Wine Coolers

Wine. Beer. Liquor. Mineral water. Soda. Juice. What’s your drink of choice?

All of these and more can be kept chilled to the most delectable temperature with the use of a wine and beverage cooler designed by Thor Kitchen.

Showcase your wine or beverages with these stylish wine coolers that mix a bit of elegance with a bit of flair. Designed for indoor use, you can install yours in the kitchen, by the bar, or any place convenient for you and your guests to enjoy.

Wine Coolers

Ready to display your wine collection? Adding a wine cooler to your kitchen appliances means saving space in your refrigerator – and never having to dust the bottles on your countertop again.

Wine coolers are refrigerators that are designed to both displays your bottles of wine and to keep it chilled at the preferred temperature. Stylish and beautiful, these cold cases are a wonderful addition to any kitchen or bar area.

Of course, while they are designed for wine bottles, many individuals also use them for a variety of bottled drinks, beverages, and even liquors. The glass door with the LED lighting gives the entire appliance an eye-catching look.

Our wine coolers come in shiny and timeless stainless steel with either a single door or French doors. Plus, there are so many sizes to choose from that we are sure to have a size that fits your needs and space.

The Features of Thor Kitchen’s Wine Coolers

Thor Kitchen knows how to create the perfect wine cooler to meet your needs, whether you are a wine connoisseur or an occasional sampler. Being able to appreciate various wines, care for them, display them, and serve them at just the right temperature means having the tools to do so.

That is exactly what you will find with a wine cooler by Thor Kitchen. See, we know that not all wines are created equally. This means that you will be storing red wines at a particular temperature for optimum delivery and whites at a different temperature. For this reason, we have created wine coolers with either a single, double, or triple-zone.

We’ve also added these delightful features to our wine coolers:

  • LED interior lighting making the appliance a great focal point.
  • Touch control LCD display for discreet ease of use.
  • Alarms that can calmly alert you when a door has been left open.
  • Adjustable racks to fit various size bottles.
  • Designed in stainless steel for durability and elegance.
  • Our wine coolers are designed to be frost-free so you will always have streak-free, clear glass displaying your wine and other beverages.
  • Dual pane tempered glass helps to control the temperature efficiently.
  • All Thor Kitchen wine coolers are ETL

We have wine coolers to fit any need – from 21 bottles of wine to 133 bottles. Remember, it is all about preference. No matter what your beverage of choice, there is a wine cooler designed just for you.

Now, all you need to discover is where you’ll install it!

The Thor Kitchen Difference

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