gas cooktops in both 30 inches and 36 inches. They are designed of stainless steel and offer many features that can benefit you as you cook. Because of their durable build, they can withstand high heat and heavy use without impacting their longevity.

The long-lasting prostyle appliance will look great no matter what design your kitchen is. That means if you decide to have a makeover a year from now, your cooktop will still fit in, still look beautiful, and still work perfectly.

Let’s take a look at a few of the features of these drop-in stainless steel gas cooktops.

High-Intensity Burners: With a mix of regular burners and two high-intensity 18,000 BTU power burners, you get intense heat – fast.

Professional Illuminated Knobs: When in use, the knobs illuminate in a bright modern blue. Not only does this look great, but it lets you know a burner is turned on, too.

Continuous Cast-Iron Grates: These grates are durable and easy to clean no matter how much you use your cooktop or how many foods spill or boil over.

Automatic Electric Ignition: Unlike an always-lit pilot light, this option uses less gas and reduces the need to light burners.

Liquid Propane Conversion Option: For those who prefer propane over natural gas.

Now, while gas may have its perks and have its own following, we are here to talk about electric cooktops. After all, there is just something about cooking amazing recipes with an electric cooktop that is just different from other options out there.

Electric Cooktops For the Win!

There are many people who have a preference for electric cooktops. And THOR Kitchen is offering two options – a 30-inch and a 36-inch glass cooktops that are durable, powerful, and high-performing, yet also very sleek in their design.

With the electric cooktop, you have precise heat that can slowly simmer or quickly boil whatever it is you are cooking. Plus, there are so many other features, too, such as:

Tri-Zone Lightning Boil Burner: This is a center burner in the middle that has three rings for you to control with the touch of a button. It can do everything from bill water to melt chocolate.

Sync Burner: Heat large pans, griddles, dutch ovens, and more when you have two burners that can heat food in sync. Essentially it gives you one long burner for even cooking.

Automatic Shutoff: For safety reasons, having an automatic shut-off is beneficial. This feature is designed to shut off as soon as it is done cooking.

Cooking Elements: Get rapid, reliable, consistent heat from all your burners every time.

Many Power Levels: You also get control over your power levels when cooking, from simmer to boil and everything in between.

Touch Glass Controls: With touch controls, you get more control over your cooktop.

Easy to Clean: Because of the glass cooktop, spills and grease can easily just be wiped away with ease.

Shop THOR Kitchen for the Best Electric Cooktops

THOR Kitchen offers high-quality, durable appliances that work smoothly and efficiently every time. Our cooktops are no exception. While we do create a fantastic gas cooktop, the sleek glass electric cooktop is one that stands out – in both aesthetics and functionality. This is an addition to your kitchen that you will not want to miss.

For more information, contact us directly. Alternatively, you can find the best electric cooktop for your kitchen by searching for your nearest dealer.

4 Types of Drawer Style Microwaves

4 types of drawer style microwaves

Ah, the lovely microwave. Many people underestimate the power of this kitchen appliance. After all, you can cook just about anything in a regular microwave or even drawer style microwaves – and enjoy it much faster than if it were cooked any other way. It truly is convenient cooking.

Types of Drawer Style Microwaves

Did you know that all microwaves are not created equal? And we aren’t just referring to their wattage. There are actually four main types of microwaves that you can invest in – though some rank a bit higher on the must-have list. Let’s take a look.

1. Countertop Microwave

The handy-dandy countertop microwave is one that you can pick up just about anywhere. For as little as $50 you can bring one home, place it on your countertop, and plug it in.

Will it heat up your food? Absolutely. Will it cook it quickly? Probably. Though be prepared as you may have to cook it longer than the package directions.

While you can find a good one every now and then, often, these countertop microwaves are lower wattage, which doesn’t make them as efficient as those of better quality. And although this type of microwave is primarily placed on a countertop, it can be nestled inside many different spaces to turn it into a drawer style microwave to suit your needs.

2. Built-In Microwave

Built-in microwaves come with the same traditional look as a countertop microwave, except they are built-in to the cabinetry. Sometimes you may find them in the lower cabinets of a kitchen island, too.

They have to be professionally installed in order to fit seamlessly.

3. Over-the-Range Microwave

An over-the-range microwave is one that has a traditional design like the first two we talked about, but it is installed over the range. It, too, is often built into the cabinetry.

The way this is designed to look is that the range and microwave look like one uniform unit. Instead of having a range hood, this type of microwave works as an exhaust for the stove top cooking. It is not vented.

Having a microwave installed over the range makes it more convenient to be off of the counter, but it does take away from the ability to have a highly-efficient range hood which some could see as a downfall.

4. Drawer Microwave

As its name suggests, a drawer microwave oven pulls out like a drawer rather than the traditional swinging door. You pull it out and reach down into it to place your food. As a result, these units are installed in the cabinetry below the countertop.

They are easy to use and have a lot of space to even fit large items. Because they work well to heat foods evenly, they do not require a turntable. This gives you even more space.

In all ways, a microwave drawer gives you a better experience.

Perks of a Drawer Style Microwave

There are quite a few advantages that come with choosing a drawer style microwave, including:

-It looks like it was custom-built into your kitchen

-Smooth, gentle drawer to avoid spills

-Large capacity – and ability to hold large square dishes since there is no turntable

-Looks like a high-end appliance

-Can be used in main cabinetry or island


-Gives you more space on the countertop

-Allows you to have an efficient range hood

-Easy access to insert, remove and stir foods

THOR Kitchen’s Must-Have Microwave Drawer

24 Inch Microwave Drawer by Thor Kitchen

24 Inch Microwave Drawer by THOR Kitchen

The 24-inch microwave drawer in stainless steel from THOR Kitchen is a must-have. Model number TMD2401 will allow you to show off your microwaving chef skills. And it comes with a ton of features to help you find success with your venture in creating the best recipes without turning on the stove or oven. Check them out:

-Unique drawer design to get your microwave off your countertop and into a convenient spot

-12 sensor functions to get you just the right amount of heat, such as defrosting, beverage, melting chocolate, softening ice cream, and more

-Extra 1-minute add-on feature

-10 power modes for heating the most delicate things to the most frozen

-Auto touch open/close control allows you to open and close the drawer with the touch of a button

-1.2 cubic feet of cooking space can accommodate containers of many sizes

-The “Keep warm” function allows your food to stay warm without overcooking it

-Sleek design with a touch LCD display that makes it easy to control

-The stainless steel finish is easy to keep clean and shines beautifully

What Can You Cook in a Microwave?

