Range Hoods

Do you love to cook or bake?

There is something soul-warming about the aroma of a delicious meal filling your kitchen and, ultimately, your home. Maybe it is a reminder of childhood and days have gone by. Or, perhaps it brings back memories of family get-togethers and the spreading of immense love. Then again, maybe you are just hungry, and it is the thought that you will soon be able to consume the food that’s creating the aroma – leaving you content and happy.

Range Hoods

Range hoods may appear large and bulky – and may be why some people choose to dismiss them. However, if you purchase the right range hood, you may be surprised that it can have a dual purpose: clean your air and become a bright focal point in your kitchen.

Thor Kitchen’s range hoods are made of durable, shiny stainless steel. They are bright and add a timeless touch regardless of whether it is installed under the cabinet or wall mounted. When combined with other stainless-steel appliances, this professional style appliances becomes part of the flow of the kitchen.

While they may be great on the eyes, let’s talk about what range hoods are really designed for. They are important thanks to the job they are created to do – removing toxins from the air as you cook. Whether it is heat and steam or if it is a mixture of toxins, grease, and even carbon monoxide, a range hood will filter this dirty air. It gets rid of everything bad and returns fresh, clean air to your kitchen.

Without a solidly designed range hood, you are leaving your family at risk.

Types and Features

Now that you know you need a range hood, let’s talk about all they can offer you. See, Thor Kitchen uses stainless steel to design a durable and long-lasting range hood. Despite all that it comes in contact with, range hoods remain easy to clean and continue to look stunning.

You’ve got options:

  • An under-cabinet installation is above the range but underneath your overhead cabinets.
  • A wall-mounted installation with a chimney is typically a bit larger and more of a focal point in the kitchen. This type, as the name suggests, is mounted above the range and directly onto the wall.

And, of course, some magnificent features, depending on the type you choose:

  • LED lighting underneath provides light where you need it when you are cooking.
  • Touch controls for a seamless design.
  • Three levels of service, depending on your need.
  • Remote control for added convenience.
  • Delay-off function, allowing you to continue cleaning the air – without having to remain in the kitchen to turn the range hood off.
  • Every model comes with commercial-grade baffle filters to provide you with the cleanest air return.

And, that is just a few of the features you’ll find on our range hoods.

The Thor Kitchen Difference

We are THOR Kitchen. And what we design and build are some of the hardest-working kitchen mates around. Pro-style design. Premium power and performance. Appliances that bring oohs and ahhs before the first dish even hits the table. And the utterly fantastic news? You don’t have to decide between a new car or a new kitchen suite to step into them.