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Future Proof Your Kitchen with This Timeless Electric Wall Oven

It’s hard to keep up with the latest kitchen appliance trends. They’re always changing and when you buy something it’s usually outdated by the time you get it home and out of the packaging. If you’ve ever committed to a kitchen design style only to find out that it’s no longer trending, we feel your frustration! You’ve spent months browsing the web, saving YouTube videos, and building Pinterest boards for nothing. Realizing that your dream kitchen theme made it to the out-of-trend list is a real punch to the gut. When it comes to the popular wall oven solution, we decided to offer a classic, timeless design with modern functions to future-proof your next kitchen remodel. We kept it simple. So, you don’t ever have to reimagine, re-pin, or restart your plans for a very long time. Dual wall ovens next to range top

A Simple, Modern Look

Your mother or grandmother may have had a single electric wall oven. But trust us when we say this is not your grandmother’s oven. THOR Kitchen’s 30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven is designed to be simple and effective while offering a timeless look. So bring on the ever-changing trends, this wall oven is future-proof. Designed with a stainless-steel exterior finish, you have an easy-to-clean surface that shines beautifully. And, the great thing about stainless steel is that it fits well with any design style. So, whether you have a modern, contemporary, traditional, elegant, or farmhouse kitchen, this wall oven could never look better. The idea of keeping things looking simple means hiding all the unsightly – yet necessary – pieces of an appliance. For example, the bake element. We all know that every electric oven has a bake element. Does that mean you have to see it? It sure doesn’t. This wall oven comes with a bake element that is hidden under the floor of the oven. This not only gives you a seamless look, but it also reduces the need to reach into those hard-to-reach crevices where food and spills like to gather. The result? Beauty that is easy to keep clean. Just because you have an electric wall oven doesn’t mean you have to have an appliance with unsightly buttons and knobs. This wall oven comes with a glass touch control panel that looks sleek and is easy to clean. Plus, the minimal aesthetic fits into any design style you’re currently into, whatever that may be.

Simple, Powerful Features

When you have a powerful appliance, it’s going to come with powerful features. The two just go hand-in-hand with one another. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the many features that come with THOR’s 30 Inch Electric Wall Oven, shall we?
  • Multiple Convection Modes. Convection baking allows for much faster cooking times and for the even circulation of heat thanks to the internal fan running continuously throughout the cooking time. Convection roasting surrounds the meat on all sides, similar to a rotisserie, sealing in the juices quickly for moist, tender results.
  • Large Oven Capacity. What use is an oven if it isn’t big enough to fit your food? With this wall oven, you’ll find a large 4.8 cubic foot capacity that’s ideal for everyday family meals as well as weekend and holiday feasts. You have the flexibility to create delicious dishes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Power and Control. You need an oven that can be flexible – and one that allows you to maintain power and control. When you need it to be strong and tough for family feasts, it will be. And, when you’re making a delicate gourmet dish, this oven can hold back giving you just the right amount of heat you need. This is all thanks to a 3500W top heater and 3000W bottom heater.
  • Self-Cleaning Function. To give your oven a long life, you need to take care of it. Oven maintenance should be part of your baking routine. But who has time for that? With the self-cleaning function, you get quick and efficient cleanup that helps the longevity of your oven.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior. When you don’t want to do the deep cleaning of the self-cleaning function, but prefer to just wipe up some small drippage, you’ll be happy to know this blue enamel oven interior is designed for high-temperature resistance and is easy to clean.
  • White LED Display. LED lighting is not only energy-efficient, but it is also ideal for electronic displays. With this display, you’ll be able to read the time and function displays easily for a wonderful cooking experience.
Of course, we should also mention that this electric wall oven is CSA Certified, has two racks with six rack positions, and has multiple oven settings such as delay bake, delay start, keep warm, and Sabbath mode.

Future Proof Your Wall Oven Today

Committing to a kitchen design style comes with the risk of it becoming outdated someday. The real anxiety lies in the uncertainty of when it may become outdated. With the simple and modern yet timeless design of THOR Kitchen’s 30 Inch Professional Self-Cleaning Electric Wall Oven, you can future-proof this part of your kitchen to match any and all design trends in the years to come. Start by locating a THOR Kitchen dealer near you.

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The Best Holiday Pies to Bake In 2018

Best Holiday Pies

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs or what you celebrate – pies make everything better. The best part is that there are so many to choose from. In fact, you can just about put anything in a pie crust and call it a pie! But, of course, there are some holiday pies that just, well, take the cake.