If you don’t have a microwave or it has been a while since you have used one, you may very well be underestimating the power of this appliance. See, a microwave is an easy way to cook a lot of things – without having to get a ton of pans dirty, wait for the water to boil, and so forth. Here are a few recipe ideas of things you can cook in the microwave:

-Spaghetti squash

-Scrambled eggs




-Mac’ n cheese

-Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes



-Peanut brittle

Roasted garlic

This doesn’t even include your everyday instant oatmeal, microwave popcorn, can of soup, etc. The list of things you can cook in the microwave can keep going and going.

Keeping Your Microwave Clean

Once you invest in your microwave drawer, it is rather simple to keep clean, too. Never, ever use harsh cleaners (or any chemical cleaners at all) in your microwave. Instead, simply place a microwave-safe mug or bowl of water inside the microwave. Heat it for about 2 to 3 minutes so that it gets nice and hot, and steamy.

Once it’s done, carefully remove and discard the water and quickly wipe down all the areas within the appliance. The steam from the water loosens everything nicely, so you don’t need anything else to get it clean!

Shop Drawer Style Microwaves at THOR Kitchen

If you haven’t noticed by now, microwaves – especially drawer style microwaves – can bring a positive vibe to your kitchen. Life just isn’t the same without one.

Get yours today when you shop THOR Kitchen.

Start the New Year with a Stainless Steel Appliance Package

Start the new year with a stainless steel appliance package

Are you happy with your kitchen? Does it bring you a sense of joy when you walk into the room? It should. This is your space. It should be designed in a way that brings you comfort at every turn. Of course, it should also be efficient, convenient, and easy to keep clean, too. A stainless steel appliance package in 2023 could be just the thing you need to transform your space into something that makes you feel good.

Give your kitchen a glowing, matching look that fits your style. So, why not kick off the new year right by investing in your kitchen?

The Value of Stainless Steel Appliances

Whether cooking, baking, socializing, helping the kids with homework, and so on – you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. You use this space to nourish your family and help them grow. And it is probably safe to say it is the place where a lot of memories have been made. It is no wonder why they call it the heart of the home.

As for look and feel, there are many different finishes found on kitchen appliances and when shopping for a stainless steel appliance package. The one that truly stands out time and time again is stainless steel. New appliances with this shiny, classy finish can make even the ugliest kitchens look stunning.

So, why the hype? Why does everyone seem to give so much attention to stainless steel?


Stainless steel will not rust or corrode. It is made of a durable material that lasts for years to come – without ever looking its age.

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel appliances can be easily cleaned so that they always shine and look beautiful in your kitchen. They don’t even need a cleaner – just mild soap and water.

Boosted Home Value

Yes, you read that right. Investing in stainless steel appliances for your kitchen – especially a matching set – can boost your home’s value.


Unlike other types of appliance finishes, stainless steel is versatile. It doesn’t matter what your kitchen design style is, the appliances will fit perfectly. Farmhouse, modern, traditional, country, coastal, industrial, and more.

Free of Germs

Do you know why commercial kitchens are decked out in stainless steel? It isn’t because it is pretty (although it is). Stainless steel is non-porous. That means it doesn’t have holes or grooves or pores that can hold germs and bacteria. In other words, when you clean your surface, you are really cleaning the surface because there is nowhere else for anything to hide. Who wouldn’t want that in their kitchen, right?

Must-Have Stainless Steel Appliances

If you aren’t convinced by now that you need to invest in a stainless steel appliance package, then perhaps seeing the features you are missing will give you the push you need to take the leap.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Ranges

Kitchen ranges can be powered by natural gas, propane, electricity, or both. You have your choice based on cooking and baking preferences and the heat source delivery to your home. At Thor Kitchen, the same love of cooking can come from one or the other as they are both durable, high-quality appliances.

Gas Kitchen Ranges

On the gas ranges, you can enjoy some incredible features, such as:

-High-powered BTU burners

-Luxglide telescopic racks that won’t fall out

-Infrared broiler

-Commercial convection fan

-LED control panel lights

-Large oven capacity

-Continuous cast-iron cooking grates

-Porcelain oven interior and cooktop for easy cleaning

-Heavy-duty control knobs

-Automatic reignition feature

Electric Kitchen Ranges

More interested in an electric range? Those have great features, too:

-Smooth glass top

-Lightningboil element for fast heating

-True convection fan

-LED control panel lights for energy efficiency

-Large oven capacity

-Multiple cooking modes (bake, convection bake, broil, convection broil)

-Blue porcelain oven interior

-Heavy-duty control knobs

Stainless Steel Refrigerators

Refrigerators keep your food fresh. They also keep your drinks cold. It is hard to imagine how life happened without one in the kitchen. Over the years, they have evolved. Today, stainless steel refrigerators are the gold standard in the kitchen. And French door refrigerators are the fan fav.

Here are a few features you can find on a Thor Kitchen stainless steel refrigerator that would blend perfectly with your range.

-A large amount of storage space

-Showcase LED lighting

-Dual cooling system to maintain humidity and reduce freezer burn

-Automatic ice maker

-Door alarm

-Door storage

-Moveable shelving and adjustable racks

-Freezer doors for convenience and easy organization

Stainless Steel Pyramid Range Hoods

Cooking in any kitchen warrants ventilation. And a wall-mount pyramid range hood is a perfect choice. It removes the odors as you cook, so you won’t be stuck smelling it tomorrow. It also removes smoke, steam, and many toxins as you cook.

A pyramid range hood is a stunning addition that can be eye-catching when you walk into the room. As part of a stainless steel appliance package, you can feel confident that the finish will be matched to the others.

