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THOR Kitchen Featured in NBC News: Best Dishwashers of 2022

THOR Kitchen’s 24 Inch Built In Dishwasher was recently featured in NBC Select’s article, Consumer Report: Best Dishwashers of 2022. What can we say, we’re flattered. 😏

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24 Inch Built-in Dishwasher

Whether entertaining for one or hosting a full-blown dinner party, things generally get a little messy.  That’s where a THOR Kitchen dishwasher is a thing of beauty.  You’ll find useful features like a multiple filtration system for optimal performance using less water and energy, and a Smart Wash System that determines the cycle to use depending on the soil level of the load.  Plus four hardworking sprayer arms, delay start and a handy detergent/rinse aid dispenser.  It’s a well-crafted machine that never met a meal it didn’t love. Learn more

5 Pros of Energy Saving Appliances in the Kitchen

5 pros of energy saving appliances in the kitchen

Many have spent decades trying to make things bigger and better than they were before. And everyone is always on the search for the latest and greatest new product, whether it be for energy saving appliances or those not so energy efficient. Unfortunately, for the latter, we are only in recent years discovering all the damage this may have cost our world.

To compensate, we can all do our part by investing in items that will do the least amount of harm possible – especially those items that are used on a daily basis, such as kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, for example. Energy saving appliances in the kitchen not only help the environment as a whole but also bring you some perks, too. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To create electricity itself, fossil fuels must be burned. However, this process releases carbon dioxide into the air, and, as a result, it and other greenhouse gases begin to create a layer of insulation that allows the sun’s rays in but doesn’t allow it back out. Thus, this process contributes to global warming and climate change.

By opting for energy saving appliances, you can reduce energy consumption and, in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Conserve Water Consumption

Like electricity, water use is another thing we need to pay attention to. We need water to live, but we don’t need to take 30-minute hot showers or leave the faucet running on full blast while we brush our teeth. Taking small steps to monitor water usage is a great idea. One way you can do that is by purchasing appliances that use less water and energy than the alternatives.

A dishwasher, for instance, with a smart wash cycle, will only use the amount of water necessary to get the dishes thoroughly clean without going overboard. Not only will it use less energy, but it will use less water, too.

3. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

The term carbon footprint gets passed around a lot, but did you know that it is actually a representation of the number of carbon compounds (like carbon dioxide from fossil fuels) that come from your house and life? In other words, it is your contribution to the carbon compounds that cause global warming.

The lower the number, the better. You can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in energy-efficient appliances. These units give off fewer emissions into the environment and have much less of an impact on climate change.

4. Save Money

Not only are you helping the environment when you choose to use energy saving appliances in the kitchen, but you also save money, too. Energy-efficient appliances are designed to reduce their energy consumption while still working efficiently (as their name suggests).

Many manufacturers even go the extra mile and create more than just an appliance that runs efficiently, but they also include features that further contribute. For instance, adding LED lighting and LED displays.

Introducing energy saving appliances into your kitchen is a decision you can feel good about. You will use less energy and, in turn, have a lower utility bill.

5. Boost Your Quality of Life

You have the power to make decisions that impact the future – including the purchase of energy saving appliances. Because they are designed with you and the environment in mind, you reap the benefits as they make your life easier. Not only do they work well, are built with convenience in mind, and save you money, but they also are designed well. They require less replacement and less maintenance yet still run strong and efficiently.

What’s more, you also know that you are giving off good to the environment and that it benefits not just you, but everyone in your family. Doing the right thing just feels good.

THOR Kitchen’s Energy Efficient Appliances

So now that you know all the good things that come from energy-efficient appliances, it is time that you learn about a few you could be using in your own home. Thor Kitchen has created a line of professional appliances that give you incredible beauty and durability while still maintaining energy conservation and efficiency.

24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

THOR’s 24-inch built-in dishwasher, model number HDW2401SS, is equipped in multiple ways to save you money and help the planet. It comes equipped with a multiple filtration system that allows optimal performance using less water and energy, as well as a Smart Wash System that uses the perfect amount of water for each wash load.

This stainless steel unit is durable, professional quality, with a touch of softness that fits beautifully in your kitchen.

36-Inch French Door Refrigerator

Model number TRF3601FD, a 36-inch french door refrigerator, is energy-star certified and has many features that contribute to its overall level of efficiency. For instance, showcase LED lighting is not only efficient in itself, but it also allows you to get in and out by being able to see everything clearly. A triple-tech cooling system controls the temperature of each compartment with a separate airflow to boost humidity levels and reduce frost buildup so that it can run most efficiently.

Thanks to the door alarm, you never have to worry about accidentally letting all the cold air leak out of your fridge again.