Whether you are an experienced baker or not, these are the best holiday pies to bake in 2018.

Apple-Cranberry Walnut Pie

This pie takes all the goodness that is ripe and in season and puts it in a pie. It is like taking your apple pie to a whole new level. It is thick and gooey with hints of cinnamon and topped off with a perfect crumble. This pie is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie

Have you ever had Mexican chocolate? It is chocolate with spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and sometimes even pepper. If you had to make a chocolate pie this holiday season, why make it with the regular old boring chocolate everyone else will be using? Try something new with Mexican chocolate.

This pie crust is made from crumbled Maria cookies. It has a layer of chocolate and pecans on top of the cookie crust and a layer of pecans on top. Its wonderful served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a classic during the holiday season. So, how about sprucing it up a bit? This black bottom pumpkin pie does just that. Where does the name come from? That black bottom is thanks to a delicious layer of chocolate that is drizzled of the already perfected graham cracker cinnamon crust. A wonderful layer of pumpkin pie in the middle gets topped with homemade whipped cream. The pie is then garnished with chocolate shavings. Yum!

Cranberry Cream Pie

You have heard of Boston Crème Pie and Banana Cream Pie, but what about Cranberry Cream Pie? This holiday delight is worthy of making your dessert menu. It’s a fluffy pie made with shortbread cookies, cranberries, and roasted almonds. It has the sweet and the tart (or naughty and nice) all wrapped into one delicious package.

Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie

Imagine having a pie that kids love. That doesn’t happen too often. But, when you have a pie made with ice cream, it’s sure to be a delicious hit among your friends and family.

Believe it or not, this pie is incredibly simple to make. It is comprised of a crust made from Rice Krispies and melted chocolate. This is pressed into the pie dish and put in the freezer to set. Then, you fill the pie crust with a slightly softened mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is that easy.

Fudgy Chocolate Malt-Peppermint Pie

It is becoming more and more popular to mix chocolate with peppermint for desserts during the holiday season. After all, it is a wonderfully delicious flavor combination. This pie has an almost brownie-like bottom layer and then a layer of peppermint ice cream. The entire pie is topped with a mixed layer of whipping cream and powdered sugar. It is topped off with crumbled peppermint candies.

Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Pie

This pie boasts all the flavors of the holiday season – cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, and others. It’s a traditional sweet potato pie with a magnificent toasted marshmallow layer on top. It is not necessarily the easiest pie to bake but sure is a delightful one to eat.

Cranberry Cherry Cobbler Pie

Cranberries really take the prize during the holiday season. Perhaps it is because they boast such a tartness in comparison to all the sugary sweetness that the holidays bring. And, bringing sweet and tart together is a wonderful combination.

This cobbler pie will have your guests asking – is it a cobbler or is it a pie? It’s a great marriage of both. And, it is so simple. In fact, you don’t even have to make sure the pie crust is perfect – because it is meant to look like a messy, shaggy cobbler. A win-win for the baker.

Chocolate Eggnog Swirl Pie

Instead of drinking your eggnog, why not eat it – in a pie? And, of course, add a little rum. This pie has great flavors of the holiday season, such as chocolate, eggnog, brown sugar, nuts, and others. You can even make this pie alcohol free by using a rum extract or you can just use the real thing. It’s delicious, it’s gooey, and it’s sure to please. But, eat too much and it may have you seeing swirls!

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

What is one of the most loved flavor combinations? Peanut butter and chocolate, of course! If you are looking to bake a pie that will be gone before you can blink, perhaps this one is for you. In fact, it has even been referred to as a pie version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Exciting, isn’t it?

This pie has both a bottom and a top layer of chocolate. Then, in between, you will find an airy, fluffy mixture of crunchy peanut butter, cream cheese, and heavy whipping cream. It’s like a chocolate peanut butter sandwich – and it tastes so good.

Millionaire’s Pie

This pie is called a millionaire’s pie not because it is expensive to make, but because it is rich and delectable and tastes like a million dollars. It is a combination of chocolate, coconut, and pecans. It’s gooey and crunchy all rolled into one delicious piece of pie – and it deserves a place with your feast this holiday season.

So, what will it be?

Well, there you have it – the 11 best holiday pies to bake this year. Impress your friends and your family with something different and incredible. And, fire up that oven in your kitchen to fill your home with the smells of the holiday season. It’s a recipe for warmth, love, friendship, and nostalgia all baked into one tasty pie.

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