Plus, it comes with its own set of features:

-Powerful suction

-Quiet operations

-Three different speed settings

-LED lighting

-Commercial-style baffle filter

-Duct cover and duct vent

-Push button controls

Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Lastly, you cannot have a kitchen without a dishwasher. Save water – and your hands – by ditching handwashing and adding a dishwasher to your stainless steel appliance package. Again, everything blends well and looks uniform in the kitchen.

Thor Kitchen’s dishwasher is a high-functioning, quiet, and energy-efficient unit that has Smart Wash technology to know just how dirty your dishes are. Can’t move on without sharing its features, too:

-Powerful spray arms

-Adjustable racks

-Removable utensil basket

-Fingerprint resistant

-Water and energy efficient

Buy a Stainless Steel Appliance Package at THOR Kitchen

Now, imagine bringing all of those appliances into your kitchen. Everything out would look uniform and flow well together. You would increase the value of your home while also increasing the amount of joy the space brings you. Not to mention that cooking and utilizing these professional appliances is such a pleasure.

The common phrase is a new year, new you. We say new year, new kitchen. It’s about time, don’t you think? Go for it!

Find the perfect stainless steel appliance package today when you shop at THOR Kitchen. Find your nearest dealer to get started!

What are Kitchen Appliances: Types and Uses Guide for Large Appliances

What are kitchen appliances: Types and uses guide for large appliances

What are kitchen appliances? They can make cooking easy, effortless, and convenient!

Whether you are building your kitchen from scratch or you are remodeling, there is going to come a time when you have to take a look at the kitchen appliances that you will need – and what you hope to get from them.

We aren’t talking about the little things, like where you will place your espresso machine or whether you will have room for your stand mixer on the counter or in a cabinet. Instead, we are referring to those that make up the heart of your kitchen – the major appliances.

But let’s be real for a minute. Just because you need something doesn’t mean it can’t be something you want. So here is a look at the types and uses so you can fill your kitchen in the most functional – yet aesthetically pleasing – way possible.


36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth by THOR Kitchen

36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth by THOR Kitchen

Your kitchen absolutely needs a refrigerator. Sure, you want it to keep your drinks cold, but it also works to preserve your perishable items. Lots of grocery items will spoil if they aren’t kept cold. Choosing the right refrigerator keeps that from happening.

You can’t just invest in any type of refrigerator, though. You want to be able to ensure you have enough space to store all the groceries you just bought – along with some extra space for leftovers. And when we say space, we don’t mean that crowded, stacked mess in which food gets lost and ends up moldy in the back of the fridge.

Having a refrigerator large enough to have space and keep it organized will not only run more efficiently but will also help you save money and give you a chance to eat things before they go bad. Why? Because you can see it!

If you are buying a refrigerator, look for one that has beneficial features, such as:

-Generous storage space

-Crisper drawers to keep produce fresher longer

-Counter-depth so it fits smoothly in the cabinets

-Door storage for big containers

-Showcase LED lighting for efficiency – and so you can clearly see throughout the space

-Adjustable racks and shelves

-Automatic ice maker

-Ice and water dispenser

-Freezer drawer for easy access and easy organization

-Stainless steel finish for shine

-Door alarm

-Energy-star certified


24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen

24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher in Stainless Steel by THOR Kitchen

How much time have you spent washing dishes by hand? Have you ever taken the time to calculate it? What if you could just let the dishwasher do all the work? Imagine the amount of free time you would have on your hands. Speaking of hands, imagine how soft they would feel from not using harsh dish soap every day. Plus, dishwashers more efficiently use water – which could save you money and benefit the planet.

That’s a lot of positive talk for a dishwasher, isn’t it? Although not every dishwasher will provide you with the greatest experience, choosing the right dishwasher will. When a dishwasher is designed properly, it will effectively clean dishes regardless of how soiled they are so that you always have thoroughly clean dishes – that you don’t have to wash.

Before you make that purchase, look for these fantastic features:

-Smart wash system that uses a soil sensor to determine how soiled the dishes are – and adjust the cycle accordingly

-Four powerful spray arms reach all areas of the dishwasher so that all the dishes are clean

-Adjustable racks so that you can always wash even your biggest cookware in the dishwasher 

-Removable utensil basket for convenience

-Fingerprint-resistance stainless steel finish

-Quiet operation

-Energy-efficient ratings


36 Inch Tilt Panel Professional Electric Range by THOR Kitchen

36 Inch Tilt Panel Professional Electric Range by THOR Kitchen

You have a refrigerator to store your food and a dishwasher to clean up the dirty plates after your meal, but how are you going to cook it? You need a range.

There are many different types of ranges on the market, most depending on size and fuel type. For example, there are gas ranges that work on both liquid propane as well as natural gas. And then there are those that are made to run off of electricity. Dual fuel ranges have the best of both worlds, providing you with an oven that uses electric heat and a gas stove. Ask any chef and baker, and they will tell you that this type of range gives you the perfect heat for what you are trying to cook.

Typical sizes for a range can be either 24 inches30 inches36 inches, or 48 inches – with the larger sizes often having more oven space, more burners, and potentially even a griddle.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a range for your kitchen, as it comes down to space and the amount of cooking that you do. If you aren’t one to spend much time cooking at home, perhaps a smaller option may work well for you. But if you do, then find the right range for your space by taking the following features into consideration:

-High-powered BTU burners

-Luxglide telescopic racks for effortless glide

-Infrared broiler

-Commercial convection fan for even baking

-Energy-efficient LED control panel lights 

-Large oven capacity

-Porcelain oven interior for easy cleaning

-Heavy-duty control knobs 

-Continuous cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain spill tray for durability and easy cleanup on a gas stove

-A smooth, sleek cooktop on an electric range for an easy cleanup

-Precise heat from simmer to boil – and everything in between

-Multiple baking modes, such as bake, convection bake, broil, convection broil

A Stainless Steel Appliance Suite

One thing you can do to make life a little bit easier – and make your kitchen a little more magical – is to invest in an appliance suite. With a stainless steel finish, your appliances would look uniform and pair well together.