30-Inch Professional Electric Range

Model number HRE3001, this professional 30-inch electric range comes with powerful features that help you cook your meal with utmost efficiency. It has multiple cooking modes, a true convection fan for even baking, and flexible burners, so you always have just the right amount of heat needed to do your cooking. The large 4.55 cubic foot oven capacity allows you space to cook multiple dishes at once, which reduces the amount of energy needed to cook an entire meal. And finally, add on LED lighting that is energy-efficient in itself, and you can feel good about using this range.

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As one person, it may seem like taking a step to reduce energy is a daunting task – and it may leave you wondering whether or not your choices will make a difference. The truth is, it does. Each time someone (like you) purchases energy-efficient appliances for their kitchen, there are fewer carbon compounds making into the environment. What would happen if everyone made the switch?

Now is the time to make a difference. Get with your nearest THOR dealer and be a part of the change.

THOR Kitchen Featured in KB Designers Network

THOR Kitchen’s Professional Electric Ranges and Professional Electric Cooktops were recently featured in KB Designers Network’s June issue. What can we say, we’re flattered. 😏

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6 Benefits of Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

open dishwasher with dishes

Conserving energy is important for our future – and for the future of our kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and so on. Future generations will deal with the consequences of our actions today, whether good or bad. By taking steps in the home – such as investing in energy-efficient appliances – you are already taking a step in the right direction. Imagine if everyone made that choice? 

Truth is, we hear a lot of talk about climate change and environmental damage that has been caused. And we have a choice – we can either sit back and do nothing about it (maybe even add to the issue) or we can start making changes in the way we live our lives to be an example for others. 

1. Energy Efficient Appliances Reduce Water Consumption

Water consumption is necessary since we all depend on it for survival. That means we need to take steps to conserve it where we can. While using up all of this resource isn’t likely to happen during our generation (though, stranger things have happened), it is something we need to be concerned about for future generations. 

Investing in home appliances that are energy efficient will not only save energy but can also save money, too. Newly designed, energy-efficient dishwashers, such as the one by Thor Kitchen, come with smart wash sensors that use only the amount of water needed to get the job done. And that’s just one of the features.

With utility costs on the rise, this investment can be a great way to save money and resources – a win for you and the environment. 

2. Energy Efficient Appliances Increase the Money You Save

Speaking of saving money, that is exactly what all types of energy-efficient appliances do. They use less energy – which means your electric bill, gas bill, water bill, etc. will go down. And, in turn, you will have more money in your pocket. 

Most energy-efficient appliances are designed to use less energy in all areas – even down to the use of LED light bulbs. These highly effective and long-lasting energy-saving lightbulbs are the best option. They give off a bright and beautiful light, too. Appliances that run smoother and optimally while using minimal energy can make a difference – but you have to have them, first, right? 

To purchase brand new energy-efficient appliances, you have to consider them an investment. The upfront cost is not cheap – especially if you invest in a pro-style, durable, long-lasting appliance. They are built to last, meaning the cost is worth it when compared to their expected lifespan. 

Pay attention to the monthly savings you get due to their impeccable design. The savings add up over time — well beyond the additional cost of the appliance. 

3. Energy Efficient Appliances Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

One person – or better yet, one family – can make a huge positive impact on the environment. By taking small steps and making small changes, you can actually begin to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as that of our world. Things like water conservation and recycling help, but so does investing in energy-efficient appliances. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by switching to energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen, your family can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 130,000 pounds over the lifetime of the appliances. Programs like Energy Star have lowered emissions by 2.4 billion metric tons, collectively. 

Start making changes today in your home by replacing old appliances and start making a difference. 

4. Energy Efficient Appliances Increase Your Home’s Value

You may not be intending to move today, this month, or even this year. But one day there is a chance you may want to sell your home. If you are purchasing new kitchen appliances, it is important to know that investing in those that are energy-efficient can actually boost the value of your home. 

Kitchens are a big seller. When a kitchen has been upgraded, remodeled, has energy-efficient appliances, and more, it can up the price of your home. 

So, again, when investing in new appliances, consider the future impact of the choice you make today. Not only will you save on your utilities, but you may also get more for your home overall due to the appliances you choose. 

5. Energy Efficient Appliances Come With the Latest Technology

As new technology emerges, so do new high-tech appliances. And, these appliances are usually very efficient. They work smarter not harder which saves you money. For instance, dishwashers can wash dishes based on the load, rather than giving a full washdown for, say, a load of 5 plates. 

You can continue to put money into your old appliances that aren’t designed as well and surely aren’t as efficient. Or, you can invest in appliances that will do the work for you with greater efficiency and savings. 

6. Energy Efficient Appliances Improve Your Quality of Life

Let’s be real – when you have something – anything in life – that works well, it tends to make life a bit easier, doesn’t it? Having appliances that are designed with a high level of functionality and efficiency in mind means everything will just move more smoothly. 