It is the perfect way to add something special to your kitchen, benefitting you in both looks and functionality. Not to mention that bringing the uniformity of professional appliances into your kitchen can immediately boost your home’s value.

Shop THOR Kitchen for Stainless Steel Appliances

You know what appliances you need for your kitchen and what must-have features to look for. Now it is time to do some shopping. What are you waiting for? Head on over and find a THOR Kitchen dealer today.

Treat Yourself to Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen (Stainless Steel Style!)

Treat yourself to Christmas gifts for the kitchen (Stainless steel style!)

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro chef, the holiday season is a great time to treat yourself to Christmas gifts for the kitchen. But not just any type! Step it up a notch and go stainless steel when you shop with THOR Kitchen!

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Kitchen

You spend your time running around looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. You won’t settle for anything less than the best for all of those who matter so much. Clothes, electronics, the latest toys and gadgets, perfume, gift cards, and so much more fill your shopping cart – whether in the store or online. You stress yourself out this time every year so that you may see the joy on the recipient’s face as they receive your gift.

Here’s a question for you, though: when was the last time you bought yourself a Christmas gift? It has been a while, hasn’t it? That’s exactly what we thought. So here’s what you need to do. Go ahead and scribble your name on your list of people to buy for this year. And next to it, write ‘Christmas gifts for the kitchen: stainless steel kitchen appliances.’

Why Stainless Steel Appliances?

Stainless steel appliances shine bright and look beautiful in any kitchen. In fact, they can transform the space so easily with their timeless look. If you currently don’t have stainless steel appliances or have those that are mismatched, then it is time to treat yourself. Besides, who wouldn’t want all of these benefits (and more)?

-Easy to care for and keep clean so that they always look shiny.

-Built for durability and longevity.

-Boosts your home’s value.

-Uniform look and aesthetically pleasing.

They blend with any design style you choose, which makes them easy to incorporate into your kitchen no matter how often you change the look.

A Professional Range

36 Inch Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel

36 Inch Professional Gas Range in Stainless Steel

Unless you seriously don’t ever cook, there is a good chance that you use your range regularly. It is, after all, considered the heart of the kitchen. If you aren’t getting the most from your range, then why not upgrade? Or how about an additional rangetop or cooktop for your island or countertop?

Ranges come in all different sizes and styles, so you are sure to find the one that makes you jump for joy.

THOR Kitchen offers a wide selection of ranges to meet your needs and preferences, including electric, gas, dual fuel, tilt panel, double oven, and freestanding. They are elegant and durable yet functional and soft enough for your kitchen. Whether you use it every day or every other week, it will always give you fantastic results.

Built-In Dishwasher

24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

Once you cook, you have to clean. And you shouldn’t have to enter the new year with dishpan hands. Treat yourself to a built-in dishwasher in stainless steel by THOR Kitchen.

You will find that this unit has a smart wash system to get you just the right amount of cleaning. It looks incredible, helps you to conserve energy and water, and fits neatly right within your countertops.

A Stainless Steel Wall Oven

30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven

30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven

stainless steel oven from THOR Kitchen can be used in place of another oven – or in addition to it. This oven comes with so many features that you won’t want to miss, including the functions to bake, convection bake, convection roast, broil, and even keep food warm. Would a world-class chef ever intentionally serve you a cold meal? No. They keep it heated so that it is ready to go when everything is so that you are served a meal that is hot with every bite.

This 30-inch wall oven gives you the edge with its beautiful design and incredible features.

A Shiny French-Door Refrigerator

36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

36 Inch Professional French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, Counter Depth

You need a refrigerator. In fact, it may be the most-used appliance in the kitchen. Why not gift yourself a new one – in stainless steel – this holiday season? THOR Kitchen has just the right fit for you. With doors that open in the refrigerator and freezer drawers that pull out, you can keep everything neat and organized.

Thanks to stainless steel appliances being easy to clean, you can count on them to always shine.

An Undercounter Refrigerator

24 Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer in Stainless Steel

24 Inch Indoor Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer in Stainless Steel

Not interested in a full-size refrigerator? Why not treat yourself to an undercounter refrigerator that is perfect for storing drinks? Its stainless steel blends smoothly with your cabinets as it frees up space in the big refrigerator and saves energy, too. Plus, it just looks good.

Stainless Steel Ventilation

30 Inch Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel

30 Inch Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel

range hood is a great addition to your kitchen. But it cannot just be any range hood, but rather one made of stainless steel.

This investment serves two purposes. The first is that it stops your kitchen from filling with harmful toxins and unwanted odors and heat when you cook. Things like smoke, formaldehyde, and even carbon monoxide are known to be present in the air while you cook. But a range hood successfully takes care of it, regardless of whether it is ducted or not. It can also take care of the smell of your fish dinner so your house won’t smell fishy tomorrow.

The second purpose? It is an eye-catching piece. When you have a shiny stainless steel range hood hanging above your range, it is often the first thing you see when you walk into the space. It makes the room look open and bold. It, too, can increase the value of your home.

Trendy and Functional Wine Cooler

24 Inch French Door Wine and Beverage Center, 21 Wine Bottle Capacity and 95 Can Capacity

24 Inch French Door Wine and Beverage Center, 21 Wine Bottle Capacity and 95 Can Capacity

If you are a wine drinker, then you know exactly what you would love – a wine cooler from THOR Kitchen. This small refrigerator can preserve your wine in the way it is supposed to be so that you can always be sure it tastes just right.

Choose from all different sizes based on your collection. Or use it for other beverages, cans, bottles, and the like.

Built-In Icemaker

15 Inch Built-In Ice Maker in Stainless Steel

15 Inch Built-In Ice Maker in Stainless Steel

Imagine having ice whenever you need it. How wonderful would that be? If you treat yourself to a built-in icemaker, it has the capability to produce 50 lbs of ice a day and store up to 25 lbs. It fits right in under the countertop in all its stainless steel glory.

Shop Stainless Steel Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen at THOR

Have you decided what to write down on your wishlist? How about an appliance suite from our Builder & Designer Program so you can have a uniform set?

Treat yourself this year with Christmas gifts for the kitchen. You deserve it!

9 Kitchen Remodel Tips for Style, Comfort, and Ease

9 kitchen remodel tips for style, comfort, and ease

Whether you love cooking or not, there is a good chance that you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It is a common space in the home where everyone comes together to spend time with one another, indulge in something delish from a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator, socialize and sip a glass of wine from a built-in wine cooler, or even help the kids with homework. It is no wonder that they dub the kitchen the heart of the home. However, there may come a time when things change in and around the home, prompting you to… let’s say, seek some kitchen remodel tips. Right?

Though as much as we love for things to remain the same, as time passes, things can change – and you will want your kitchen to grow along with your family. This means investing in a few changes that can keep it both beautiful and functional. You don’t have to do a huge remodel to get big results. Simple, effective steps that will improve your kitchen’s style, comfort, and ease will make it a more enjoyable space for everyone.

Kitchen Remodel Tips You Can Apply

Of course, you will want to use your creativity to bring it all together. In the meantime, we’ve put together nine kitchen remodel tips to help you get started on your next journey.

1. Reduce Your Steps with the Right Layout

The layout of the kitchen is important. It doesn’t make sense to have your sink on one side of the kitchen and your cooktop on another – with your refrigerator around the corner. Your kitchen should flow easily as you are using it. In other words, cooking dinner shouldn’t be included as a great way to hit your 10,000 steps for the day.

Consider a layout that is beneficial to how and what you cook. The most flexible and most popular design seems to be the L-shaped kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen layout is a close runner-up. Both allow you easy access to all areas of the kitchen in a way that just makes sense.

2. Color Pleasing to the Eye

You may want to add color to your kitchen, but you want to treat the color in your kitchen a little differently than in other rooms. For instance, a little color in the kitchen goes a long way. You don’t want to have brightly painted cabinets, walls, and a colorful backsplash, for example. Pick one.

3. Choosing the Right Refrigerator

Having the right refrigerator can make a huge difference in how well you enjoy your space. And this 36-inch French door refrigerator with freezer drawers by Thor Kitchen is one that you won’t want to miss.

It has open space, ample storage, LED showcase lighting (think, no missing leftovers), an automatic ice maker, and so much more. The French doors take up less space when opening, and the freezer drawers offer many ways to stay organized.

4. Keep it Cool with Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has been around for quite a while, but it is just now starting to grow in popularity. It is a safe method of cooking that uses a magnetic field to get the heat from inside the cooktop to the pan without ever making the surface hot.

Induction cooking is fast, efficient, and precise. Thor Kitchen offers a 30-inch and a 36-inch Induction cooktop with LED digital display, power boost, nine power levels, automatic shut-off, and more.

5. Extra Cooking Space with an Electric Cooktop

You may have your range, but why not add extra cooking space with an electric cooktop? For those who cook a lot, sometimes having the extra burners can ensure everyone gets to eat a hot meal all at the same time.

This 36-inch electric cooktop from Thor Kitchen comes with powerful burners, nine power levels, touch class controls, five elements, and so much more you won’t want to miss. This works perfectly when placed on your kitchen island. It is a Good Design Award Winner, too – so, ahem, if you are looking to make good design choices, it’s a solid pick.

6. Bring Convenience to Your Range

When you are standing at your range, it is convenient to have a lot of things easily accessible. So, arrange it that way by bringing convenience to it. Adding a nearby shelf to hold various cooking oils that you use is a great idea. Also, utilizing S hooks to hang pots, pans, or various utensils can help out a lot. Finally, keep your spices close by to easily add flavor to your dishes.

7. Light it Up

Lighting is so important in a kitchen. Generic overhead lights work great, but it doesn’t give your kitchen much character or personalization. Try investing in at least one eye-catching unique light that will stand out in the space.

As for natural lighting, take advantage of it – especially in small kitchens.

8. Organize, Organize, Organize

Because you do spend so much time in the kitchen, it is easy for it to get cluttered. Minimize the clutter by taking steps to keep everything organized. There are many different types of organizational systems you can look into to find what works best in your space.

9. Choose a Versatile Finish

Let’s be real, there is a good chance that there will come a time when you will no longer like the look of your kitchen. You will decide that it is time for a change and want to begin taking steps to remodel your space. Except, you realize that you have invested in kitchen appliances that don’t blend well with other decor or design styles. For instance, red appliances may really pop when used with one design, but they definitely won’t fit with everything.

Stainless steel appliances, on the other hand, are classy, timeless, and versatile. They can be used in all types of design options for your kitchen, so you will never limit yourself. When purchasing a stainless steel kitchen suite, you get all the appliances you need with the exact same beautiful finish for a uniform look.

Shop THOR Kitchen for Modern Appliances

Alright, well, there ya have it. What are you waiting for? Take the steps now to create a kitchen with a style that you will feel comfortable spending time in for years to come!

What is a Convertible Vent Hood?

What is a convertible vent hood?

Have you ever woken up in the morning to your house smelling like last night’s dinner? Have you ever come home from work and walked into a house still smelling like that same dinner? It does not matter how much you enjoyed that dinner, nobody wants to continuously smell it days later. The good news is that you can keep your home smelling clean and fresh with the help of a convertible vent hood.

The Importance of a Vent Hood

Sometimes referred to as a range hood, this appliance is an addition to your kitchen that is installed over your range and designed to keep the air fresh. And once you hear why you need a vent hood, you won’t think twice about having one. You may think that it is just to remove the odors left behind from your stellar cooking skills, but a vent hood is so much more than that.

When you cook on your stove, a lot is being released into the air, including heat, smoke, steam, food debris, and grease. Even carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other toxins have the potential to be released into the air. Breathing in all of these things cannot be good for you.

A vent hood is designed to remove all of these from your kitchen so that you only have the freshest, cleanest, and safest air to breathe. And who doesn’t prefer clean air?

How a Vent Hood Works: Ducted or Ductless

30 Inch Professional Range Hood, 11 Inches Tall in Stainless Steel

30 Inch Professional Range Hood, 11 Inches Tall in Stainless Steel

A vent hood can work in two main ways. Not every home is designed to handle each type of vent hood. Understanding the options available can help you to determine which type of hood will fit best in your kitchen.