Your refrigerator will stay colder no matter how many times the door is opened, making your food stay fresh longer – which means fewer trips to the grocery store. Your oven will provide you with even baking so that you don’t have to keep it running to cook what should have already been done. And a highly efficient range hood can keep your kitchen’s air clean, cool, and breathable while also helping your air conditioner from having to overwork each time you cook. 

Quality of life is important. When it comes to having energy-efficient appliances, you can focus less on them and more on the things that you enjoy. 

Ready to make a difference in the world around you? Take the leap and start your home’s conservation efforts with energy-efficient kitchen appliances by Thor Kitchen. 

How to Create a Self-Sufficient Home

vegetables on a cutting board

The world around us is changing. We are always looking for new ways to make things better – both for us and the environment. The more we learn, the more we realize that we cannot just continue to live the way we do and expect resources to continue to work well for us. Perhaps this explains why so many people are turning towards finding self-sufficiency – and creating their homes to do the same. 

Think of it as a step in the right direction – one that will teach your kids to live wisely without relying solely on the big corporations that we so often do. Finding and using alternates is a wise thing to do. So, why not start by creating a self-sufficient home? 

What is a Self-Sufficient Home? 

Before we go any further, let’s answer the question – what is a self-sufficient home? We need to understand what this means – and what it looks like – before we can continue moving forward. A self-sufficient home is one that helps you live a healthy, sustainable life that relies less on the outside world and more on itself. Typically, this means finding alternatives. 

Think about the natural disasters, food shortages, and so forth that so often impact our world. What if you could do something to reduce the way you are impacted when these things strike? No, we are not talking about transforming into doomsday preppers or anything like that. Rather, just create a home in which you live more in touch with nature and opt to be a friend to the environment rather than a foe.

Whether you want to go all in to create a self-sufficient home or you are looking to make small steps to make a difference, here are a few ways you can get started. 

Plant a Garden

First things first, if you are going to create a self-sufficient home, then you need to be able to feed yourself and your family, right? Many people may have land that is zoned as agricultural. And maybe they want to have this land full of animals to survive. While that sure is one way to do it, it is not a very feasible option for the rest of us. Most of us live in residential neighborhoods – and the neighbors may not take too kindly to cows and pigs and chickens running wild in the backyard. 

A simple garden can be done anywhere – and it can provide your family with a lot of nutrition.  Do some research and discover ways to create a garden based on the climate where you live, including the best soil, best produce to grow, and the optimal time to plant. 

Your Kitchen Appliances

Once you start growing your own food and begin your harvest, you are going to want to have some energy-efficient appliances to help you cook it all up into something delicious. Now, there are many appliances on the market that claim to be energy efficient, but it is important to know that natural gas is a fantastic option for your kitchen. Not only will this give you the opportunity to continue to have real appliances that help you have normalcy in your kitchen, but it also aids in the reduction of overall carbon emissions. 

Thor Kitchen’s 24 Inch Professional Electric Range

Another option is to go for well-designed appliances that are meant to be efficient and run well, like this 24-inch electric range or an energy-efficient refrigerator. This means you get more while using less. Consider even switching out your entire kitchen for more efficient options. Not only will everything be uniform and look great, but you can feel good about them, too. 

Small changes toward transitioning your kitchen to be more self-sufficient can make a bigger impact on the environment than you realize – and that feels good. 


Manage Your Water

What happens if one day you go to turn on the faucet to brush your teeth and there is no water? What will you do? Sure, you may have a bottle of water around that you can use. But that won’t be enough to water your garden to grow food for your family. 

You need a plan for water. It is an incredibly important resource that is vital to life. And, believe it or not, you can have access to your own supply with just a few easy steps. It all comes down to collecting rainwater. Granted, if you live in an area where rain doesn’t come very often, this may be a bit more tricky. But, unless you can dig up your own well, rainwater is the next best choice. 

Set up a system to collect rainwater as it comes. This can be used for things like watering the garden, showering, or even laundry. Though keep in mind that if you intend to use it for drinking, you will need to have a filtration system set up. 

Use Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular – especially when it comes to solar panels. If you look around your neighborhood, you may even see solar panels on roofs of those looking to become a little more self-sufficient. 

The panels on the roof collect sunlight all day and stores it to be used as energy to run your home. Rather than relying on your local electric company, you are relying on the sun’s natural power to bring energy into your home.  And it is enough to run your entire home! Talk about being self-sufficient! 

Your Self-Sufficient Home

Your home is where you live and feel secure. And it should be a place that, when the world around you goes awry, you should be able to find peace.

To create a self-sufficient home, consider modern kitchen appliances, planting a garden, collecting and recycling water, and more. Keep in mind that while the initial cost and work to create a self-sufficient home may seem a little high, the savings and freedom you will receive because of it will be well worth it in the long run. 

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