Ducted vent hoods, such as THOR Kitchen’s 30-inch professional range hood, use a vent fan to pull the smoke, steam, toxins, and the like from the kitchen and carry it outdoors. This is done through a vent or ductwork that is built into the home. It allows for the dirty air to be pulled out so that only fresh air remains. For those who have ductwork or a vent fan in place already, a ducted vent hood may be a great option. However, for those that don’t, this can often involve quite an extensive project.

Ductless vent hoods are, as their name suggests, one that works without a duct. This is for those kitchens that don’t have ductwork in place to carry the dirty air outside. These use a fan to pull in the steam, smoke, odors, toxins, etc., from a kitchen and run it through filters. The filter then removes the harmful, unwanted pollutants and returns the clean air back to the kitchen.

Both types work equally well in giving your home a rejuvenated airflow. Choosing the right one for your kitchen is a matter of preference.

What is a Convertible Vent Hood?

36 Inch Professional Wall Mount Pyramid Range Hood

36 Inch Professional Wall Mount Pyramid Range Hood

A convertible car allows you to drive it like a regular car with the top closed. Or, it allows you to drive with the top down for some open freedom. In other words, you have options. Well, the same holds true for a convertible vent hood.

With a convertible vent hood, like this 36-inch professional wall mount pyramid range hood, you can connect it to a duct or use it with the vent fan and filter. It is like having the best of both worlds. If you currently do not have a ducted ventilation system, you can use a convertible system with a vent filter. And you can continue to use this for as long as you own your home or for the life of the vent hood. In fact, many people do this. However, if you intend to one day have a ducted system installed, investing in a convertible vent hood gives you the ability to simply switch over – or convert to the other method of ventilation.

Pros and Cons of Each Vent Hood

So, are all vent hoods great? Well, let’s just say that all vent hoods do their job, and if they are of high quality, they do that job superbly. It is important to note, though, that each type of vent hood (like anything else) has its pros and cons. In your quest to discover the right vent hood for your kitchen, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Ducted Vent Hoods

With powerful fans, these vent hoods succeed at removing the unclean air from your kitchen with no chance of it coming back. In fact, it is headed outside. Many find this type to be a little quieter than the alternative.

On the downside, ducted vent hoods are a little more involved when installing. They will have to be installed directly where the ductwork is – which means you have to get something that fits the measurements of the space perfectly, and you won’t be able to move it elsewhere. And, of course, if you don’t have ductwork built in already, it will require that to be done first.

Ductless Vent Hoods

Remember, this type of range hood is ductless and can be placed wherever your range is. They come in different models and don’t require specific placement. The baffle filters that they use to clean the air can be removed, cleaned, and then returned.

On the downside, they do require maintenance, such as cleaning the filters. And they do tend to be only slightly louder than a ducted vent hood – but not in a disruptive way. Finally, because it is removing air, filtering it, and then returning it, the steamy humidity doesn’t get removed as well as it does with a ducted unit.

In all, both ducted and ductless vent hoods offer a great service to you and your kitchen. Finding the right one to meet your needs will help everything fall into place. With a convertible vent hood, you get the incredible qualities of both types of units.

Must-Have Convertible Vent Hoods

If you are interested in making the air in your kitchen feel much better and more breathable, then it is time to get a range hood. Take a look at the space over your range and determine your measurements. Then, look for the best high-quality convertible vent hood for your space when you shop THOR Kitchen.

Are Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Are outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens worth it?

A few years ago, many people would use their backyard for a hangout spot every now and then. Maybe this included firing up the grill and having a BBQ, maybe not. And not only that but utilizing the backyard for creating outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens certainly wasn’t the deal – why not just order out, right? The outdoor area was seen as an optional space that didn’t get much attention unless the perfect weather just called for it.

That is – until the global pandemic hit.

All it took was for us to go stir crazy in our homes due to quarantine before we decided to revamp outside spaces – and that includes how we use them. While outdoor kitchens have always been a thing, they quickly became a necessity during this time. And still are today.

Transforming your space and taking it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven may sound enticing. But is it worth it?

Increase the Value of Your Home

Outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens can increase your home’s value. And, if you are wondering just how wise of an investment it is, it is not uncommon for the return on investment to be at least 100%. Maybe even double that. In other words, when you sell your property, the sale price of your home will account for the entire cost of the outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven – if not more.

Many homebuyers dream of having a backyard escape – and are often willing to pay more for a home that has one already built in.

What does this mean for you?

Well, investing in an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven will allow you to enjoy all that it brings to your home – and when you decide it is time to move on, you will be reimbursed for your cost, and someone new can enjoy it.

Expand Your Living Space

As we mentioned, living with COVID-19 and all that time spent sheltering in place allowed us to appreciate the outdoors a little bit more. Being able to get out of the house and into a space we enjoyed – while still being safe – was what mattered.

Today, many have a new appreciation for the outdoor areas of our living space. Rather than just allowing it to be a space that is an afterthought, adding an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, some comfortable seating, maybe some bistro lights, and a speaker for some music can transform the space into something you won’t want to leave. And don’t forget to add a place to eat, too, so you can really make the most of it.

No longer will you be bound by the four walls of your home, but you will have ample space to live and enjoy.

Boost Your Health and Wellness

Fresh air does a body good, doesn’t it? Staying indoors all the time and breathing in recycled air may feel great on a really hot day, but it doesn’t always add vibrancy to your health. Believe it or not, getting outdoors can boost your overall wellness by:

-Improving memory and concentration.

-Reducing stress.

-Restoring the mind.

-Letting creative energy flow.

It pays to invest in your overall well-being. And in this instance, you get all the perks of enjoying an outdoor kitchen while allowing yourself to have better health. It is like a win-win.

Something to Feel Good About

Why even focus on the numbers? Life is short, and sometimes it can feel good just to have something to feel good about. If you decide to invest in an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven so that you can spend quality time with your family and friends, ease your mind, reduce your stress, and increase your vitamin D consumption from the sun, then just do it!

Having something that makes you happy doesn’t always have to make financial sense. So what if your home’s value doesn’t increase as much as you’d like (though it will) or if you felt you could have made a bigger return investing in something else? If your backyard outdoor kitchen and the surrounding space make you feel good – then that is all that truly matters.

THOR’s Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

modular outdoor kitchen

Thor Kitchen has an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven that will meet your needs. Decked out in a shiny and timeless stainless steel finish, it pairs well with any look you are going for in your backyard. Whether you are seeking stone, quartz, granite, or something else – all shades and designs will flow nicely.

This modular outdoor kitchen comes with several different pieces that come together in any order or way you prefer to meet your outdoor space. With large surface areas and recessed handles, it is sleek and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pieces and the features that make this outdoor kitchen so inviting:

32-Inch Gas BBQ Grill

The 32-inch gas BBQ grill, model number MK04SS304, comes complete with an infrared rotisserie built right in. Either built-in or sitting on top of a matching grill cabinet, your Thor Kitchen BBQ grill comes with incredible features, including:

-Four burners.

-Beautiful blue LED-lit knobs.

-Halogen lights so you can see what you are cooking at night.

-Can be used with propane or natural gas.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet

This outdoor kitchen sink cabinet, model number MK01SS304, is also 32-inches and blends perfectly with the BBQ grill. Having a sink nearby makes it easier to utilize your outdoor kitchen. You will be able to wash food as you prep, wash your hands, and even clean up right outside. It is convenient, saving you from going in and out of the house all the time.

Underneath the sink, you have a spacious cabinet to hold your seasonings in the built-in spice rack, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and more.

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven and Cabinet

Thor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchen pizza oven, model number MK07SS304, is wood burning – and that means tasty, smokey flavor in every bite. It comes with a ceramic pizza stone and a flue damper to control the heat. As a result, your pizza comes out perfect every time.

Underneath the pizza oven is a cabinet to hold all the utensils needed for delivering mouth-watering pizza, such as a pizza cutter, pizza peel, server, brush, and more.

Buy Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Ovens at THOR Kitchen

And that’s only half of your outdoor kitchen! Summer isn’t over yet – transform your backyard with an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven from Thor Kitchen! It is sure to be worth it.

For more information, find a THOR dealer near you.

5 Pros of Energy Saving Appliances in the Kitchen

5 pros of energy saving appliances in the kitchen

Many have spent decades trying to make things bigger and better than they were before. And everyone is always on the search for the latest and greatest new product, whether it be for energy saving appliances or those not so energy efficient. Unfortunately, for the latter, we are only in recent years discovering all the damage this may have cost our world.

To compensate, we can all do our part by investing in items that will do the least amount of harm possible – especially those items that are used on a daily basis, such as kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, for example. Energy saving appliances in the kitchen not only help the environment as a whole but also bring you some perks, too. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To create electricity itself, fossil fuels must be burned. However, this process releases carbon dioxide into the air, and, as a result, it and other greenhouse gases begin to create a layer of insulation that allows the sun’s rays in but doesn’t allow it back out. Thus, this process contributes to global warming and climate change.

By opting for energy saving appliances, you can reduce energy consumption and, in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Conserve Water Consumption

Like electricity, water use is another thing we need to pay attention to. We need water to live, but we don’t need to take 30-minute hot showers or leave the faucet running on full blast while we brush our teeth. Taking small steps to monitor water usage is a great idea. One way you can do that is by purchasing appliances that use less water and energy than the alternatives.

A dishwasher, for instance, with a smart wash cycle, will only use the amount of water necessary to get the dishes thoroughly clean without going overboard. Not only will it use less energy, but it will use less water, too.

3. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

The term carbon footprint gets passed around a lot, but did you know that it is actually a representation of the number of carbon compounds (like carbon dioxide from fossil fuels) that come from your house and life? In other words, it is your contribution to the carbon compounds that cause global warming.

The lower the number, the better. You can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in energy-efficient appliances. These units give off fewer emissions into the environment and have much less of an impact on climate change.

4. Save Money

Not only are you helping the environment when you choose to use energy saving appliances in the kitchen, but you also save money, too. Energy-efficient appliances are designed to reduce their energy consumption while still working efficiently (as their name suggests).

Many manufacturers even go the extra mile and create more than just an appliance that runs efficiently, but they also include features that further contribute. For instance, adding LED lighting and LED displays.

Introducing energy saving appliances into your kitchen is a decision you can feel good about. You will use less energy and, in turn, have a lower utility bill.

5. Boost Your Quality of Life

You have the power to make decisions that impact the future – including the purchase of energy saving appliances. Because they are designed with you and the environment in mind, you reap the benefits as they make your life easier. Not only do they work well, are built with convenience in mind, and save you money, but they also are designed well. They require less replacement and less maintenance yet still run strong and efficiently.

What’s more, you also know that you are giving off good to the environment and that it benefits not just you, but everyone in your family. Doing the right thing just feels good.

THOR Kitchen’s Energy Efficient Appliances

So now that you know all the good things that come from energy-efficient appliances, it is time that you learn about a few you could be using in your own home. Thor Kitchen has created a line of professional appliances that give you incredible beauty and durability while still maintaining energy conservation and efficiency.

24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

THOR’s 24-inch built-in dishwasher, model number HDW2401SS, is equipped in multiple ways to save you money and help the planet. It comes equipped with a multiple filtration system that allows optimal performance using less water and energy, as well as a Smart Wash System that uses the perfect amount of water for each wash load.

This stainless steel unit is durable, professional quality, with a touch of softness that fits beautifully in your kitchen.

36-Inch French Door Refrigerator

Model number TRF3601FD, a 36-inch french door refrigerator, is energy-star certified and has many features that contribute to its overall level of efficiency. For instance, showcase LED lighting is not only efficient in itself, but it also allows you to get in and out by being able to see everything clearly. A triple-tech cooling system controls the temperature of each compartment with a separate airflow to boost humidity levels and reduce frost buildup so that it can run most efficiently.

Thanks to the door alarm, you never have to worry about accidentally letting all the cold air leak out of your fridge again.

30-Inch Professional Electric Range

Model number HRE3001, this professional 30-inch electric range comes with powerful features that help you cook your meal with utmost efficiency. It has multiple cooking modes, a true convection fan for even baking, and flexible burners, so you always have just the right amount of heat needed to do your cooking. The large 4.55 cubic foot oven capacity allows you space to cook multiple dishes at once, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cook an entire meal. And finally, add on LED lighting that is energy-efficient in itself, and you can feel good about using this range.

Shop Energy Saving Appliances Today

As one person, it may seem like taking a step to reduce energy is a daunting task – and it may leave you wondering whether or not your choices will make a difference. The truth is, it does. Each time someone (like you) purchases energy-efficient appliances for their kitchen, there are fewer carbon compounds making into the environment. What would happen if everyone made the switch?

Now is the time to make a difference. Get with your nearest THOR dealer and be a part of the change.

5 Summer Baking Recipes to Make in a Wall Oven

5 summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven

Summertime always gives you something to look forward to. You spend time with friends and family, head out on excursions and adventures, throw some unforgettable barbecues in your backyard with your awesome outdoor kitchen suite… or maybe even try your hand at some new, delicious summer baking recipes in the wall oven.

Oh, sweet summer. Literally.

A Taste of Summer à la Cake

Did you know that there are cakes out there that capture the taste of summer in every bite? It’s true. From watermelon and lemon lime to margaritas and sweet tea, we’ve selected five summer baking recipes to make in a wall oven.

Which one are you going to try?

1. Watermelon Cake

Ok, we should preface this one by saying that you don’t have to purchase a watermelon for the ingredients of the watermelon cake. In fact, there is no watermelon at all in the cake. It gets its name because the cake looks just like one. And that alone makes it a beautiful addition to any summertime table setting.

The base for the cake is a red velvet cake mix with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Then, creating homemade icing mixed with variations of different colors, the cake can come together beautifully to look just like a watermelon. Optionally, add your own twist with different toppings, if you’re feeling a little creative!

Watch out, though – it may just turn out too pretty to eat!

2. Lemon Lime Poke Cake

This bright and colorful lemon-lime poke cake is refreshing, light, and delicious – everything you need for a summer dessert. The poke part of the cake refers to the holes that are poked in the top of the cake so that the filling can make its way down into the cake, rather than just remain on top.

It all starts with a white cake. Sure, you could make your own, but – it is summer, and you’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do. Why take the time? With all the extra flavors you are going to add, a boxed white cake works just fine.

Flavors of lemon and lime make their way into it using zest and juice of each – plus slices of each on top, too. The finished product is the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. And it looks amazing, too.

3. Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecakes taste good all the time – for any occasion. You can add all sorts of different flavors to them and achieve different results. Some are made sweeter by adding milk, dark, or white chocolate, while others are fruity, with the addition of strawberries or blueberries. And then you’ve got this dreamy lemon cheesecake – with a smooth tart flavor your taste buds are sure to love.

And not only does it taste delightful, but it also looks like summer, too!

This recipe comes with all kinds of ordinary cheesecake ingredients, such as cream cheese, heavy cream, eggs, and the like. But it also has a surprise ingredient, too – are you ready? Two-and-a-half cups of crushed cream-filled lemon sandwich cookies, such as Lemon Oreo Sandwich cookies. Yum!

Combined with lemon juice and lemon zest – and drizzled with a yellow food coloring gel and topped off with a lemon slice. This, too, is bright and beautiful for any summertime get-together.

4. Margarita Cake

Yes, you read that title right. A margarita cake. And yes! It even comes with some tequila and lime, too.

On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim? Ahh… well, a frozen margarita with a perfectly salted rim and a slice of margarita cake!

This cake envelopes all the flavors of the drink – margarita mixer, lime, tequila – and it mixes it all together in a light and fluffy cake. It’s the perfect shade of margarita, and you won’t want to forget to top it off with slices of lime.

Everyone is sure to enjoy it!

5. Sweet Tea and Lemonade Cake

Tea and lemonade? In a cake? If you have ever had a sip of an Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade on a really hot day, you are sure to understand just what we are talking about. It is refreshing and delightful. And definitely worth trying together in a cake. Note: You don’t have to be on the golf course to enjoy this cake.

This recipe for a sweet tea and lemonade cake creates a cake from scratch and includes 3-family-sized tea bags. This gives it that iced tea flavor. Then, the cake is topped with a cream cheese frosting that is flavored with lemon juice and lemon zest.

The combination together is divine. But you can take it to a whole new level by throwing in some vodka or bourbon into the frosting. Talk about a cake made for summer!

For garnish, add slices of lemon on top.

The Importance of an Electric Wall Oven

Face it, when it comes to baking in the summertime, the kitchen can get hot – so you want to make sure your cake turns out good the first time, so you don’t have to bake it more than once. This is where having an electric wall oven comes in handy. Gas-powered ovens can work well, but any particular baker will tell you that they just cannot compete with the steady flow of heat you receive from an electric oven.

Thor Kitchen’s 30-inch professional electric wall oven can bring you a ton of benefits in general. But, for your summer baking? It has multiple convection modes so that you get heat all around for thorough baking. You will have an evenly baked finished product every time.

As if the perfectly baked cake wasn’t enough, you will find these features, too:

-Touch glass control panel

-Hidden bake element

-Large oven capacity

Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish

-Power and control from a 3500W top heater and a 3000W bottom heater

-Self-cleaning function

-Blue enamel interior that is easy to clean

-White LED display

It is a wonderful high-quality design that is built to last. No matter how many of these summertime cakes you decide to bake over the years, your wall oven will continue to look as beautiful as it did the day you got it.

All you have to decide is which one of these summer baking recipes you are going to try first!

Try Summer Baking Recipes in a Wall Oven from THOR

Ready to bake? Find us through a dealer near you to check out THOR Kitchen‘s latest modern kitchen appliances, including the perfect wall oven and more!

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